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Best microphone for gaming – Whether you are using a PC, Mac or a laptop, choosing a good microphone should be carefully considered because it depends on many factors: price, device compatibility and purpose of use. . Here Megahot will introduce you to the top 10 best microcomputers. Maybe the outstanding features and advantages that each type possesses will help you choose the ideal microphone product line for you.

Blue Yeti

Best microphone for gaming – Rated as the best micro USB for computers thanks to professional studio-quality recording and versatility in use. Products using Tri-capsule technology integrated with 4 modes of recording – singing – podcast – interview. Accompany it is a control button for you to easily select features, headphone volume, microphone increase, mute.

The Blue Yeti is also flexible and easy to fold, rotate, and adjust. The device is compatible with 64MB RAM (common to all computers today) and compatible with Windows (XP and above), Mac OS X (10.4.11 and above). You can choose the color that suits your style.

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Samson Go Mic

The mic uses plug and play technology, which means you can plug it into a PC or Mac (via USB) and start using it right away – no additional drivers needed. You can use it to record vocals, music and podcasts, online calls or more (in addition to professional music recording capabilities). 16-bit resolution with a response frequency from 20Hz to 18kHz covers the spectrum and offers some great recording features in a compact and ergonomic design.

We consider it to be one of the best microphones for your computer if you intend to travel or if you just want a convenient snug mic for your desk sitting. It’s also a bit cheaper than the Yeti, so if you want to be willing to ignore sound quality and customization, consider this one. Samson Go Mic is considered one of the microphones for computers that many people use.

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Razer Seiren Elite

In terms of design, it comes with an aluminum kickstand that’s great for recording and livestreaming. Like the Yeti, the Seiren Elite lets you record four custom-tuned modes inside the cheek. It features exceptionally high 192kHz and 24 bit (highest audio resolution in the top 10 of these products), making it the best microphone for computers with extreme audio quality. Along with the device are a set of headphones and a zero delay output. The product is supplemented with a shock absorber feature to minimize noise and prolong its service life.

If you’re on a budget, this rugged mic gives your computer a very nice look and super clear sound quality. The Razer Seiren Elite is one of the best microcomputers out there, especially for gaming. That’s because Razer is a clear competitor in the gaming gear market, and thanks to its many features at the same time: versatility in use, excellent sound quality, USB connectivity, build Integrated stabilizer and stand for lateral use.

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Woaichang BM-800

Best microphone for gaming – This is an excellent microphone in the low-cost line of microcomputers. It’s a condenser mic that comes with a shock absorber (which reduces mic vibrations and noise). The cardioid model is ideal for instrumental music, online chat, livestream and VoIP. With 20 Hz – 20 kHz and 45 dB sensitivity plus 1 dB sound, the Woaichang BM-800 gives you professional recordings. The product has a sound filter foam layer to help eliminate ambient noise and wind noise.

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Shure MV5

This mic is a great choice if you’re looking for a high-quality micro USB version that has the flexibility to record audio, musical instruments, podcasting, video chat and more. It can be compatible with personal computers, Mac, PC … The device has three DSP modes, two color options and 1 custom headset. The product has a stand, lightning cable and USB cable for easy connection in various installations. Maximum sample rate is 24 bit 48kHz, which means that your recordings will be quality compared to rival mic lines (Yeti and Seiren Elite).

Shure MV5 is cheaper than Yeti, but in terms of quality, it is not much inferior, you can choose this mic line to save more than your budget while still ensuring sound quality.

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Blue iCE

In addition to the Go Mic mentioned above, we choose this as one of the top choices for the best low-cost microphones on the market today. It features a cardioid recording mode suitable for podcasts, chatting and even gaming. The 20 Hz – 20 kHz frequency response and 44.1 kHz / 16 bit sample rate ensure the required range and quality of recording.
What stands out about this product is its size, as well as its unique appearance. The Blue iCE is one of the Blue brand’s best microcomputers, and it’s a great option if you’re looking for a reliable micro USB version.

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Syba CL-ME-606

Best microphone for gaming – The Syba CL-ME-606 is considered to be the best choice for those looking for a simple, streamlined product thanks to its full features and beautiful, durable design. This omnidirectional microphone is portable and simple to use; Just plug and play, you can use it on a variety of devices without having to download any drivers or software.

The product comes with a 3.5 mm plug that is suitable for laptops and PCs. With a sensitivity of -38 dB +/- 2 dB and a frequency range of 100 Hz – 16000 Hz, the Syba CL-Me-606 easily connects to a PC and records audio.

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Samson Meteor

It has the largest receiver (25mm) of all micro USB on the market. The microphone has a cardioid capture pattern and 44.1 – 48kHz resolution, ensuring realistic recording quality. All in all, you can get a USB cable, can plug and use it anywhere and on any iOS, Android and Mac device. The front of the machine also has a volume control button, super convenient that many people need.

Samson is the ideal choice for mid-priced and quality mics.

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Tonor TN12326

Belonging to the cheap, simple microphone line. The 3.5 mm jack fits most laptops and desktops. Clear cardioid pickup pattern and frequency response deliver excellent quality for recorded audio in a variety of settings, like voice calls, Skype chats, and more.

Tonor TN12326 with mic head can be rotated 360 degrees and tilted up to 90 degrees, convenient for custom recording angle. There is also a handy mini tripod. Tonor TN12326 is a portable condenser microphone, easy to use and convenient. Just a microphone for your computer here provides you with essentials without much expense.

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Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Studio

Best microphone for gaming – This is a perfect choice if you need to find a professional recording combo at home that includes a full microphone, audio interface (soundcard recording) and headphones.

The product is suitable for using voice recording, musical instruments and online chat. Thanks to the extremely low latency and the 20 Hz – 20 kHz frequency response, you will discover that the sound quality can be significantly better. If you are a beginner looking for a voice recording device for video production, this is a must-have option.

Hopefully, with the above sharing of experience, readers will find out which computer should you buy a microphone for? And which product is suitable for the needs that you use.

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