Review Top 5++ Best Gaming Earbuds in Australia

Turtle Beach Battle Buds

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These are best gaming earbuds with a boom mic. Turtle Beach Battle Buds pack a lot of usability into an affordable, simple, and customizable design. For under 30 dollars, you’ll be able to communicate with your team easily without breaking the bank to do so. If you’re looking for a boom mic to capture your voices clearly as possible, you’ll have a difficult time finding a better pick in this price range.

While a boom mic is a welcome addition to at home game sessions, it can be a bit of an unnecessary addition while out and about. Thankfully, these battle buds feature an easily detachable boom mic along with an inline mic giving you the freedom to swap it in and out as you need. Other customizable features includes small, medium, and large sizes for both the ear tips and stabilizers. With this much flexibility, they’re sure to be a combination that’s comfortable for you.

That earbuds are easy to wear for long periods of time when they’re comfortable so this customizability is a welcome sight to see. The inline mic allows you to adjust master volume as well as mute yourself with ease. The 10 millimeter speakers on these earbuds provide great quality sound especially in its class. So you’re able to hear all of the nearby sounds or the voices of your with ease.

Any device with a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack can use these earbuds making it great for both mobile and console gaming. Both black and white variants are available so you can match your current setup too. These earbuds are a perfect companion to anyone who’s looking for a pair of earbuds that’s friendly to their wallet but also provides the use of a boom mic to make sure you’re never the party member that people are struggling to hear from. Turtle Beach’s Battle Buds will make sure you’re never left behind.

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Hyper X Cloud Earbuds

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These are our best wired gaming earbuds. While the Hyper X Cloud Earbuds are best optimized for use with the Nintendo Switch, they’re great to use alongside other consoles and devices as well. These wired earbuds perform really well with its efficient design and can be picked up under forty dollars. There are two main features about these earbuds a little more unique than most. The 3.5 millimeter jack being at a 90 angle and the cord being both thick and flat. How these design choices provide some added durability and prevent the cord from getting tangled up in between gaming sessions. Yet another edition that helps prevent the cord from being damaged is an included carrying case allowing them to travel with you without fear of being damaged on the way.

With three different size deer tips and an angle design, it’ll be difficult to dislodge these buds even if you’re celebrating your most recent win with your squad. An inline mic allows you to communicate with your teammates as you adventure and celebrate your victories. A 14 millimeter driver powers the Hyper X Cloud Earbuds giving them surprisingly capable highs and lows that do a great job given its class. The mids are also defined so regardless of whether you’re playing a first person shooter, a racing game, or an open world adventure title, you’re always getting great audio.

The stereo sound profile will make sure you’re always on high alert as you continue through your games, alerting you to your surroundings and keeping you in the lead. If you’re looking for a pair of affordable, effective, and simple to use earbuds, then the Hyper X Cloud Earbuds are a natural fit. With multiple silicone ear tips sizes, a portable case, a durable, and well-designed cord, plus an inline mic, and a two-year warranty. These are the best wired earbuds to cover all of your gaming needs regardless of platform.

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Razer Hammerhead True Wireless

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These are great gaming earbuds for the money. The Razer Hammerhead True Wireless can be picked up for around $60 and it’s awfully hard to beat. Thanks to their wireless design, impressive sound quality, and their solid usability outside of gaming. Making them great earbuds for the money. The design is attractive, available in both black and white, and remains comfortable for long periods of time.

The build is also IPX4 rated so they can withstand a workout or an intense sweat inducing game with ease. Being the first wireless design we’ve mentioned, they also provide the most freedom. You won’t have to worry about your cords tangling or getting caught on something. These earbuds charge via the included carrying case which is also attractive in its own right. The buds will last about 3 hours or so on a given charge but can last fifteen total hours off with top ups from the charging case. Razer is known for their gaming accessory prowess and these earbuds are no different.

The hammerheads pack some excellent technology including Bluetooth 5.00 to get you connected fast, ultra low 60 millisecond latency so you’re always on point. Touch features to manage media and phone call voice assistant compatibility, and great sound quality. The microphone in these buds make sure that your teammates can hear you while the 13 millimeter drivers have been custom tuned to provide an audio experience that bats well above its price range delivering good highs, mids, and especially lows for a great listening and gaming experience.

While the Hammerhead shared design that’s similar to Apple’s AirPods, these earbuds achieve similar sound quality, a faster response time, and do so while costing less. There are good AirPods alternative as it is but with Razer‘s investment into gaming accessories, They’re great gaming value pick that will be worth every penny as you gain your competitive edge.

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EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid earbuds

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These are our best hybrid gaming earbuds. The EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid earbuds feature a simple but effective design that provides the best gaming experience that translates to other uses as well. For around 200 dollars, you’ll be able to pick up earbuds that not only excel as a gaming accessory but also pull their own weight for all around audio devices. You’ll be able to connect us the standard Bluetooth 5.1 connection.

When used this way, the latency is low, the audio quality is great, and the built-in mic can be used to connect with teammates or take phone calls. As hybrids, they can also be used alongside the included USB-C dongle for a faster, better quality connection to ensure that you’re hearing everything in real time. The one sacrifice that’s made when using these buds with their dongle is that the microphone capabilities are eliminated as the device focuses solely on providing the lowest latency possible. I love that these are available options picking what will the situation best will always have your leg up. As a gamer, eliminating latency of any kind is extremely important and that’s where the dongle use really excels.

The EPOS gaming suite can be used to customize the equalizer to best suit the games that you’re playing and the sounds that are important. But also adjust how music sounds too. These buds last for about 5 hours with 20 hours alongside the charging case. IPX5 water resistance gives confidence that these buds can be used no matter where you’re gaming. When you’re on the move and not gaming, on-ear touch controls allow you to answer calls and manage music playback. This comfortable premium earbuds accomplish many roles thanks to their impressive sound profile, Bluetooth and Dongo connections and passive noise isolation but the Epost GTW 270 hybrids truly excel as gaming buds thanks to the extremely low latency that’s packed into this hybrid build.

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Bose QuietComfort 20

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These are our best gaming earbuds for noise cancellation. Even in gaming, Bose reigns as an audio monster in the noise cancellation department. The Bose QuietComfort 20 can be picked up for around $250 they actively cancel noise and eliminate distractions so that you can stay fully immersed in the gaming world while giving you exceptional sound quality that you’ve come to expect from the brand. With three pairs of proprietary stay here plus tips included, there are multiple options to get your fit just right so that the active noise cancellation is working at its best.

However, you can also use these wired earbuds passively if you forgot to charge them up and they’ve gone through their 16 hour battery already. Activating a wear mode can be done with the push of a button and allows external noise in so that you’re always just a moment’s notice from returning to reality to check in with someone nearby. Of course, they also allow you to communicate with in-game teammates as well.

You’re always able to focus your awareness right where it needs to be which is my favorite part of these earbuds. The included carrying case make sure you can always take your premium audio on the go whether you’re listening to music or mobile gaming. No matter what you’re listening to, you’re getting incredible sound thanks to the Bose technology that has been tuned and refined over years. While the base heavy profile might not always be ideal for music, it underlines important in-game sound so that you what’s going on and where it’s happening.

The Bose QuietComfort 20 earbuds offer exceptional audio quality, best in class noise cancellation, and the 16 hour battery make sure that you’re able to game for long periods of time while focusing on what matters. When you do need to check in with the real world, it takes just one quick button press to do so. Making these earbuds the best for noise-cancelling earbuds for gaming.

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