[NEWS] Sydney is preparing for a COVID-19 surge

News Australia –  For a summer holiday. From july 19 travelers who’ve received both shots will no longer need to quarantine after coming home rules in the UK will allow vaccinated Britains the chance infections. The games begin in fourteen days. A relaxing of from amber list countries. The US and most EU countries are on quarantine for vaccinated Australians returning from course what is happening in New South Wales. Thanks Rachel. The high on the agenda as well as the possibility of home Olympic flame has arrived in Tokyo but the celebration was committed to delivering 40 million doses in total. The 4 PM will meet state and territory leaders in just over overseas. Lizzy the prime minister will be speaking this receive a vaccine by the end of the year. It also means for an hour’s time for the third national cabinet in two weeks.

Afternoon from Kirabili House about National Cabinet and of with the pharmaceutical company for some time to bring forward July and we’ll get to 4.5000000 a month next next month. Now and will rise to a million a week from the nineteenth of us. Rachel, what does this mean for Australians? Lizzy, Many issues will be on the table. Vaccine supply is one deal with Pfizer for shipments of the jab sooner. Let’s head supplies. Going from 1.7000000 in June to 2.8000000 this month morning, Victorians are waking up to new freedoms. Masks will million doses expected to arrive in September will now hopefully, it means every Australian will be able to to politics reporter Rachel Baxter who is in Canberra for prime minister says the government has been working reach our shores in August.

Pfizer confirming they are likely see a further easing towards the second half of no longer be required in schools and private workplaces.

For a further 14 days and if every goes to plan, we will Restrictions are beginning to ease across Victoria with finally back in action. These restrictions will be in place for anyone with a wedding this weekend dance floors are paved the way towards a further easing of restrictions and this now but as that could change anyone still there is being urged to come home. While the advice overall is not to travel Venues and crowds will increase to a 75% capacity and good news any part of New South Wales. The streak of donut days has was locking Victoria out but 12 months on the tables have turned regional parts of the state remain orange zones for state stands by to tighten border controls with New South authorities say they won’t rule out imposing a hard border recorded a ninth day in a row with no new local infections  between New South Wales. This time last year New South Wales We’re expecting to have mounted patrols uh down the main street around 1 PM and we’ll keep you across that as it unfolds.

Think the message is getting through out here? Yeah look, state has contained a cluster of the Alpha variant though the state’s mandatory check-in app becomes mandatory from masks will still be required for another week. It comes as thousand tests in a first since parts of the state was sent today.

There are now forty-five active cases across the state.Melbourne officers now going mask free. It comes as the Wales. Isabella Stashkovsky reports. While Victoria has Lizzy this place a police operation will ramp up today into a 4 day lockdown last week. It is a positive sign the new locally acquired cases of COVID-19 for more than 14 listen. I think it’s ridiculous. I think it’s a joke People are scared, you know we’re nice and clean. We’re perfect for months and Yeah it’s dead. It’s ghost town. Yeah I think it is. Yeah, reactions uh to exactly what is taking place here. Take a James Wilson there in Fairfield and Queensland has recorded no months until this idiot who came with the covid. Do you really really well. We’ve seen uh they’re managing their floor and there are there are uh mixed uh messages uh and mixed

space. They’re actually our queues at the front of fish sure that QR codes are being used that masks are being worn with the latest rules but of course uh being the focus of a markets and grocery stores to make sure they’re complying We’ve seen a number of compliance officers visiting and to the businesses credit Lizzie they are responding foot. They’re patrolling in cars and residential streets morning. Lizzie they have and it seems the message is getting residents have described the place as a ghost town. We’ve through. I’m here in Fairfield and this street is usually police operation does come uh with some kind of trepidation businesses in particular here in the CBD. Uh they’re making in Sydney Southwest which is where we find James Wilson in had 100 additional officers uh come into this area.

They’re on bustling at this time of the day. But at the moment is to really take this seriously abide by the health complacency that’s set into our into our city as a result of what we’ve seen over the last 18 months but this is deadly Fairfield. James police have been out in force there this serious. It absolutely is Chris. A lot of the concern is reasons. You know there’s a bit of hubris and a bit of almost are we gonna turn this around? Well, the premier today order and that means stay at home only leave for a essential that’s a person in their 20s is on a ventilator trying to fight currently in ICU. One of them in their is in their 20s and happen on today’s numbers and you can understand why and she covid-nineteen. So at the moment the only way out of this a whole lot of trouble on our hands. Thousands and thousands said that if we let this thing rip through Sydney we will have of people will be in hospital and many many people will die, essentially said, forget about next Friday for the exiting of She said today that ten people or at least ten people are say that lightly and unless there is a dramatic change unless there’s a dramatic turnaround in the numbers, I together. Yeah, just saying there, I need everybody to be scariest period for New South Wales during the pandemic. And anyone who lives in Sydney knows knows of this place. The by next Friday and that is why all of us need to work shocked. Pretty strong language from the Premier. Chris, how Wales is facing the biggest challenge we have faced since lockdown. She basically said she can’t see how that will can’t see how we’d be in a position to ease restrictions few days before we had to go into lockdown that this was the twenty. Forty-four new cases. Twenty-nine of them out in the this morning and it certainly has put this city on notice.

Canterbury in the southwest now there was uh an urgent alert Unfortunately those words are absolutely the case. New South Ikea at Tempe on the Princess Highway on the sixth of July Need everybody to be shocked because uh when I said just a concerning press conference from Premier Gladys Berejiklian all day. If you were there you are now close contact and you must isolate for fourteen days. It was quite uh an honest and said we cannot live with this Delta variant with the right of in the last twenty-four hours. Now we have seen a whole bunch the pandemic’s started and I don’t say that lightly. I don’t o’clock this afternoon is two people are out exercising a zero as we possibly can. So the new restrictions as of 5 pandemic first hit our shores all the way back in march 20 is squash community transmission to as close to of suburbs pop up that are now uh question marks around them largest number but we have seen in this outbreak and the Park and of course all those areas Fairfield Bankstown community at some point while they’re infectious and that was largest number of uh cases, new cases really since uh the largely in the southwestern suburbs of Sydney.

There were places like Sylvania in the Shire Maruba in the East Bosley you’re looking on Sunday funerals will be capped at ten maximum and they can only be from the same household and state of emergency was declared to to curb a wave of COVIDmarred by news fans will be banned from venues after a new whether or not they will end up developing into hot spots twenty-one new cases of coronavirus in that area just your coals to pick up uh your groceries and only be out in and that sort of thing and that is because that this is the vaccinations we have.

So the only way we can get out of thisonly one person of each household go to your woolies or for absolutely essential reasons no browsing at retail That’s that’s really really tough. They’re telling people

given a major boost as the federal government spooks a July. Australia’s supply of COVID vaccines has just been language has completely changed. Gladys Berejiklian has this morning. She’s very worried about this and she’s while they were infectious. Chris O’Keefe joins me in imposed some tough new restrictions. Yeah this the studio for more on this. Chris the Premier’s been speaking forty-four cases announced today were not in isolation To brace for a COVID surge after twenty-nine of the states that list.

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