Top 10+ best shoes for travelling

Best shoes for travelling – During the travel, sneakers are always the first choice of every person. Because when exploring new lands, new places, .. is confirmed moving a lot, running and jumping, traveling throughout the day. Only sneakers can fulfill the task of protecting your feet and helping you have a true trip.

So which sneaker models are both beautiful and suitable for you to travel? Most importantly, the price is also very reasonable for your pocket. Let’s find out right away!

Nike Air Force 1 X Dragon Para Noise

Best shoes for travelling – Needless to say, everyone must know the HOT level of these sneakers, right? The super product is “created” by the surprising combination of the talented leader of Big Bang – Dragon (Korea) with the world’s leading sneaker brand – Nike.

Since the first days Nike “teased” to shake hands with Dragon, the charismatic world was fidgety, waiting for the “super product” to be released. And with no effort, as soon as the shoes released were quickly sold out within a note.

In contrast to his personality style, playfulness and coolness, the Nike Air Force 1 X Dragon Para Noise pair is not complicated or confusing in design. On the contrary, it feels like a “picture of life”, full of art.

  • This sneaker comes in two very basic black and white tones. In which the upper uses high quality leather, highlighted with white swoosh accents.
  • The large shoelace part comes with a flower pattern on the tongue.
  • The sole is “decorated” with impressive paint stains. This one is painted by hand, not using a machine. And because it is handmade,
  • the paint stain on this base is not completely identical.
  • The area at the toe of the shoe has tiny ventilation holes, helping the user feel comfortable and airy when using.
  • There is a colorful box of art & accessories (4 buttons) included.
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Adidas Yeezy 700 V2 Static

In the sneaker market, Adidas and Nike have always been two formidable “rivals”. So it is not strange that in the list of top 2020 sneaker models that should be bought this year, there is the presence of “a few” products from the Big “three stripes”.
The Adidas Yeezy 700 V2 Static wears an ivory-white color scheme. The design attracts the “bulky”, bulky but no less pit.

Best shoes for travelling – The upper part of the shoe harmoniously combines many materials together, from mesh fabric, synthetic leather to suede. It sounds “cumbersome”, but in fact each material does well in its role. For example, the mesh fabric helps the ventilation process take place better. Or suede material increases the firmness and elegance of the product.

Especially the padded part made from monolithic rubber helps you confidently drop the shape under any terrain and of course do well the role of “cheating at height” effectively. The product is not fussy costume, easy to combine, comes with its “non-gender” beauty, so it is suitable for both men and women.

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Adidas Ultra Boost 5.0 Core Black

If you are looking for a sneaker for your exercise, running, gym, … then this Ultra Boost 5.0 will be the perfect suggestion for you.
If asked what this sport shoe has outstanding, it is the sole using modern boost technology. With the ability to support the user seems absolute. You will feel extremely small energy consumption when carrying the product. For those who move, travel a lot, this sneaker model helps you not lose energy and confidently assert your style.

Next is the upper part using high quality primeknit fabric, providing great ventilation for the user. If you look closely, the entire shoe body has tiny ventilation holes, when wearing the shoe, you will feel the ventilation and air exchange inside. From there, it reduces the situation of sweating and squash like traditional sports shoes.
On the shoe body, there is a high-quality leather embossed with the logo of the big Adidas man. In addition, it is impossible not to mention a small change, but it is a great plus point of the product – the bow of the shoelace is tied behind the tongue. Many people don’t even realize until they wear shoes.

To date, Adidas has released the all-new Ultra Boost 20 with a more prominent design. If you are already a loyal fan of Adidas, then surely no one will not know this, right? So what are you waiting for without visiting Tuloshop sports shoes store to “buy” yourself a pair to try

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Adidas Yeezy 350 Static – Reflective

Best shoes for travelling – Possessing a gentle ivory white tone that is equally outstanding, the Adidas Yeezy 350 V2 Static (reflective) was once predicted to be “not making a thing”. Because, compared to the previous seniors / seniors, the design of the product is not much different or changed. But just look at the company’s statistics that see, this version is still out of “clean connoisseur” when just released.

Besides, it is impossible not to mention the great experience that the product brings. The entire shoe body is made of smooth primeknit. The highlight on the red is a color strip made throughout, subtly exposing the interior of the shoe.
The shoes provide almost absolute coolness. Thanks to the tiny ventilation holes throughout the shoe surface, the user will not sweat or get stuck even if used all day. In particular, the base uses smooth boost technology, surrounded by transparent outsole, providing great support for users to use.

At night, the entire shoelace and shoelaces glow brilliantly, like thousands of stars glittering on the shoes. You will definitely attract all the eyes of the opposite person when wearing this item!

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Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Static Black 3M ‘Reflective’

White – black are the two basic colors that are most popular in fashion circles. Because it’s easy to carry, easy to combine, and never out of date. Therefore, the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Static Black 3M ‘Reflective’ is the next product mentioned in this article.

