NSW Premier warns of indoor spread of COVID-19

News Australia – It’s a milestone no one wanted to see but today, Sydney has hit that number of new COVID infections picked up in the community. The premier warned it’s within the four walls of the family home where the deadly virus is spreading. Sydney, it isn’t good. Last night to eight PM, we had fifty cases. Twenty-nine are from the south-west, sixteen from the south-east, more than half. Twenty-six COVID positive people have been out of isolation across all corners of the city. Spreading it to the closest. Without of those fifty cases the vast majority of those cases and I can’t stress this enough are close family or friends of people who have covid. If you truly love your parents, your sisters, your best friends, please stick to the rules. On the day we were supposed to get our freedom back marking 2 weeks of lockdown there are forty-seven people in hospital with covid. Five need a ventilator to help them breathe. Sixteen are in intensive care including a person in their 20s and overnight a teenager.

Covid is a severe disease associated with hospitalisation and tragically in some circumstances death. Of the forty-seven in hospital New South Wales health data shows thirty-seven of them haven’t received a vaccination. The five who are fully vaccinated are the aged care residents of Summit Care in hospital only as a precaution. Another five patients had received their first dose of either AstraZeneca or Pfizer but not their second. So in summary no one who has received two doses is in hospital. There were more than 42 thousand tests yesterday queues on a drizzly Sydney day not as long as health authorities would like. Fifty infections today forty-four yesterday.

A cluster which started with one on june 16 now at 400 eighty-nine. Contact traces are doing their best to piece together movements and put exposed people into isolation but it’s hard. The truth isn’t always forthcoming. One message I really wanna get across to people who have been diagnosed with covid, please tell us the truth the first time around. At the moment, as we’re trying to get ahead of the spread of the virus, we haven’t got time to waste, unpicking stories, going back and cross-checking and verifying. We know that everyone is human and makes poor decisions. Please don’t compound that initial mistake by not us the truth the first time. Across the city, in pairs, in parks, two by two for exercise only. At Centennial Park, they did the lockdown lap at Kuji, a rain-soaked run or a dose of vitamin C.

And at Manley, and the Bay Run, the tonic for the cooped up and stir crazy. In Maryland’s barely movement on the streets, Liverpool threw an empty footy field and Fairfield deserted while at the epicenter of the outbreak Bondi the party is well and truly over. Exercise one of the very few reasons to leave the house only permitted in your local government area or within ten kilometres of home. But carrying ID for now isn’t required. Can I please urge people to look inside themselves to to really dig deep into their own consciences and do the right thing. If not for yourself think about your closest loved ones. Forget about the rest of us. We need everyone to stay hunkered down this weekend. So for now, it’s lockdown life and no sign it’s ending soon. And Lizzie is with me at the desk tonight.

Lizzie a major city shopping centre now an exposure site. Yeah Mark it’s Broadway at Altamo. A COVID positive case was there on Thursday for around 2 hours between twelve and 2 PM This afternoon checking in was being done very carefully by a lot of the stores there while person visited the Kmart, JB Hi-Fi, Coles, Aldi, Harvey Norman, and Liquorland all on July eight. The whole center is now considered a contact location. What’s helped is that customer was wearing a mask and checking in at each store. Other venues for close contacts which have just come in in the last few minutes include direct trade at Maryland’s. That is for last Saturday, freshness for less at Fairfield on Sunday.

At Chipping Norton, it’s Benedict recycling. That is for Monday. Also, barbecues galore at Penrith on Tuesday. Also, Tuesday, the butcher shed that is in the Moorbank Shopping Centre. There’s Bupa Dental at Miranda for Wednesday and Thursday, an alert has gone out for Chemist Warehouse in Punch Bowl. There are hundreds of alerts now, Mark. So, it’s a good idea to check that New South Wales Health website and do it daily. Okay, Lizzie, thank you. As millions of residents are being told not to leave home unless it’s for essentials, questions are now being asked as to why some stores are allowed to remain open. There’s confusion in the community. But the message tonight, browsing is not allowed. A compliance crackdown at Kasula Mall. Police looking for locals flouting the rules and they found it. This woman caught without wearing a mask. She was given a warning and a move-along order but while you can’t sit, it seems you can still shop. It’s pretty obvious if you need to buy a essential white good or you might need to buy AA baby product, uh it is a fine line but we’re appealing to people not to leave home unless you absolutely have to.

