Top 10+ best razor for men

Best razor for men – For many men, shaving is one of the daily routines to beautify and tidy up their face. Grasping that need, many parts of the world have created their own brands of razors to serve the needs and benefits of men. The following article I would like to summarize the list of Best razor for men best for you!

How to choose the right razor

🏆 Straight Razor – a folding blade razor

Best razor for men – The folding blade razor was born in the 17th century, has a long history and is favored by men who love classical features. “If you don’t know what you’re doing or hold the blade the wrong way, or leave your skin too tight, your skin is too dry, you will seriously damage your face,” says Martinez.

  • Pros: economical, a carefully maintained folding razor can be passed from father to child, even to grandchild. Very close and precise shaving line.
  • Disadvantages: difficult to maintain, inconvenient, dangerous.
  • Suitable for: skilled barbers, experienced people, assassins.
  • Unsuitable for: beginners shave, shaving angle is greater than 30 degrees because it is easy to cut into the skin.

🏆 Safety Razor – safety razor

Best razor for men – The safety razor was invented by William S. Henson in 1847, when then using a folded blade razor was very complicated and dangerous. Using a razor safely does not require much skill but still gives a very close shave, if you miss your hand, the cut will not be deep because there is a guard guard for the razor.

  • Advantages: cheap, accurate, easy to use.
  • Cons: Not artistic, greatly reducing the fun of shaving.
  • Good for: guys who shave occasionally, thin, sparse beard.
  • Unsuitable for: Anyone can use it, as long as he has a beard and isn’t too clumsy.

🏆 Disposable Razor – disposable razor

A disposable razor is very safe, made from inexpensive plastic (usually polycarbonate). Usually used only once (or two, three, four) and then discarded, not sharpened or replaced. This razor was invented in 1963 by inventor Paul Winchell.

  • Advantages: safe, convenient.
  • Cons: not durable, almost useless for someone with a hard, bushy beard.
  • Good for: Teenagers entering puberty, traveling
  • Not For: Environment, razor blades, and synthetic resin are two things that are difficult to decompose.

🏆 Cartridge razor – multi-blade razor

Best razor for men – Widely used in the 60s of the last century, using a multi-blade razor is the most expensive way to shave. Men with sensitive skin or a rough beard, the harder the beard, the more tongues it needs.

  • Advantages: convenient lubricant strip available.
  • Disadvantages: difficult to clean, expensive.
  • Suitable for: sensitive skin, hard beard
  • Not suitable for: your pocket.

🏆 Electric Razor – electric razor

Best razor for men – The world’s first electric razor invented by Jacob Schick was introduced on May 13, 1930. Parallel to the general development of shavers, today’s electric razors are very modern and dated. more convenient.

  • Advantages: fast, convenient, friendly with the environment.
  • Disadvantages: maintenance is complicated, if the battery is low, it will cause the beard to the razor, very painful.
  • Suitable for: hurried guys, heathens with a “shave” culture.
  • Unsuitable for: long, coarse beard.
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Note to use the razor properly

🏆 Keep the razor sharp

Best razor for men – Dull razors will irritate facial skin when shaving, shave irregularly, easily stumble. After shaving, you should rinse the razor with cold water, do not use warm water that will easily wear the razor out faster.

🏆 Each type of razor has a different usage

If you are using a regular razor, wet your face with soap or shaving foam before shaving. If using a machine razor, let it dry and shave.

🏆 Clean the razor after using it

Best razor for men – Rinse the razor after using it to remove any residue beard, soap, or shaving cream, to avoid getting the razor worn out. After cleaning, stand the razor upright in a cool, dry place.

Best razor for men – The right way to shave

  • Use warm water to moisten the skin
  • Rub with your hands to create more lather if you are using shaving cream.
  • Hold the razor firmly, gently moving across your face
  • Move the razor along the direction the beard grows.
  • Wash your face and razor after shaving.
  • Pat face to dry quickly.
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Top 10+ best razor for men

  • The Ultimate Shave 5-Blade Razor
  • BIC Hybrid 4 Flex Men’s Disposable Razor
  • Gillette Fusion Power Razor With Battery
  • Dorco Pace 6-Blade Razor System
  • Gillete Mach 3 Power Sensitive
  • Braun Electric Shaver Series 7 Electric Razor
  • Schick Hydro 5 Razor
  • Weishi Nostalgic Butterfly Safety Razor
  • Gillette Fusion 5 Pro Glide
  • Vikings Blade The Chieftan Safety Razor
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