Haitian Prime Minister: President Tortured and Killed in His Home

News Australia – FBI and DHS officials will be making their way to Haiti as soon as possible in in aid of the ongoing chaos on the heels of the assassination of Haiti’s president. The White House announced today. This after a total of seventeen men including two US nationals were arrested in connection with the murder. ABC’s Marcus Moore is in the capital city of Porter Prince for us. Tonight, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security dispatching senior officials to Haiti to help investigate the brutal assassination of President Joe Moyes.

The country in utter turmoil. The Haitian government request American troops to help keep the peace. The government officials here declaring a state of siege. They urge people to stay in their homes and to remain calm and that is what we have seen here. This is a moment of calm but the concern is that this city, Porter Prince, and this country could descend into chaos at any moment. Tonight, many questions remain about who killed the president and why? Nearly two dozen people are now under arrest. Two seen here dragged by police to an angry crowd. Officials parading suspects in front of the cameras along with a large cash of weapons. Two are American citizens. James Solaj, and Joseph Vincent, a Haitian judge leading the investigation, says the Americans claimed they were only acting as translators for the assassins.

I asked acting Prime Minister Claude Joseph about their role. They have said that they were only uh merely translators um in the midst of this this operation. Um and that they were set up. Um is that true? Only the investigation can tell. President Moise’s um murder has left a power vacuum here in Haiti and a lot of people in the international community in the United States are watching and wondering who’s in charge here now. Um is there is there a power struggle going on right now? Who is in charge here in Haiti? I don’t know if there’s a power struggle.

I’m not paying attention to whether or not there’s a power struggle. I’m paying attention to uh giving justice to president uh his family, his uh wife, uh son, and daughters. The people are in shock. The people, myself, myself, I’m in shock. Logo think that percentage of them is. Will be killed. Dotted. And he’s going a house. Nineteen suspects are from Colombia. The head of the Colombian police says they traveled into Haiti in two teams to the Dominican Republic. He said they were recruited but wouldn’t say who recruited them and why.

They wanted him. They wanted to remove him. They wanted him to step down. And we can understand what is going on. But let me let the investigation uh tells the truth. Do you do you believe um there’s any possibility that this crime that was committed here in Haiti was an inside job? Listen, those foreign mercenaries couldn’t just come on their own and kill the president. How can you be sure that you have the right people? We do have the right people and they they are under investigation. They’re talking now.

So, we are give justice. Byron, there was a moment in that interview that we did with the acting prime minister where he became emotional. There were, there were tears in his eyes when he was talking about the death of President Moiz and it really gives you a sense of of how much pain there is for so many people here in Haiti and um he also acknowledged the the difficult road ahead but he urged people to see the potential in this country uh but you cannot deny the fact Byron that there is um uh uh could be a power grab here.

There’s a power vacuum with the death of the president and uh the the question is who will lead this country into the future? Um it remains to be answered but what the prime minister, the acting prime minister said today is that he’s not interested in power struggles. He’s interested in getting this uh this country moving and supporting it’s it’s people. Hi, everyone. George Stephanopoulos here. Thanks for checking out the ABC News 


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