First of all, the shoe body uses premium primeknit – this fabric is known for its breathable. Surely everyone feels uncomfortable because wearing sneakers continuously for many hours, it makes you sweat, legs and uncomfortable. But the Yeezy 350 V2 is different, thanks to this fabric, the air exchange takes place effectively. Especially the long stripe running along the bottom of the shoe body, increasing the ventilation for the product. At the same time become a special highlight of sneakers.

  • The buffer uses advanced boost technology, with deep grooves and gouges, which limit dirt adhesion. In addition, with monolithic rubber material, the shoe surface adhesion very well, helping users feel secure to experience.
  • The tongue and shoe collar are widely designed, making it easy for users to wear / remove quickly, saving time and effort.
  • The large round laces increase the snug fit when tied. And this shoe is also equipped with “ability” to reflect in the night, extremely impressive.
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MLB Boston Red Sox

Best shoes for travelling – This “muscle guy” comes from MLB Korea brand. For those who want to own a shoe “padded”, bold style, play quality, MLB Boston Red Sox Big Ball Chunky P is a great suggestion that TuloShop wants to share with you.

  • Possessing an extremely cool design, bold and striking cuts, this sneaker model feels “rugged” and heavy. But in fact it is absolutely smooth.
  • Crafted from premium materials (leather, phylon & neoprene), MLB Boston Red Sox Big Ball Chunky P feels comfortable for users.
  • Besides, with simple design, the product seems to be suitable for all styles and users.

  • On the white shoe background, the red Boston text form stands out and is the highlight of the product.
  • This sneaker model is easy to coordinate outfits, from school clothes, to work to simple sportswear. Thanks to that, you do not have to worry much about the issue of “how to dress?”, “What to wear to stand out?”, … because MLB Boston couple is extremely attractive.
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Balenciaga Triple S Grey Red Blue

In the list of the top 10 hottest sneaker models to buy in 2020, ignoring the “boss” of the Balenciaga Triple S sneaker village from the Balenciaga brand is a huge omission.

Triple S is the second version launched by Balenciaga, after the “resounding” success of Balenciaga Speed. And the product opens up a whole new view of sneakers because it breaks all previous definitions and becomes its own style that leads consumers to follow.

With the first look, Balen Triple S strongly stimulates vision with deep cut lines and the shoe body uses a variety of materials from mesh, suede, mesh, … and the “flashy” color scheme. And what’s unique about this shoe is its weight and bulkyness. Looking outside or on images on the website, people will feel heavy and difficult to move, but when brought in, it will be surprising because it is not like that.

But ignoring the conflicting arguments and opinions, Triple S opens up a whole new trend for sports shoes in 2016 and up to now there has been no sign of cooling down. People are willing to spend 5-10 times higher than the original price just to buy back from the “black market” unique color copies. And Balenciaga Triple S Gray Red Blue is one of them.

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Gucci Rhyton New York Yankees

Gucci Rhyton New York Yankees has a chunky style that rains during the beginning of 2019. This sneaker is inspired by the Alessandro Michele baseball cap.

  • In the pure white tone of the product, the large black logo placed on the shoe body becomes the outstanding detail and highlight of the product.
  • The entire shoe body uses high quality leather, the sole is machined from 100% rubber, with perfect friction, and great support for the user.
  • The inner shoe lining possesses a sophisticated pattern, in contrast to the monotony in the outer design.
  • Suitable for men and women who like chic style, personality. It will be cool & cool if you own it for holidays, traveling or walking with your friends.

Although located in the high-end segment with expensive prices, Gucci New York is always welcomed by fans and “bought” for its shoe lockers.

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McQueen white and black heels

Monotony, lightness and sophistication are what people get and evaluate about the black and white sneaker model from Alexander McQueen.

Most of the shoes use pure white tones, the heels stand out with the gamut, black with Alexander McQueen brand printed on the back. This sneaker is called “must have” by believers around the world because of its ease of mixing and matching outfits. From modern, classical, traditional style, banh beo or personality, … this sport shoe is all “weightable”.

Good experience is also a great advantage of this product line. Users will feel the smoothness, ventilation and comfort when wearing the product.

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Adidas Alphabounce Beyond Triple White

The full white Adidas Alphabounce Beyond has contrasts in color and design. With a strong appearance, minimalistic color gamut adds softness and lightness to the product.

  • The heel of the shoe is drastically improved, hugging the ankle to the heel.
  • Continental soleplate provides effective slip resistance. In addition, it helps increase bounce during movement.With the product’s almost perfect support, whether wearing long-distance running shoes, exercise, gym, … you will feel very comfortable. and breathable.
  • Exquisite fabric material design & grooves in the Upper section help create breathable, comfortable use for many hours.


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