Top 10+ best carry on bag for a woman

Best carry on bag for a woman – A towed suitcase with wheels is very convenient when traveling or working. Not only classified into two types of hard and soft, many suitcase models are also equipped with a variety of different functions. Products from well-known foreign manufacturers such as Ricardo, Xiaomi; reputable domestic manufacturers such as Trip, Macat, or emerging suitcase brands. Surely you will be confused about which suitcase is best, suitable for your needs?

Therefore, in this article, after helping you to understand the basics of how to choose a suitcase and suitcase characteristics, Megahot will introduce the top 10 best suitcases that are popular today. Wish you find a suitcase that brings comfort to your travels!

Shalla Double Cover Cloth Shalla

The product is made of hard and water resistant Oxford burlap material. The sturdy frame design helps to protect the suitcase during travel. Another plus point of the product is the multi-compartment design with 2 front compartments, 1 rear compartment and 2 compartments in the number lock, supporting you to store many items.

Designing 2 double wheels plus 1 single wheel in the middle helps the suitcase move on rough surfaces. The plastic base attached to the bottom incorporates the wheel to keep the suitcase steady when stopped. With chestnuts, ranging from 300,000 VND, suitable for those who want to save on budget.

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Suitcase made of lightweight ABS plastic material, waterproof, impact resistant as well as high temperature. The structure of horizontal stripes increases friction and creates a luxurious look for the suitcase. Design 4 360-degree rotating wheels that move smoothly, without abrasion.

Size 56 x 35 x 23 cm standard hand luggage, convenient for you when on the plane. The inside of the suitcase is large and has a convenient separate shoe compartment. With only nearly 400 thousand, this is a product with a very competitive price today, half the price compared to other brands of plastic suitcases.

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OEM Hard Suitcase NS8809

Best carry on bag for a woman – Products received positive feedback with luxurious and beautiful design. Corner seal design with parallel floating ribs not only bring certainty, reduce friction but also create a fashionable highlight for the product.

The 4-wheel design can be rotated 360 degrees, making no noise and abrasion, making it easy to move the suitcase. In addition to a pull-handle function, the suitcase also has a handle and 4 rubber feet on the opposite side to avoid dirty the suitcase when placed on the ground.

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Leaves King Leaves King Canvas Suitcase 8013

Design large size 73 x 49 x 32cm (H x L x W) with many large and small compartments, withstand loads from 25 – 30 kg and can be extended by 10 cm, suitable for the whole family to use when traveling, people studying abroad or working far away.

The handlebar is made of a high-strength aluminum metal box that is light and easy to handle. The suitcase has four 360-degree rotating wheels and one anti-roll center wheel to help you move easily on many terrains. The product has a variety of comfortable colors for you to choose from such as blue, red, purple, black.

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Rimowa Hard-Lock Suitcase Rimowa

Best carry on bag for a woman – If you carry valuables or check in your luggage at airports and don’t want to be ripped off or damaged, this collapsible aluminum-framed suitcase is the solution for you. With the entire zipper being replaced with a fixed, sturdy aluminum frame, with 2 TSA standard digital locks at the two ends of the suitcase, will protect your luggage safety.

In addition, the lock is also capable of preventing water and dirt from entering the suitcase. The aluminum frame incorporates a beautiful, durable polycarbonate surface that is highly shock resistant. Need to pull high bearing aluminum alloy.

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Trip Hard Suitcase Trip P803A

Modern design with 4 double wheels rotating 360 degrees to move smoothly, without causing noise. Natural rubber handle makes it easy to carry the suitcase with your hands when needed. The suitcase is equipped with smooth double zipper, can increase luggage capacity by up to 25%.

Size 60cm x 40cm x 28cm medium size holds 15-25kg of utensils, suitable for long trips, check in luggage. Integrated name tag on suitcase helps to avoid losing your luggage. Product warranty up to 5 years when purchased at any Trip agent.

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Ricardo Suitcase Pulls Ricardo Ocean Drive

Best carry on bag for a woman – Not only possessing a beautiful appearance, the suitcase also has a spacious interior design with many fabric compartments and nets to help you organize your luggage neatly. In particular, a water-proof plastic bag, suitable for storing items containing liquid. A drawer with hanger and separate cloth with a zipper, keeps your clothes organized.

Large plate straps with keychains to help secure items while traveling. The suitcase is expandable by 6 cm, you can rest assured to buy more souvenirs or items during the trip. Despite its high price tag, but with a permanent warranty for handles, thread lines, wheels, towing lever and locks, this is the product you should consider!

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Macat Suitcase Macat BY15 X (Black)

Business style design, bring elegance and elegance to you. 35-liter compact suitcase, suitable for business trips or short-term travel. Despite its compact design, but inside the suitcase there is also a 15-inch laptop compartment and document compartment. Combining convenient two-sided clamping compartment for you to clamp books, notebooks, handkerchiefs …

Suitcase made of Nilon Twin 400D material is waterproof, effective against fouling. Pull lever made from luxury gold-plated aluminum alloy, with 3 suitable adjustment steps. The product uses high-quality, durable YKK zippers, helping you to gently open and close the suitcase.

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Trip Suitcase Pulling Trip PC911

Specially designed with Japanese TTK zipper with 2 layers of anti-slit, ensuring luggage safety and limiting water penetration when going in the rain. The pair of handles on the side and above are made up of two sturdy layers, with a smooth natural rubber hand contact.

The outside of the suitcase is smooth, shiny, and scratch-resistant, keeping colors fresh with time. TSA standard digital lock is designed with a negative inside to create a coherent and luxurious product. Inside the luggage compartment is a thick satin lining that prevents dust, water and moisture. In addition, you can freely show off your personality with 7 different color options.

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Xiaomi Passport 90 GoFun Hard Suitcase

Special suitcase with smart design with outer compartment divided into 7 small compartments. You can quickly put in and take out laptops, tablets, convenient through security gates at airports. Easy to store commonly used items such as passports, identity papers, books … The compartments are equipped with smooth damping pads, and velcro straps to hold the items tightly.

The front of the product is reinforced with thick EVA material, which makes the suitcase able to withstand strong impacts from outside, and also has level 4 waterproof effect. The suitcase uses an international standard double key. TSA, protects both the front and main compartments. In addition, you can use 3 different ways of moving suitcases: tow, vertical and horizontal.

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