Review Top 5++ Best Budget Gaming Keyboards in Australia

Redragon K552

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This is best ultra budget mechanical keyboard. Cheap and reliable don’t usually go hand in hand but the Redragon K552 breaks that stereotype giving you one of the best ultra budget mechanical keyboards on the market for about thirty-five dollars. It’s built like a tank designed with gamers in mind and includes RGB lighting, anti-goasting, and more. And a compact ten keyless keyboard.

The build of the K552 is mainly plastic but it’s reinforced with a metal plate that gives it a solid foundation for the key switches. Even the key caps are highly resistant to wear due to their double shot injection molded construction that uses two layers of plastic to form the body of the key cap as well as the cymbal on the key. No printing is used so the cymbal will never wear off. As an extra layer of protection, the entire keyboard is splash resistant and uses gold plated USB connectors that will stand up to a lot of heavy use. The K552 with nineteen different RGB lighting effects, game modes, and user defined modes.

This gaming cube also features a Windows key lock to prevent accidental presses, media controls, and anti-goasting. If your preference leans more to quieter switches, you’ll really like the cherry MX equivalent linear switches in the K552. They’re very easy to press, respond to a lighter touch, and have a smooth mechanical actuator that you’ll enjoy using. The K552 connects to your computer using a fixed cable and on the underside, there’s some flip out feet to add a little incline to the keyboard and rubber strips to prevent slippage as you type.

Despite it’s ultra budget price, the Redragon K552 is extremely well built and features red switches, RGB lighting, and more. It’s going to appeal to gamers on tighter budgets looking for an affordable ten keyless mechanical keyboard but won’t feel they’re sacrificing on quality, performance, and features.

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Havit Mechanical Keyboard

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This is best budget mechanical gaming keyboard and mouse combo. PC gaming can get expensive when shopping around for gaming peripherals so it’s great that Havit offers a combo that gives you a mechanical keyboard and a gaming mouse together just $40 which is going to appeal to a lot of new gamers. The keyboard features an aluminum alloy top case to give you the longest wear resistance possible and the classic blue switch design provides clicky, tactile feedback for typing and gaming with anti-ghosting and full key rollover.

The shorter key travel feels like you’re using a laptop keyboard but adds the satisfying click and crispness of a mechanical keyboard. The gaming mouse is best for palm grip gamers and will be especially comfortable if you have larger hands. You get seven buttons on the mouse with two side buttons and the scroll wheel doubles as the DPI adjustment. You also have the left and right primary click buttons and a lighting control button.

On the bottom, the mouse has some basic low friction feet. You can switch between six speeds up to 4,800 DPI and it has a high precision positioning game engine for accurate positioning and stable transmission. Both the keyboard and the mouse feature RGB lighting and you can use key combinations on the keyboard and the lighting control button on the mouse to control the lighting on the fly. You can also use Havit software which you can download from their website giving you more options and settings. Plus, there are several presets that highlight the key configurations for popular games so that only the keys you use for that game are lit up. Gaming with the Havoc mechanical keyboard and mouse gives you a more cohesive gaming experience when it comes to design aesthetics and RGB lighting and it’s great that Havoc offers them in a cost-saving combo for gamers on tighter budgets.

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SteelSeries Apex 3

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The third product on list is the Stihl Series Apex three. This is a great budget gaming keyboard for the money. The SteelSeries Apex 3 features ten zone RGB lighting, a premium magnetic wrist restrest and rubber dome switches that make typing super quiet all for about $50 which really gives you a lot of bang for the money. It’s built from the ground up with intuitive gaming focused features that gamers are looking for like plenty of RGB customization options and gaming grade anti-goasting.

This full-size keyboard includes a number pad and function row, shortcut keys, and dedicated media keys. The build is all plastic and the floating key design features a frosted white housing on each switch that picks up the color of the RGB lighting creating a nice glow effect. The ten zone RGB lighting gives you a lot of control and lets you set different effects on colors in each zone for added variety. You can change the color, speed, effect type, add macros, or remap the buttons anyway you like.

