Top 10 best credit cards in Australia

Best Australia credit card – Credit cards help you spend your daily life more conveniently, help you pay for payments instead of not having to carry a lot of cash with you and can get cash advance to spend for the seller and you will pay back the transaction later to the bank.

As an ATM card but with its special features, only those with secure financial resources or stable income and meeting some other conditions can apply for a credit card for themselves.

You are wondering which bank should choose to be the best credit card today, so here are the top 10 banks for you to choose the card that suits you best.

ANZ Low Rate Credit Card – Exclusive Offer

Savings with 0% interest on first 25-month balance transfers and $ 0 first year annual fees.

ANZ Low Rate is a great way for you to have the money used to pay off debts or spend other urgent activities.

Best Australia credit card – Once you have used your ANZ Low rate credit card, you will be offered the first annual FREE annual fee with a long balance transfer benefit.

The first 25 months is a very reasonable time for you to be in control of your current credit card debts with an interest rate of 0% / year. Note that the bank is regulating the balance transfer fee will be 1.5% / time. For example, if you have 5000 dollars and want to transfer, the cost to transfer will be 75 dollars.

The card has a minimum limit of $ 1000 with a competitive interest rate of only 12.49%. From year 2 on, the annual fee will be $ 58.

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Bankwest Breeze Classic Mastercard

Save with 0% interest on purchases for 15 months.

Bankwest Breeze Classic Mastercard cards are offering a very competitive interest rate at 0% for the first 15 months and up to 55 interest-free days for new purchases.

During the first 9 months you can also repay the loan at an interest rate of 2.99% / which if you transfer the balance. If there is any remaining balance at the end of the promotion period, the bank will revert to the standard interest rate of 12.99% / year.

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Citi Rewards Card

Save with $ 0 annual fee for the first year and 0% interest on transferring your balance for 26 months.

The advantage of Citi Rewards credit card is that you can comfortably pay interest with small interest within 2 years. If you register before 31/8/2020, you will take advantage of 0% / year interest rate if you transfer the balance in the first 26 months, the cost to transfer the balance will be 1.5% / year.

So you can save 199 dollars in the first year with zero annual fee. Not only that, you can also buy foreign insurance completely free with the use of 24 / support service. 7.

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HSBC Platinum Credit Card – Balance Transfer Offer

Savings with 0% interest rate for 22-month balance transfer and continuous annual fee refund with HSBC Platinum Credit Card.

HSBC Platinum is a card line that, when you use it, will enjoy much more premium privileges, for example, you will be seated in the plane’s VIP lounge, professional help service or free gifts. .

Best Australia credit card – If you register this card early before 30/9/2020 and have the correct balance as required at the time of registration, you can consolidate and then pay the current debt tonas with balance transfer rate of 0% / year for the first 22 months, there is no charge to transfer the balance. When you spend $ 6,000, you will be refunded your wallet, which is $ 129.

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Skye Mastercard

Take advantage of up to $ 300 cashback, up to 110 interest-free days on purchases, and a $ 50 discount on first year annual fees.

When you have used MasterCard, you will enjoy the benefits which are 110 days interest free for normal transactions and installments in 9,12,15 months with 0% interest rate for transactions. at least $ 250 or for bank affiliated companies.

Right now you can register for early completion by August 31, 2020, after which you will get a 7.5% refund on all eligible transactions that are purchased for 3 months of total price. Value is 300 dollars, the constant fee you will pay will be 49 dollars.

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NAB Qantas Rewards Signature Card

Annual fee: 295 USD / year for the first year and 395 USD / year thereafter

Minimum credit limit: 15,000 USD

NAB Qantas Rewards Signature Cardholders enjoy 24/7 personal support service, additional insurance with a number of travel programs. Cardholders get 90,000 Qantas Bonus points for spending 4,000 USD within 60 days of opening the card. The late payment fee for this card is 15 USD.

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Westpac Low Rate Credit Card

Save on your current credit card debt with 0% / year for 20 months when transferring your balance, plus you get a $ 200 cashback.

Before 2/12/2020 if you successfully register for Westpac Low Rate card, you will be entitled to 0% per year for the first 20 months when you transfer your balance. In particular, the bank also has a promotion that is in the first 90 days of money since you are officially approved, if you spend 1000 dollars, you will receive 200 dollars back.

Best Australia credit card – This is really a suitable product for those who like to use credit cards, over the period of 0% interest, the card will also have a very competitive fee of 13.74% / year and maintenance fee. per year is only 59 dollars. Not to mention that when using the card, you can also get a SmartPlan installment payment.

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Bankwest Breeze Platinum Mastercard

Save on credit card costs with 0% discount on purchases, no foreign transaction fees, and free overseas travel insurance.

Bankwest Breeze Platinum Mastercard is a platinum line of cards that offers many advantages and savings for credit cardholders. You can save on purchases for the first 15 months with no interest, 12.99% refund after use. You will also enjoy a free overseas travel package, so you don’t have to worry about going away.

If you are not interested in the platinum line, not interested in the Mastercard Bankwest Breeze Platinum, you can try the Mastercard Bankwest Breeze Classic series which is also very ok.

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NAB Low Rate Card

Pay off your debt at 0% / year interest when making a transfer within the first 20 months when you have a new Low Interest NAB credit card.

When you start holding this card, the incentives you will receive, first of all, is 0% interest rate for the first 20 months, with this offer, the balance transfer fee is 2% for each time and when it runs out. 20 months, you will also enjoy a very competitive interest rate compared to other banks.
The bank’s standard interest rate is 12.99% per annum on purchase while the annual cost to maintain the card will be $ 59.

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Coles Rewards Mastercard

Earn flybuys for your spending and save with this 0% balance transfer offer.

Earn points on flybuys faster with 2 points for every $ 1 spent on eligible deals with Coles Rewards Mastercard. This plus points earned with flybuys partners.

Best Australia credit card – You can consolidate and repay your existing debt at 0% interest for a very long period of 18 months if you were able to own the card before August 31, 2020 (cost per share). transfers are 1.5%). You can also save a lot of money when buying overseas or buying international retail as the bank currently applies a 0% interest rate policy for the card when making purchases.

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