Top 10+ best perfume for men that last long

Best perfume for men that last long – You are about to have an important date, so you want to attract the attention of the girl you are eyeing. Or do you want to invest in a genuine men’s perfume bottle to create a masculine look with a sexy scent that is hard to fade every day? Because of the fact, there are many women who are fascinated by the typical scent of men. Men’s fragrances have a strong, warm scent that is very appealing, and it is even a “magic” thing that creates a romantic atmosphere.

If you are wondering which scent to choose which suits you and impresses her, please refer to the 10 most popular genuine men’s perfume bottles of 2020 that Megahot introduces below.

Burberry The Beat For Men Men’s Perfume, 100ml

Burberry The Beat For Men 100ml perfume is the most glamorous male fragrance of the company with full of passion, energy, embodiment between the precious British heritage and strong style.

The blend of vibrant tranquility, black pepper, violets, vetiver grass, South African wood creates an image of a modern Burberry man with dynamic music and fashion. rhythmic, stylish and captivating.

For gentlemen who are elegant, classy and stylish, this is the product in the top of the most popular men’s perfumes.

Bvlgari Man In Black For Men Perfume, 100ml

In 2014, the Bvlgari brand celebrated its 130th anniversary since its inception and launched the Bvlgari Man in Black 100ml perfume for men. This perfume bottle is described as one of the most loved men’s perfumes for its boldness and appeal.

Perfume master Alberto Morillas contrasts amber and leather with a flavor that is sweetened to give it a sensual feel and is extremely masculine. Man in Black emits a sweet scent with spices (nutmeg) and rum. Subtle under that scent is the sound of chalky leather mixed with almond, tonka bean and guaiac wood.

One of the most glamorous men’s fragrances refined in a whole new style, bringing out an unexpected flair and originality. Bvlgari Man in Black shows a strong and charismatic expression that is unmatched by any perfume bottle.

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Eternity Calvin Klein (CK) For Men, 100ml

Best perfume for men that last long – Eternity Calvin Klein Men’s Perfume 100ml combines the masculine scent with Eternity’s shaving powder for a lasting fragrance.

Calvin Klein Eternity for men fragrance is created on the basis of fougere for men with the top notes of lavender, tangerine, bergamot, lemon, coriander middle, lily, orange blossom, tree seeds. juniper, basil, jasmine, sage, geranium, bell orchid and base notes make a strong impression on sandalwood, amber, musk, vetiver, and Brazilian rosewood.

Eternity has a fresh scent with a combination of pungent, lavender and amber key ingredients.

A male fragrance most seductive by the attractive masculine scent, bold classic, bringing a little youthfulness to the user.

Recommended time: Day, Night, Spring, Summer

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Carolina Herrera 212 Vip Black EDP Perfume, 100ml

Best perfume for men that last long – South Carolina Herrera 212 Vip Black 100ml fragrance is a Fougere fragrance launched in 2017, created by Carlos Benaim and Annie Flipo. Top notes are a combination of apsinthe, anise and cumin, middle notes of lavender, base notes of musk and black vanilla are the aromas that make up the most fragrant male fragrances.

Perfume For Men Chanel Bleu EDT, 50ml

Chanel brand recognizes that the characteristic strong aroma of wood is the point that makes Bleu de Chanel, hidden inside is the taste of the sea breeze, bearing a strong, sporty personality. In particular, the natural taste of the sea becomes more pronounced when the fragrance is used regularly.

With a luxurious and mysterious black bottle design, along with elegant contours, Chanel Bleu De Chanel EDT 50ml men’s perfume strongly attracts the eye of the opponent. After that unique look is the delicate fragrance filtered into the perfume bottle. With 3 alternating layers of incense, Bleu De Chanel is a blend of passion, enthusiasm and courage.

In Bleu de Chanel EDT, the top and middle notes blend together, this scent blends another to create a colorful and exciting flavor. The cool mint flavor guides the grapefruit flavor, which is mixed with mint leaf oil to create a golden golden essence. Crushed cardamom flavor mixed with pink pepper faintly on the surface of ginger juice.

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Male Sauvage Christian Dior EDP Modern Perfume

Best perfume for men that last long – Sauvage Christian Dior EDP men’s perfume EDP 100ml is compared to a modern symphony with different levels of warm emotions through the scent layers.

Fresh top notes of begarmot, a hint of pepper, the middle notes have sensual and seductive features of geraniums, lavender, pink pepper, Sichuan pepper, Vertiver grass and Patchouli. The closed base for this Dior brand’s most popular men’s fragrance is from Ambroxan resin, Labdanum and warm amber.

Dior Sauvage 100ml owns a slim, compact bottle design, a glass bottle combined with the black color of the perfume in the bottle, creating a sense of mystery and incredible appeal for anyone who sees Dior Sauvage EDP for men.

