Britney Spears’s father Jamie plans to relinquish control of her conservatorship, but will she be free?

Britney Spears has been fighting for a long time to have her father Jamie removed from a position that grants him extensive power over her, and revelations overnight show he’s prepared to allow it — at least at some point in the future.

Jamie Spears’s response to the court case calling for his removal as Britney’s conservator says that he’s willing to relinquish control, but it comes with a catch.

And while that’s a win for the pop star’s bid to control her own financial and legal affairs, it doesn’t mark the end of the saga.

What’s the deal with the Free Britney movement?

For more than a decade, Britney Spears, one of the best know pop stars of the 2000s, has been placed under a conservatorship, which means she doesn’t have control over her own financial or legal affairs.

Instead, her father, Jamie Spears, has acted as conservator and had the power to make decision on his daughter’s behalf.

The conservatorship was implemented in 2008 as Britney Spears struggled with mental ill health.

It puts her father in charge of her $60 million estate, but Spears is in the midst of challenging her father’s position in court.

She argues he has abused the power granted to him and should be replaced, though she is not requesting the court end the conservatorship altogether.

Some of the more shocking treatment Spears has alleged includes being drugged and not being allowed to remover her IUD, despite wanting to have more children.

So is Jamie Spears still Britney’s conservator?

Yes, for now.

And he’s still fighting the court action that would remove him.

But in court documents released overnight, his lawyers said he was willing to step aside and allow another conservator to be appointed in due time.

The documents say Mr Spears does not believe the public feud between himself and his daughter is in her best interest.

“Even as Mr Spears is the unremitting target of unjustified attacks, he does not believe that a public battle with his daughter over his continuing service as her conservator would be in her best interests,” the court filing says.

Britney Spears has not been fighting in court for her conservatorship to end entirely, only for her father to be replaced with an independent accountant.

But she reserves the right to argue against the conservatorship in the future.

So what happens now? Is Britney free?

Well, the court case is continuing.

Jamie Spears says he is obligated to contest the calls for his removal because he’s done nothing wrong.

“Mr Spears continues to serve dutifully, and he should not be suspended or removed, and certainly not based on false allegations,” Mr Spears’s lawyer said in the court document.

“Mr Spears is willing to step down when the time is right, but the transition needs to be orderly.”

The document does not set out a timeframe for when that right time might be, but Britney Spears’s legal team say it’s a huge vindication.

“We are pleased that Mr Spears and his lawyer have today conceded in a filing that he must be removed,” the singer’s lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, said in a statement.

“[It’s] a major victory for Britney Spears and another step toward justice.”

But it seems, for now at least, that Britney Spears will remain under conservatorship, without complete control over her own affairs.

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