The best juicers in Australia

Best juicer Australia – The juicer is one of the most popular household appliances available to create delicious, nutritious juices that are good for your health. Currently, on the market, there are many types of presses with diverse uses and designs, from different brands. This has made many consumers confused about which fruit juicer to buy. So, Megahot would like to share with you the following list of products for your reference.

Kuvings EVO820 Evolution Juicer

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Best juicer Australia – EVO820 presses, in addition to the function of squeezing juice from fruits and vegetables, also helps consumers to retain vitamins and nutrients inherent in pure vegetables and fruits. As a result, you can enjoy the flavors and nutrition of natural fruits to the fullest. This is also the advantage of the slow press compared to conventional modern presses.

EVO820 Family Fruit Juicer has a safety function, only works when parts such as the rotating blade, the storage tank, the lid of the juicer are installed in the correct position. In addition, this Kuvings juicer has a child safety lock, which ensures absolute safety for the user. Therefore, our choice of this product is a smart choice and a meaningful gift for the health care of your whole family.

With a modern design and meticulousness to every detail along with luxurious colors, the EVO820 family juicer brings comfort to the kitchen of housewives. The mouth of the machine with 82mm wide pipe helps to squeeze large whole fruits without chopping, helping to prevent oxidation, ensuring taste for each cup of juice.

Durable alloy spindle and fixed pin make the machine’s grinding operation more stable.

  • Search engine rating: 4.4 / 5 based on 22 customer reviews
  • Price: $ 895
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Breville Juice Fountain Cold Plus Juicer

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Best juicer Australia – The Breville juicer possesses a luxurious, classy design with the entire outer shell is made of shiny, durable stainless steel. With a 1,000W motor, the Breville line of juicer is probably the most powerful juicer you’ve ever seen. Products from Australia brand, on modern American technology line, ensure outstanding quality.

Terror power combined with 2 compression speeds (fast – 13,000 RPM / slow – 6,500 RPM) allows you to handle all kinds of stubborn materials whether they are very hard or very soft. Not only that, with its metal-cast body, Breville brings a luxurious, sophisticated but powerful beauty.

The press machine saves 30% of raw materials compared to the conventional press, the press system with up to 3 inch material pipe is patented. The Breville juicer has a set of chopped plates with a surround filter for maximum juice extraction and is also patented. The hash plate is made of heavy alloy combined with titanium for long-term sharpness.

  • Search Engine Rating: 4.4 / 5 based on 58 customer reviews
  • Price: $ 329
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Kogan Centrifugal Juicer

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Best juicer Australia – Kogan’s Centrifugal Juicer can help you squeeze all the hardest fruits with 2 different speeds for your choice. After just a few papers, you have a great cup of juice. If you are looking for a product to make your life better then you definitely have to think about this product line. In addition, the accompanying products are also very easy to clean, suitable for those who are busy.

  • Search Engine Rating: 4.4 / 5 based on 202 customer reviews
  • Price: $ 59
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Kambrook Citrus X-press Juicer

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Best juicer Australia – Enjoy your citrus juices with this Kambrook Citrus X-Press Juicer with a 0.6L capacity, powerful automatic juicer with reverse action and 2 squeeze cones.

  • Main function:
    • This stylish Kambrook Citrus juicer comes with a removable 600ml capacity jar and 2 small and large juicer cones.
    • Convenience features like a removable pulp filter for easy pouring and cleaning, and wrap storage to save space, make the Kambrook X-Press blend right into your kitchen.
    • X-Press Juicer’s powerful 35W motor will automatically squeeze your fruit, using the opposite effect.

  • Finder rating: 4.4 / 5 based on 77 customer reviews
  • Price: $ 23
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Nutribullet Pro 900W Juicer

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Best juicer Australia – The Nutribullet Pro 900W food extraction grinder is one of the most modern and best available today. With its sophisticated design and US patented technology, the Nutribullet grinder knocks down all requests of housewives.

With today’s busy and busy life, the factors of quality, fastness and compactness are the factors that many consumers are most interested in today. The Nutribullet Pro 900W Food Extraction Blender can always fulfill all your requirements, just pop the fruit in the morning and turn on the Nutribullet blender and you have delicious fruit smoothies. for members of our family.

Nutri Bullet Pro 900W food extraction grinder can grind all the food from raw, to finely ground that no conventional grinder on the market can do.

The extract’s unique design, combined with NutriBullet PRO’s exclusive breaking method, creates the unsurpassed power to pass through hard particles, thick body and hard skin to gain access to the underlying nutrition. The blade is made of stainless steel and never wears off.

  • Finder Rating: 4.2 / 5 based on 41 customer reviews
  • Price: $ 87.99
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4 things to consider before buying a juicer

The amount to be spent, functions, cleaning, regime … are the criteria to help choose the juicer.

🏆 Budget

Types of juicer on the market today are priced quite diverse with a large difference. However, these machines have different capacities and target individual customers, but are designed to do the same main purpose: extract juice from fresh fruits and vegetables.

Depending on your family budget, users should plan a certain amount for buying presses, then choose the machines in the price range. This will help avoid dizziness and confusion in the midst of too many options.

🏆 Learn about functionality

One of the reasons for the huge difference in prices of juicer is the technology and ability to squeeze a variety of vegetables and fruits. Some machines can only squeeze certain foods while others can handle virtually all vegetables, fruits, or vegetables, whether soft or hard. This is why users need to figure out what kind of press they need and will use them often to choose to buy.

🏆 Consider cleaning the machine

The pressing process usually involves crushing vegetables and fruits, squeezing the juice and leaving a lot of residue and flour inside the machine. Due to their structure and operation, some juicer will be easier to clean than others. For some types, users have to disassemble the parts, hand wash all of them one by one. But there are also presses capable of self-cleaning, just pour water into the machine to clean basically, then the user just needs to disassemble the part, rinse it under the tap.

To know how to clean each type, you should carefully read the product information as well as instructions on how to use it, consult the experience of those who have used the press.

🏆 Choose the juicer with one or two modes

Best juicer Australia – Most presses have a simple on-off button. However, some devices have their own modes, one for soft fruits like oranges (quick juice) and one for harder ingredients like carrots, guava (slow juice).

Being able to use the two modes will be convenient if users regularly squeeze a variety of vegetables, fruits and vegetables. But if you only like certain drinks from soft fruits like watermelon, pineapple … then you don’t need to invest in buying a machine with two modes.

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