Top 10+ best backpack for travel

Best backpack for travelBackpack shows the level of the user. You are a student, student or office worker, you want a very different and quality backpack to use. You can be a lover of travel or love to travel, a backpack is something that you are indispensable in your journey. Currently, on the market there are many reputable and quality guaranteed backpack brands. Today, Megahot will introduce to you the most famous backpack brands today so you can choose for yourself a backpack like that.

Brand Tucano – Best backpack for travel

Tucano is an old Italian leather and garment brand, dating back to 1932. In early September, this world-famous brand will officially open its first store in Vietnam.

Since its inception in 1932 in the Italian fashion capital, Tucano has aimed for a unique and stylish manner, clearly showing his understanding and updating trends with world fashion. Therefore, Tucano’s products are always appreciated for both quality and design.

The Tucano backpack is always a reliable choice for users. Tucano backpack is specially designed in the Italian style, creating luxury and convenience for users. Tucano is a product that any object can use. You are a student, student or office staff can use Tucano products because of the variety of designs, prices and quality.

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The North face

Best backpack for travel – The North Face brand was established in 1968 in San Francisco. Before that, in 1966, Douglas Tompkins and Kenneth “Hap” Klopp set up a sports equipment retail store and then took the brand The North Face (north face). This name was chosen because at that time, the northern face of a mountain in the northern hemisphere was the most dangerous and difficult place for climbers to conquer.

In 2012, The North Face moved with Jansport (the same parent company) to Alameda, California. Jansport is the largest backpack manufacturer in the world in 2007. Together with The North Face, these two companies provided nearly a quarter of the small backpack products to the US market during this time.

In the period 1990-2000, along with the prevalence of wilderness chic fashion (the trend of freelance fashion according to the style of mountaineers, snowboarders), The North Face brand name is becoming more and more popular. and is known quickly all over the world. Along with this popularity of the problem of counterfeiting, counterfeit products of The North Face take place in many parts of the world.

North Face is mainly for those who love to travel and travel. From design to materials North Face is geared towards comfort and convenience. With high-quality waterproof fabric, super light is very suitable for the characteristics of traveling or traveling. The North Face backpack has always been favorably called the smart backpack because it has designed a lot of extra compartments, at the same time adding more wires to fix the backpack during travel. The small compartments are very convenient for you to go on trips as it can hold your camera, medical tape, medicine or simply a few street cakes.

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Crumpler – Best backpack for travel

Crumpler backpack brand originally came from Melbourne, Australia and now Crumpler has expanded its market globally. The highlight of the Crumpler backpack is always its sophistication in crafting and creativity in design. Crumpler has a team of experts who have decades of experience making design models and they focus on making the best backpacks possible. Therefore, buying a Crumpler backpack means you have a comprehensive quality product.

Crumpler is a long-standing brand and has always been trusted by consumers. Crumpler is not a strong backpack manufacturer, it focuses on simple messenger bags, but with Crumpler backpacks we can still fully believe in quality and model. code. Crumpler products are most trusted by young people, especially the male ones because Crumpler designs are always updated as quickly as possible with fashion trends.

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Sakos – Best backpack for travel

Sakos is a brand from Vietnam. Sakos backpack is Vietnamese brand and uses American manufacturing process. Sakos brand backpack line mainly focuses on the quality of the product instead of the design. You can be completely assured when using the Sakos product line without worrying about scratches, peeling when going to rain or impact. This product line is the representative for Vietnamese branded products but with international quality.

Target customers who are young people, Sakos focuses on modern and youthful design, but besides that, the product is also scratch resistant and extremely waterproof. Especially, with waterproof materials such as travel backpack, laptop backpack, travel bag, laptop bag, the product is very durable and light, giving users absolute peace of mind and comfort. Therefore, Columbia’s products easily conquer the strict demands of consumers. High quality materials, convenience and reasonable price, Sakos is the best choice for you.

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Jack Wolfskin – Best backpack for travel

Jack Wolfskin is one of the brands specializing in outdoor goods such as clothes, shoes, tents, travel backpacks, bags, hats … The existence and business philosophy of this brand is “Outside home is like in the home”. Items for outdoor activities must be durable, creating a sense of safety, comfort and convenience. Designing product design and materials, the ability and ability to combine different types of products, Jack Wolfskin invested in research and testing to get the highest quality, the most suitable functions and many utilities. Best.

In addition to the youthful, dynamic and modern design, Jack Wolfskin products are also extremely scratch resistant and waterproof. Especially, with waterproof material, the product is very durable and light, giving users absolute peace of mind and comfort. Therefore, Jack Wolfskin’s products easily conquer the demanding demands of consumers.

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Brand Puma

Best backpack for travel – Puma is the brand that is present in the most countries, Puma’s products are present in more than 80 countries. The products of this brand always have a unique style, extremely personality. Puma produces high-quality and beautiful-looking outfits, racing shoes, backpacks …, so it is always the first choice of customers, especially young people who love sports. Puma is on track to become the world’s leading producer of high quality sports fashion trends.

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Brand Adidas

Adidas has become one of the leading backpack and handbag brands in Vietnam and in the world with the goal of conquering customers with its quality and modern fashion designs. The product lines of Adidas handbags are all using imported fabrics, quality zippers made in Vietnam, as well as all designs are carefully invested to bring the most convenience to user.

In addition to the youthful, dynamic and modern design, the product is also extremely scratch resistant and waterproof. Especially, with waterproof material, the product is very durable and light, giving users absolute peace of mind and comfort. Therefore, Adidas products easily conquer the rigorous demands of consumers.

Adidas is a representative brand from Germany. If you have to bring it on the scale, Adidas is the brand with the highest popularity. Products such as backpacks, shoes, bags, … branded Adidas are present all over the world and are trusted and used by many customers. All Adidas products are strong, simple, durable and agile for the comfort of the user.

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The Simplecarry brand

Best backpack for travel Simplecarry is a brand that brings Korean style products such as backpacks, suitcases, .. Simplecarry is a brand that has existed for more than 30 years in the market with designs that bring elegance and modernity. Simplecarry always designs its products with the following criteria: fast, light, flexible and sturdy but still elegant and luxurious.

Simplecarry always renews itself and actively updates the fashion trends in the world to satisfy customers. Simplecarry uses the best ingredients from Korea, USA, Japan to make products suitable for people, all ages and all countries around the world.

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Brand Targus

Best backpack for travel – Targus is a genuine American product imported and distributed in Vietnam by Viettel, so far Targus bags and handbags have hundreds of products from prestigious brands such as Targus – Buffalo, Huawei – Netgear – Tplink – ZTE -EZCAST.

Targus makes a difference. Targus backpacks have a combination of backpack and suitcases that create a novel and extremely convenient. Targus values the safety of its contents, so they use the best materials to design their backpack. With high quality materials, it makes a backpack with high waterproofness and reduced wear. The Targus backpack is designed to be simple but brings elegance and elegance to the user.

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