Queensland may soon close its border with NSW

News Australia – Good evening. As the COVID crisis goes from bad to worse in New South Wales, the premier has a finger on the trigger to close the border altogether. Anastasia Palace fears the Delta strain spreading across the country as authorities warned there could be thousands of deaths unless it’s brought under control. It is as good as it gets. We have zero new cases. So, to all those boys and girls out there, that’s a doughnut day.

I’m feeling more and more comfortable each day but not totally comfortable yet. I’m not 100% confident that we haven’t had some cases out there that might have been asymptomatic and they can still spread. Not out of it yet but we should be she says with the nearly 6,000 in home quarantine tests negative and are set free. I would hope that by next Friday we are.

Masks have to be worn for another week and restrictions of some kind will be in place for some time yet. Until everyone is vaccinated yes. For now all eyes are on Sydney, epicenter of the Delta Strain and whether the border will be shut to all New South Wales. And we’re gonna be looking at that very closely. Our biggest concern is if that’s not contained and brought under control it’ll spread right throughout the country. The crisis across the border just keeps getting worse. The outlook even grimmer.

Restrictions even tighter and the lockdown almost certainly extended. There were forty-four cases of community transmission. We have someone in their 20s on a ventilator. Of most concerned the majority had been in the community while infected with Delta. In the next few days, those numbers are going to go up. We need to turn the tide. The warning is dire as direct as it can be or has been pleading with residents to stay home. We do not have the option of living with this. We have to quash the community transmission.

Because if we don’t, we will see thousands and thousands of people in hospital and lots of people, thousands of people potentially dying. Lane Kelcart, Nine News. Well, let’s go straight to Annie Puller at Logan Hospital. Annie, there’s an urgent COVID warning there tonight. Positive with COVID Andrew. A student nurse was here and walked through the main doors. It was just 20 minutes of risk but Queensland Health is pleading with anyone who is here on Monday the twenty-eighth of June between 830 and 840 and again 920 to 930 in the morning to come forward immediately. Now we already knew about this COVID case.

We knew she visited a patient. Now Logan Hospital has been listed as an exposure site. In theory moving forward it should be easier to find close contacts and that’s because COVID check-in is now mandatory across the state. The check-in signs couldn’t be more obvious but some just can’t seem to see. Is there a reason why you didn’t check in? I personally keep forgetting about it.

Others choosing to avoid altogether. Do you plan to check in? Me too. From today, checking in and out at venues isn’t a matter of choice. It’s mandatory. Most are doing the right thing. We’ve had over 8,000 extra businesses uh register Our scanning skills are about to be turbo charged at theme parks, gyms, caravan parks, cinemas, beauty businesses, hotels, churches, and universities, this will become a force of habit. We do know that there will be spot checking across the state. But confusion still looms.

Right now, on the Queensland government website, shopping centers and supermarkets are listed as compulsory check-in venues but there’s no mention of independent retail stores. The question is, you know, what type of retail is required to have it. So, there is some confusion. We just need to iron out some of that inconsistency. And the big question, what do you do if you don’t have one of these? Most businesses should be equipped with an alternative solution but already, it’s an issue proving problematic.

Nine News understands here in Goodna, an elderly woman was turned away from the Woolworths this week because she couldn’t check in. We’re told she didn’t have a smartphone and staff weren’t equipped with a paper system. Not very smart business. Um so how do businesses actually support people to do really the basics of life. For those with a smartphone you can download the Queensland check-in app from Google Play or the Apple App Store then you’ll be asked to hand over some information including your full name, phone number, email and address.

If everyone does the right thing and check in but please don’t take it out on the staff. They’re just doing their job. Businesses which don’t comply could face fines up to $13,000 and even jail time. If you haven’t yet, time’s up. We don’t wanna see the police have to get involved in trying to deal with that type of issue. Annie Puller, nineNews.

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