Sauvage Christian Dior for men EDP100ml is one of the fragrances with EDP concentration but has a good scent on the skin, especially on clothes and hair. At the same time, the fragrance is evaluated by experts to be very far within 2m, very suitable for outdoor, liberal and free space.

Each bottle of Sauvage Dior men’s perfume is the most fragrant men’s perfume bottle suitable for those who love natural, warm scent.

Recommended age: Over 25

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Dolce & Gabbana (D&G) The One For Men EDP, 100ml

Best perfume for men that last long – The One for Men is a fragrance that is both masculine and classic, not a common classic but also famous, is a seductive male fragrance that women must fall in love with.

The One for Men Dolce & Gabbana (D&G) EDP 100m is a sensual, stimulating and oriental fragrance that blends in with the scent of tobacco with key notes like cardamom. , ginger, cedar, and orange.

It gives a feeling of both classic and modern, full of life and appeal. The One for Men products bring a warm, sensual and passionate scent with the smell of tobacco and wood, not too dark, very gentle with a little spice.

Beginning with an overflowing orange scent quickly transforms into the spicy flavors of ginger, coriander and cardamom, then fades away and leaves a combined scent of wood and tobacco giving a very sense of feeling. masculine and distinct.

The glass bottle design, featuring geometric lines and symmetry, is then decorated with a silver bottle neck and elaborate rectangular bottle cap with a pencil brown tone. The One for Men perfume bottle symbolizes the luxury and luxury of Dolce & Gabbana brand. The bottle design proportions are reminiscent of the brand’s tailor-made vest.

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Gucci Guilty Black Perfume For Men, 90ml

Best perfume for men that last long – Considered as one of the sexiest men’s fragrances from the Gucci luxury brand, with a strong masculine aroma and bold, Gucci Guilty Black for men 90ml is the number 1 choice of trendy guy, likes to explore.

Gucci Guilty Black is a fragrance for those who break the way, want to express themselves, want to break principles, want difference. The bottle design is impeccable, very modern, very sexy and very Gucci.

The scent of Gucci Guilty Black perfume is extracted from the group of ingredients with a passionate, provocative scent such as green coriander, lavender combined with orange blossom, neroli oil, green scent blended with patchouli, cedar creating a very manly style, very Gucci, creating a separate and unique style.

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Tom Ford Noir For Men Perfume, 100ml

Best perfume for men that last long – Tom Ford brand launched a new fragrance model – Tom Ford Noir EDP Men’s Perfume 100ml with a strong, mysterious, special fragrance and design that is extremely fragrant and spicy. All create an elegant, masculine perfume bottle that contains many surprises.

This is the most luxurious, classic and wonderful perfume that Tom Ford can bring. Fine powder-like essences wrap tangerines around the body with a seductive and attractive aroma of wood and musk.

Noir brings a mysterious aura that any gentleman needs to become confident, stylish, ready to face challenges no matter where he is.

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Perfume Valentino Uomo For Men, 100ml

Best perfume for men that last long – Perfume Valentino Uomo For Men EDT 100ml has a passionate aroma of warm wood scent in classic style with a moderate retention time and fragrance.

Perfume designer Olivier Polge with a key wood scent is emphasized in the background. The recipe begins with sweet flavors of bergamot and sugarcane, the middle notes are emphasized by the aroma of roasted coffee beans combined with whipped cream, and the bottom aromas of leather and cedar wood make the foundation. .

Although Valentino Uomo is not one of the longest-lasting male fragrances, with a retention of scent from 7-12 hours is enough for men to be confident all day long.

Warm masculine fragrance suitable for ages 19-25 and works especially well when used in cool, cold seasons.

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Versace Pour Homme EDT For Men, 100ml

Best perfume for men that last long – Versace Pour Homme EDT 100ml men’s fragrance is a blend of quintessential Mediterranean ingredients with a top fragrance blend suitable for knowledgeable and confident, energetic, energetic men and passion, living in harmony with the natural world.

The fragrance begins with sweet sweet orange essential oil, the exhilarating bergamot and refreshing lemon scent. Followed by a passionate fragrance layer with hyacinth orchids, Clary Sage flowers, cedar wood and geranium. Soft base notes with tonka beans, musk and amber.

The shape of the bottle is designed to reveal the transparent blue color of the perfume, on the body of the bottle is attached the logo of the Versace brand. Shiny metal bottle cap adds a touch of personality and style to the perfume bottle.

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Armani Acqua Di Gio Pour Homme Men’s Perfume, 100ml

Best perfume for men that last long – The men’s fragrance Acqua Di Gio Pour Homme 100ml from the Armani brand is inspired by the quintessence of the sea, sun, motherland and the windswept winds of the Mediterranean islands.

With a pure, rich and passionate woody aroma, the faint scent of sea breeze, ripe berries and plants, Acqua Di Gio Pour Homme fragrance is the clearest expression of masculinity in every man. .

This is the most popular men’s perfume bottle when summer comes, because of its strong, fresh scent, full of vitality of the sea. Suitable for long trips and gatherings with friends.

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