Top 10+ best cologne for men

Best cologne for men – Men’s perfume is the most popular in the world? This must be the question of how many guys want to find their own scent, right. So let’s take a look at the 10 best-selling men’s perfumes with Megahot.

ARMANI CODE – Best cologne for men

Good point: The scent is especially good on a cold day, the male scent brings a luxurious, flashy, well-groomed look. Will definitely impress women

Not good: The scent becomes very strong in the hot season, making it uncomfortable for people nearby, The bottle design is not eye-catching and somewhat similar to women’s perfume bottles

Overview: Giorgio’s Armani Code Armani is an oriental-pungent fragrance for men. Armani Code was launched in 2004 and is a creation of Antoine Lie, Antoine Maisondieu and Clement Gavarry. Top notes are bergamot and lemon; middle notes are anise, olive and guaiac wood; Base notes are leather, tobacco and tonka beans. This fragrance is the winner of the FiFi Award Fragrance Of The Year Men`s Luxe 2006.

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BVLGARI POUR HOMME SOIR – Best cologne for men

Good point: A masculine and refreshing fragrance with simple yet effective scent. In addition, the fragrance also has a good scent retention

Not good: The scent is somewhat unpleasant in summer and winter. The fragrance is quite mature so it may not be suitable for young people

Overview: Bvlgari Pour Homme Soir of the brand Bvlgari is a fragrance belonging to the fragrance group Gomolgari – Rosemary for men and was launched in 2006. In the fragrance, there is the presence of papyrus scent. , amber, darjeeling tea and bergamot. The scent of perfumery, though quite mature, of transplanted fruit, is very masculine. In addition, the aromas harmonize with each other, forming a fragrance suitable for all situations.

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ALLURE HOMME SPORT – Best cologne for men

Good point: Good fluidity and scent, helping to honor the healthy beauty, refreshing seduction for men. Especially suitable for guys over the age of 25.

Not good: With the close scent of Allure Homme Sport, it is not suitable for use in cold seasons like autumn and winter, especially at night.

Overview: After 5 years of success at Allure Homme, Chanel continues to introduce the Allure Homme Sport fragrance, with a cooler and sharper fragrance. The product was launched in 2004 and designed by leading Chanel perfumes expert – Jacques Polge. Aiming at the natural charm of the body, Jacques Polge created a perfume bottle that focuses on four main factors: freshness, sensuality, wood and spicy flavors – which are the characteristics that make the name. age of ALLURE HOMME.

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BLEU DE CHANEL – Best cologne for men

Good point: Strong aroma of wood for men, giving men a luxury, elegance and charm. Incense retention is quite long. In addition, this scent is also suitable for active girls with strong personalities.

Not good: Due to many good points, Bleu de Chanel is chosen by many to use, making this perfume a too popular scent.

Overview: Bleu de Chanel is Channel’s new fragrance line, designed by Jacques Polge. Chanel commented that the characteristic rich aroma of wood is the point that makes Bleu de Chanel, hidden inside is the taste of the sea, with a sporty style. In particular, the natural taste of the sea becomes more pronounced when the fragrance is used regularly.

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COOL WATER – Best cologne for men

Good point: A classic, bold scent. makes anyone use elegant, sophisticated, and sexy. Women can also use this to boost self-confidence

Not good: An old scent, not suitable for young people. The scent becomes weak when exposed to cold air

Overview: Cool Water was created by Pierre Bourdon in 1988. This is a simple, masculine & striking fragrance. Cool water is a new approach in perfumes for men. These are fresh scent fragrances with top notes of mint and sea scents, but they quickly disappear to make room for lavender and rosemary to help keep the scent sharp and strong. The middle notes are full of floral scents, but the notes of geranium and masculine citrus oil are calmed with notes of jasmine and sandalwood.

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AVENTUS – Best cologne for men

Good point: The scent belongs to the group of fragrances with a fruity Chypre flavor, with a simple, yet mature style for men. The bottle design is extremely impressive and masculine.

Not good: Due to the maturity in the fragrance, Aventus is not suitable for young boys under 25 years old. The top scent is a bit too sweet for men’s fragrances, but will soon subside in the middle and bottom notes.

Overview: Aventus was inspired by the dramatic life of Emperor Napoleon (war, peace, romance). Aventus is a men’s fragrance line introduced in 2010. It belongs to the Chypre fruity group. The creators of this fragrance line are Erwin Creed 7th, Olivier Creed 6th Generation.

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THE ONE FOR MEN – Best cologne for men

Good point: Delicate scent, making men clearly show confidence and charm with elegant classic features. Promotes good scent day and night. The fragrance is close, suitable for everyday use in the office.

Not good: The One for Men scent is medium, so you need to use it several times a day to keep the scent.

Overview: Following the great success of the fragrances The One for women, in early March 2008, Dolce & Gabbana brand will launch a fragrance for men called The One. for Men. This fragrance product is produced by Stefano Gabbana with the original idea to bring a fragrance that is both masculine and classic, not a classic classic but also famous, a scent that women must fall in love.

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Good point: The scent is prized, is still preferred and widely used after many years, giving it a masculine and attractive look. The fragrance is close, suitable for use in office environments.

Not good: The scent is not suitable for use at night, especially in cold seasons like autumn and winter. And due to its popularity, the Acqua di Gio is not suitable for use at major events.

Overview: This fragrance was created in 1996 by Alberto Morillas. Inspired by the beauty of Pantellerie where he spent his vacation, Armani creates the scent of Aqua di Gio for both men and women. The fragrance for men is a scent of freedom, full of wind and water. This scent blend is formed from the perfect blend of the sweet, salty scent of seawater and the warm sunlight caressing on your skin. The Aqua di Gio is full of scorching Mediterranean sun.

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Good point: Strong, delicate and attractive scent belonging to the refreshing aromatic citrus scent line for men. The bottle is modern and very eye-catching. The body-hugging scent is very natural and does not cause discomfort.

Not good: The scent of this perfume bottle is just average, you need to use it regularly throughout the day to ensure the effect of the perfume. The scent may not be very suitable for young men and should be limited to use in the cold season especially at night.

Overview: The brand Kenneth Cole released a new masculine fragrance called Reaction in 2004. Reaction was created by renowned modulator Frank Voelkl. A fruity fragrance is quite mild and attractive, like the brilliant moments of summer are gradually spreading in a luxurious bottle.

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Good point: The scent is classic, timeless, feels fresh and warm at the same time. Suitable for picnics

Not good: The scent is not suitable for young people. The scent really shines only on contact with skin, not on clothing

Overview: Kiehl’s Original Musk perfume offers a musky, woody and floral sound for both men and women. The product was first introduced in 2004. In the early 20s, the pharmacists of Kiehl’s – a famous cosmetic corporation founded in New York in 1851, discovered a sensual scent. The unique feel lurks in the basement of Kiehl’s first refined room. This fragrance was said to be too seductive at that time and was quickly returned to where it was found.

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