The underside of the keyboard provides some handy cable management options that will let you choose how you’d like to route the fixed cable. A set of rubber feet helps to reduce sliding and flip out feet give you a single level of incline adjustment. The wrist rest is plastic and attaches to the keyboard with magnets and although it isn’t padded, it has a soft finish on top that makes it feel good and helps to reduce fatigue. The SteelSeries Apex 3 is great for gamers who prefer the quiet action of a membrane keyboard over the much louder mechanical gaming keyboards. It’s got some great RGB customization options, solid performance, and offers some added features like IP32 water resistant rating in case of accidental spills, premium magnetic wrist rest, dedicated multimedia controls, and cable management which all add up to make it a great budget gaming keyboard for the money.

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Razer Ornato Chroma V2

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This is best budget hybrid gaming keyboard. The Razer Ornato Chroma V2 is a hybrid gaming keyboard that gives you the tactile feedback of a mechanical keyboard and the softer feel of a membrane keyboard and does for around 80 dollars. This full size keyboard features a soft magnetic wrist rest with soft padding that’s wrapped in a leatherette material.

The wrist rest is a good size and the magnets effectively hold it in place even when lifting the keyboard off the desk. The mecca membrane switches offer light actuation and the floating keys have full per key RGB light You also get the power of RazerSyn app software so you can sync your lighting with popular games across peripherals and create custom effects.

You can even set up reactive lighting that will fill your room with color with sync support for Philips Hue lighting and gear for more than thirty other partners. Razer‘s Hyper Shift mode. You get full programmable macro support so you can remap keys and key combinations to execute more complex commands. The three dedicated media keys above the numb pad give you transport control when playing media but my favorite is the adjacent digital volume wheel which offers a light tactile feel when adjusting the volume.

The LEDs that surround it also respond to your input getting brighter when you increase and dimmer when you decrease the volume. Ultimately turning red when it reaches the mute point. The ergonomic wrist rest is pretty good and like the Stihl Series Apex 3 , it magnetically attaches and is aligned to relieve pressure on your wrists so you feel less fatigued when gaming over long periods.

The Razer Ornato Chroma V2 is a great hybrid keyboard that’s ideal for gamers that like the tactile feel of a mechanical keyboard but want the softer comfort of a membrane keyboard.

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HyperX Alloy Origins Core

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This is best overall budget mechanical gaming keyboard. The HyperX Alloy Origins Core is going to appeal to gamers who are looking for a more compact option that doesn’t make compromises on features build quality or performance. The $80 ten keyless mechanical gaming keyboard features custom hyper X mechanical switches and the sleek form factor gives you more space for rapid mouse movements. It’s a winning combo for gamers making it the best budget gaming keyboard without tipping into the premium range.

The build quality is excellent. The aircraft grade aluminum chassis keeps the keyboard structurally sound and stable when the action gets intense. While the chassis adds a bit more to the overall weight, the entire package screams quality anyway you look at it. The Hyper X’s custom designed linear red mechanical switches offer a balance of responsiveness and accuracy and feature a short travel time with low actuation force.

The keys are highlighted by per key RGB lighting that can be customized using HyperX’s ingenuity software to define color, layer effects, and more. There’s even on-board memory for three profiles to save custom-designed light shows. You also get game mode to disable the Windows key anti-ghosting and full end-key rollover to ensure that every key stroke you make is registered and executed as quickly as you command.

Unlike earlier keyboards that just have regular flip-out feet under the keyboard that only offer a single angle of incline, the feet on the alloy origins core have three adjustable angles of or 11° to give you more flexibility and the best angle settings for wrist comfort. The Hyper X alloy origins core really packs in the bells and whistles in excellent build quality plus features custom designed key switches which you a great balance of responsiveness and accuracy as well as has a short travel time and low actuation force for a top-notch gaming experience you won’t find with any other budget gaming keyboard.

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