Top 10+ best pillows for neck pain

Best pillows for neck pain – Neck pain in the neck, shoulder and neck accompanied by a feeling of numbness is a condition many people experience when waking up. Choosing the wrong pillow can be a major cause of these symptoms. Join Ru9 to learn about neck and neck painful habits and how to choose the ideal sleeping pillow for you and your family.

Quality of sleep directly affects neck pain and neck pain

Best pillows for neck pain – Neck pain, shoulder aches, and waking up aches can be caused by many different reasons. In which, you will often suffer from bad sleep habits as follows:

  • Lying in the wrong position: Choosing the wrong position to sleep can cause the blood vessels in the neck to squeeze, preventing the circulation of oxygen to the muscle cells, causing neck pain. In addition, sudden changes in the posture of your neck can cause tension and pain in the muscles.
  • Choosing the wrong pillow: If you choose a pillow that is too low or do not use a pillow, your neck is tilted back, creating too much tension on the spinal ligaments, causing severe neck pain. On the contrary, choosing pillows that are too high in the long run can easily cause degenerative diseases of the neck spine, pain in the neck, shoulder and neck.
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How to choose the most suitable sleeping pillow

Best pillows for neck pain – In order for people with neck pain to choose for themselves a good and suitable pillow to provide a good night’s sleep and to limit the impact on the damaged neck vertebrae, the patient should carefully choose a pillow. His pillow according to the following criteria:

? Choose pillows according to the material

  • Material of the pillow gut: Material of the pillow intestine needs to be made from 100% activated foam to bring high elasticity and durability when used. The elasticity of the knee will help the patient sleep in many different positions without fear of affecting the damaged neck vertebrae.
  • Material of pillow cover: Patients should choose a pillow cover that gives the patient a comfortable feeling when using. The pillow case is made from bamboo fiber and young rubber and is designed with many vents to help the best natural deodorizer.
    Pillow Designs: Choose pillows designed with wavy shapes to suit the sleeping positions of the patient, thereby helping to reduce pain and fix the neck in the best way.

? How to choose a pillow suitable for sleeping position

  • The appropriate height of a pillow for an adult is 10 – 15 cm and a shoulder width. The pillows of such length and height will work to maintain the posture of the neck, ensuring the settlement when lying does not exceed 4 cm when lying.
  • The U-shaped pillow supports the head and neck very well, making it suitable for people who often travel long distances.
  • Do not choose a pillow that is too soft or too stiff because it will adversely affect the patient’s health. If using a stiff pillow, the nerves in the nape of the neck are squeezed, leading to pain, numbness, poor blood flow to the brain and anemia to the brain. If the pillow is too soft, when we lie on our side, the head will sink deeply at this time. Using for a long time, the spine is cuffed and causes degeneration.
  • If you have a habit of lying on your back when sleeping, you should choose a pillow with a moderate level, the middle part is slightly concave.
  • If you have a habit of sleeping on your side, you should use pillows of average height.
  • Pillows should be placed just below the nape, placing the head on the knees can create a flexion that adversely affects the spine of the neck, making the degenerative condition worse.
  • Do not put both shoulders on the pillow to avoid imbalance affecting sleep.
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Pillows for people with neck pain

? Young rubber pillow

Best pillows for neck pain – Young rubber pillows have very good elasticity, so it is easy to adapt to the curves of the body to help support the neck area every time you sleep. At the same time, this type of pillow is less deformed when lying down thanks to its good fixation, which will give the person a comfortable feeling, repel pain and stiff neck every morning after waking up. . Young rubber pillows are a product that is used quite commonly in modern medicine to help improve musculoskeletal and spinal problems, …

Best pillows for neck pain – The types of young rubber pillows that support neck pain treatment are recommended by experts:

  • U-shaped non-U-shaped rubber pillow: Support and protect the neck spine area, thereby repelling pain and numbness symptoms.
  • Neck vertebral pillow: Designed in a corrugated form to protect the head and create a sense of comfort while sleeping.
  • Zuri Pillow SL400: This is a pillow that is used quite popularly today with its stylish design, cotton has high elasticity and absorbency.
  • Latex pillow for people with neck pain is manufactured based on the combination of young rubber with activated carbon to increase elasticity and improve efficiency.

? Infrared pillow

Best pillows for neck pain – Infrared pillows are not ordinary sleeping pillows, they are designed specifically for people with neck pain to aid in treatment. Therefore, this type of pillow is the top choice for people with neck pain and is recommended by experts.

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The lying position is suitable for people with neck pain

Best pillows for neck pain – Proper sleeping position not only supports the patient to have a good night’s sleep, but also helps a lot for the bones and joints. The following are positions that can help prevent or significantly improve neck pain symptoms:

  • Lie on your back: Using a suitable pillow while lying on your back helps to maintain a neutral position for the head, neck and spine, so that these parts are less likely to be pinched during sleep. To maintain a long supine position you can choose 2 pillows on both sides to keep the body from moving during sleep.
  • Lie on your side: Is the most suitable position for people with neck pain, this position helps stabilize the spine, helps blood flow easily, suitable for those who often suffer from neck pain and nape. However, if you prefer to lie on your side, placing a pillow between your knees will make you a lot more comfortable because the pillow will keep your hips, pelvis and spine aligned better, reducing the pressure on the disc. .

Patients should absolutely pay attention not to lie on their stomach because this position causes pressure on the spine of the neck, causing the neck to be twisted to the side causing pain in the neck and shoulders. At the same time, lying on your stomach puts you at risk for muscle injuries, increasing your risk of other cervical vertebrae. In addition, it also causes pressure on the internal organs, especially the chest, causing difficulty breathing and pain because the abdomen and groin are close to the bed.

When sleeping, patients absolutely do not stack too many pillows to cause neck spasms and need to limit hand-squeezing movements on the forehead to avoid aching shoulder and neck pain.

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Top 13+ best pillows for neck pain

  • Premium Adjustable 2-Pack Memory Foam Pillows
  • Contour Memory Foam Pillow
  • I Am Low Density Stomach Sleeper Pillow
  • The First & Original Water Pillow
  • Bamboo Gel Pillow
  • Memory Foam Contour Pillow
  • Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow
  • Ultra Thin Memory Foam Pillow
  • Sandwich Pillow
  • Buckwheat Pillow
  • Premium Adjustable Loft Memory Foam Pillow
  • Ultra Slim Gel-Infused Memory Foam Pillow
  • Allerest Double DownAround Soft Pillow
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