With the city in lockdown, some stores are still rolling open. At Bankstown Central, electronics, jewelry, and handbag stalls getting ready for trade, sending mixed messages to shoppers under stay-at-home orders. Here in the main pedestrian mall in Liverpool, you’ve got a clothing shop next to a two-dollar shop and an electrical shop. All enticing customers to come in, leaving it up to the individual to decide if this sort of shopping is essential or not. The government can’t control every single private or non-government organization or business but what we can do is appeal to people. People like one new COVID case who visited seven different furniture shops over the space of 2 hours in Campbelltown last Sunday.

And with more than half of today’s new cases in Sydney’s southwest bolstered forces were on the beat with compliance checks in Fairfield and Greenfield Park. It’s better that they patrol it not us. I’ve had customers complain to me saying these customers not wearing masks but we can’t enforce it. The police have to. With the Elterstrain having found a new hunting ground Stockland Weatherall Park was mostly quiet but of concern so too was the local testing site. Community leaders now trying to drive home the message to their 800 thousand residents from ninety different ethnic backgrounds. The communication’s not not as good as it should be. The the government’s had 18 months to get this right. I think the government needs to look at different ways to make people comfortable and get the right information now so we can all control this together.

Airlie Walsh, nineNews. With no end date for this crippling lockdown, the state’s treasurer is denied pouring over plans to extend his economic rescue package. Dominic Perite says all measures are on the table but he still wants significant input from the federal government. Parked up after 35 years on the road, the latest lockdown has put the brakes on the Blue Mountains Explorer Bus Fleet. Leading up to the July school holidays, we had a little glimmer of hope that we were able to turn a profit once again and we haven’t made a profit for the last eighteen months. But when the bondi wave cut the domestic tourism lifeline yet again it proved fatal. With no jobkeeper and no extra support we just had to really close down the explorer bus to effectively try and save the rest of the business. It should be a red flag for both state and federal governments that without propping up businesses during lockdowns the measure will eventually cause total shutdowns. Everything from rent relief to income support to tax relief has to be on the table if our businesses are gonna have a chance to survive this lockdown. That’s now all on the table to top up the state’s initial pledge of up to $10,000 for small businesses.

We’re currently working really closely with business, with industry groups uh to put together another package that will support uh our previous grants. Australia is a dual engine economy and with Sydney out we’re running on one. July last year when Melbourne was in a prolonged lockdown businesses fell back on jewels jobkeeper. This time, that safety net is not there and with the national economy on the line, shuttered retailers think this is a commonwealth problem. We’re at a point now. This is beyond state government and we need the federal government to step into support. She’s specifically New South Wales given what the New South Wales government’s currently dealing with.

Two things sting small businesses, rent and wages. Nine News understands the state government is looking at a rent relief plan but the federal government is refusing to budge on reinstating jobkeeper. The Commonwealth does offer a weekly lockdown payment of $500 through Centrelink for anyone who’s lost more than 20 hours work and $325 for less than that. Mainly to cover casuals. Uh it’s a difficult time. It’s tough for many businesses and workers right across the state but together we’re gonna get through it. Liz Daniels Nine News. Party’s hotel stays refusal to wear masks. We’ve seen a record number of people busted for breaching COVID rules in the past twenty-four hours.

Tiffany Gender’s due Winsme in the studio. Tiff, break it down for us. Well, Mark, the great majority of people are leading by example but there’s a handful who believe lockdown doesn’t apply to them. A noise complaint blew the lid on a prayer gathering of eight-minute Randwick, one found hiding behind a shower curtain in the bathroom. An eighteenth birthday party also busted at the entrance on the Central Coast. An expensive night in all copping $1,000 fines. And can you believe there are still people booking nights away at hotels. Six guests sent packing from the Meriton on Kent Street after they failed to provide a decent reason for their stay. The number of breaches have spiked to a record 167 in twenty-four hours. That’s more than double Monday’s figure. Almost seventy fines issued in our southwest where police have upped patrols. Officers are expanding their focus to the Shire, Sutherland, Hurstville, Gennali and Moran now unnoticed with blitzes on supermarkets, shopping centers, and the streets. Mark as COVID cases continue to rise, patients is wearing thin.

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