Top 10 Australia’s best recipes

Australia’s best recipes – In Australia to cook delicious food, it will depend on a lot of things including ingredients that mention immediately knowing this is Australian food. Today, together with Megahot, let’s take a look at 10 unique ingredients that are also extremely wonderful to create delicious Australian dishes.


For indigenous people living for a long time in Kangaroo Country, surely no one is unaware of Vegemite – known as the soul of Australian cuisine. Born, existed and loved all over the country, Vegemite has a unique brown color and strong irresistible flavor that is over 90 years old and is an indispensable dish in daily life. Australian people.

Australia’s best recipes – Australians often use Vegemite butter with sandwiches for the morning, both delicious, fast and full of nutrients. In addition, Vegemite also appears on the menu of the top famous chefs of kangaroo, helping to increase the flavor from soups to broths and sauces … Currently, every year in Australia There are more than 22 million Vegemite avocado jars produced to satisfy the needs of both domestic people and foreign tourists. You will find Vegemite easily at most supermarkets throughout Australia, as well as will be enjoyed in budget eateries, to upscale restaurants serving local dishes.

In addition, it can also create super delicious dishes such as:

  • Vegemite Crackling Roast Pork
  • Vegemite Icy Poles
  • Bánh pho mát Vegemite
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Weet-Bix has long been one of Australian culinary favorites, being the nation’s iconic food brand. Weet-Bix began to appear in the market in 1930, produced and supplied by the Australian company Sanitarium Health Food. This is a whole grain made from whole wheat that contains a high amount of fiber but is very low in sugar, making it a healthy food choice that benefits both adults and children. A breakfast with Weet-Bix is ​​not only convenient and fast, but also replenishes the energy you need to be active throughout the morning.

Therefore, this dish has become a familiar breakfast every day for almost all Australians and neighboring New Zealand. This dish is often served with fruits such as bananas, strawberries, … finely chopped, adding a teaspoon of sugar and fresh milk. Currently, on the market, there are many new product lines of Weet-Bix with many different flavors, meeting the needs of changing tastes of domestic and foreign customers. In addition, Weet-Bix also increasingly focuses on children, with many types of nutritional products being launched to the market, loving each diners’ breakfast. When you come to Australia, want to try Weet-bix, you can easily find Weet-Bix at all supermarkets and stalls in Australia.

Here are the 2 dishes I feel most impressed with if we have Weet-Bix:

  • Weet-Bix Slice
  • Marshmallow và Weet-Bix Slice
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Australia’s best recipes – Australian cuisine is famous for its generosity, diversity and emphasis on flavor, in which it is impossible not to mention the famous dishes from the barramundi fish. Particularly the detailed and very long list of lists for the preparation of this fish is enough to show how much inspiration for the Australians the barramundi is.

You will be surprised to learn that Australians have a complete list called Barramundi Recipes collection, for diners to enjoy. Barramundi Recipes collection includes hundreds of extremely unique recipes for baramundi fish.

Under the miraculously transformed hands of talented Australian chefs, barramundi fish with solid, juicy meat are famous as wings to add appeal. It becomes a highlight, delicious and very memorable in the meals of visitors in Australia.

In which, a dish that is very easy to make that many people love is:

  • Easy Barramundi with Lemon
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Caramel Macadamia Slice

Australia’s best recipes – The macadamia nut is an ideal cooking ingredient, crunchy and the same taste as ice cream. It is often combined with dessert dishes, especially when paired with caramel, but do not think they are not as good as main dishes, savory dishes. You can spread it with pasta, stuffed chicken or coated with 1 layer on top of meat or fish is also very reasonable.

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Australians love to eat kagaroo meat in the style of large fillets, and bake them with a variety of spices. Surprisingly, the taste of this meat is different from other animals, it must be said that it is much better.

Kangaroo meat is very strange, it is a bit like venison but drier and chewier. Some people say it’s like beef, but a piece of lean grilled meat is irresistible.

Kangaroo meat whether eaten cold or hot is still delicious. Unlike many other meats, it will taste richer when it cools. Basically, kangaroo tastes better when cold, it is like a piece of beef that is juicy, lean but soft.

Australians are truly fascinated by kangaroos. We dress and wear kangaroo products, we use kangaroos as the symbol and mascot of the country.

Famous dishes when it comes to Kangaroo meat will be:

  • Kangaroo Kebabs
  • Kangaroo soong
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Cheesymite Scrolls

Australia’s best recipes – Often times this material will be used to spread on water bread or crackers, it is also very reasonable when you use it with baked goods. The muffins or bread rolls with grilled steak with Cheesymite Scrolls are amazing.

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Tim Tams

Tim-Tam cake with attractive taste and addictive ability for diners. Especially, it will be a must-see dish for lovers of sweets and lovers of chocolate’s bitter sweetness.

The cake consists of two layers of chocolate malt biscuits. In the middle is a soft layer of chocolate cream and dipped in a thin layer of chocolate. Enjoying Tim Tam cake, you will feel the warm sweetness of chocolate mixed with the wonderful crispy biscuits in your mouth. Each year, an estimated 35 million packages of Tim-Tam are consumed. Not only used by Australians but also by foreign tourists who love and buy.

Referring to Tim Tams, you will have to mention items such as:

  • Tim Tam Cheesecake
  • Tia Maria Tim Tam Truffles
  • Chewy Tim Tam Brownies
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Seafood Marinara

Made from an Australian favorite, this marinara has a creamy and fragrant flavor. While you can substitute seafood for what you have on hand, the inclusion of these indigenous rock lobster tails adds a touch to this much-loved dish.

  • Marinara Seafood
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ANZAC biscuits

Australia’s best recipes – Anzac biscuits are popular in both Australia and New Zealand. The main ingredients for baking include flour, oats, brown sugar syrup and coir. By law, both countries can use the name Anzac for biscuits with a formula that is strictly protected by law, which does not allow it to be different from the original material. The cookie has been associated with the armies of the two countries since World War I.

The delicious foods that can be created with Anzac can be:

  • Thanh ANZAC
  • ANZAC Day Cake
  • Anzac biscuits
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Australia’s best recipes Milo has long been a familiar drink among young people. With a rich, creamy milo flavor, many people are remembered. From a drink now milo has become the “spice” indispensable in many delicious and interesting dishes. And these will be the 3 dishes that I like the most.

  • Milo Slice
  • Milo biscuits
  • Milo Trifle
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