Top 10+ best shoes for walking

Best shoes for walking – For those who regularly exercise, walk or jog, a good pair of shoes will help the legs a lot. Good running shoes will reduce the likelihood of foot injury and increase comfort for the wearer. At the same time good running shoes will help keep your feet from pain, scratches or tunneling for a long time.

However, choosing for yourself a satisfactory pair of running shoes is not easy. Therefore, in the article below, I introduce to you the top 10 useful and best-selling running shoes of the year that you should use.

Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo

Best shoes for walking – Based on Nike’s famous Pegasus line of running shoes, the Zoom Pegasus Turbo model comes with ZoomX padding. Talking a bit about this technology, ZoomX was developed through the BREAKING2 project with an upgrade of Nike’s renowned Zoom stand based on an analysis of the motor parameters obtained from a long test marathon. 2 hours. With ZoomX, elasticity has been upgraded significantly and has even been rated on par with adidas’ renowned Boost buffer.

In the Zoom Pegasus Turbo design, the slope in the base greatly increases the energy response in the heel, to aid in acceleration as well as ensure maximum comfort in the foot. This sole, combined with the typical Pegasus bodywork, provides very light weight and the Flywire system helps to ensure tightness, but this can be a bit uncomfortable, especially in the part. toes.

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New Balance Fresh Foam Beacon

Rated as the best running shoe so far of 2019 from New Balance, Beacon is equipped with Fresh Foam buffer with many significant improvements. Already being fitted on New Balance’s flagship running shoes, the Fresh Foam cushion meets all the standards that a running sole is required: light, smooth and extremely resilient. high.

Another plus of the New Balance Fresh Foam Beacon is that this shoe weighs only 213 grams, a lot lighter than the average weight of 300 grams of other running shoes. Besides, the price less than $ 80 is also another factor that makes the Beacon so popular. However, it is worth noting that this running shoe is designed with almost no outsole. Perhaps New Balance has purposefully wanted users to feel the maximum “bounce” of the Fresh Foam, but that is why the base of the Beacon will surely be worn out quickly if used in places. has a rough surface.

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Saucony Triumph ISO 5

Best shoes for walking – The Saucony Triumph ISO 5 is an interesting choice because it’s the heaviest running shoe on the list, at 331 grams. However, why can we ignore the issue of weight in this case? The simple reason is because Saucony Triumph ISO 5 does a great job with every element of a good-value running shoe.

The renowned leg grip and versatility of the Triumph ISO line of running shoes continues to be maintained by Saucony on this 2019 version. But despite being extremely hugging, ISO 5 can make the wearer extremely comfortable with ventilation and flexibility in the nose. The biggest highlight of this running shoe comes from the fact that Saucony has increased the thickness of the EVERUN buffer, combined with the smooth inner lining and hugged the foot. The smoothness of the Saucony Triumph ISO 5 is happily described as “maybe making you consider switching to standing sleep” (quoted Richard Clarke – Williams, a professional running shoe tester).

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Adidas Ultra Boost 19

After a few years of releasing trendy variations to accommodate popular tastes, adidas will finally bring the Ultra Boost design to its true identity – a running shoe. The adidas Ultra Boost 19 is a comprehensive upgrade with an improved Primeknit 360 over the base Primeknit, covering the shoe’s body to ensure breathable and stretchy, and 20% of the volume. Boost beads have been increased at the base, making the elasticity – already a trademark of Ultra Boost – is now significantly enhanced.

However, according to many reviews, the biggest difference of this 2019 version is the fit, which comes from the different design in the heel. At Ultra Boost 19, the heel counter was designed as a frame, plus snug mesh material around the shoe helps to “lock” completely the ankle. Although it will help increase stability as well as protect the foot, but the heel is too tight can cause a bit of discomfort for some users.

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Asics Gel DS Trainer 24

As Asics’s first knit-knit running shoe, the Asics GEL DS Trainer 24’s clear highlight comes from its very light weight and versatility. However, Asics still guarantees the protection and fit of Gel DS 24 thanks to cleverly weaving multiple knit layers. In addition, the buffer that is integrated with the latest version of FLYTETOAM Lyte material witnesses a much lighter weight than the previous pads of the shoe maker from Japan. FLYTEFOAM Lyte material combined with Asics’ exclusive DUOMAX technology helps to create a gentle, smooth, and extremely elastic midsole.

Underneath this midsole is Asics’s famous EVA TRUSSTIC chassis that provides maximum support for foot protection as well as running balance. Finally, the high-quality rubber outsole ensures both grip and durability, which is a kick-off that makes the base of the Asics Gel DS Trainer a bright spot and has received numerous positive reviews. However, despite its light weight, the intricate construction of the knit section on the body of the shoe makes the airy a minus point for the Asics Gel DS Trainer running shoe.

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Brooks Glycerin 17

Best shoes for walking – It would be a huge omission without mentioning the Brooks in the best running shoes. Glycerin 17 can satisfy most users when it comes to having all the necessary conditions of a good running shoe: smooth sole, simple and comfortable design. Released shortly after version 16, the Brooks Glycerin 17 running shoe has received several enhancements in OrthoLite technology, applied to the inner insole.

In addition, compared to Glycerin 16, the design of Glycerin 17 is considered to have a smoother look and better embrace the feet, providing good support and good foot protection. Brooks Glycerin 17 can also be used in other exercise activities thanks to its very strong and durable exterior. The downside for this running shoe is that its design does not provide good bounce, so the Brooks Glycerin 17 will not really be suitable for those who need to run or often need to speed up.

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Asics GEL Kayano 25

If you are looking for a running shoe that is highly protective as well as sturdy and supportive enough to be used during gym or other heavy activities, the Asics GEL Kayano 25 is an option. choose quite suitable. With a signature strong Kayano design, this running shoe provides the right balance and support for long-distance runs.

The nose is made of Jacquard mesh material, which is sewn 2 layers to help ensure airy and comfortable toes. In addition, other Asics technologies such as FLYTEFOAM Lyte and the extremely durable outsole have been upgraded on this version. However, with the above properties, we can also guess the weak point of this running shoe lies in its quite heavy weight, 325 grams.

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On Cloudsurfer

Best shoes for walking – Next will be a rather strange name from On – the Swiss running shoe company. From the name Cloudsurfer speaks for itself – a running shoe capable of providing comfortable, well-balanced runs and a breathable body for everyone. In Cloudsurfer’s 5th edition, On decided to add a bit of cushioning with EVA at the heel, but due to the characteristic sole construction, this effort did not really increase the elasticity of the sole. up significantly. In addition, On Cloudsurfer’s sole design can help you keep running at fairly long distances, but the gaps between pods can cause the base to get attached to dirt or dirt.

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Hoka One One Arahi 3

Continuing to be a new breeze, coming from a relatively young American sports shoe company – Hoka One One. According to reviews from sports shoe testers, Hoka One One Arahi 3 really brought a surprise in the softness and elasticity of the sole (even rated to be on par with the Saucony Triumph ISO 5, the throne wrong running shoes 2019). In addition, the sole of this running shoe is also quite flat, providing a stable balance and energy response throughout the run.

However, this design plus the material is not so prominent that the shoe loses its flexibility, and probably will not be very satisfied by those with frequent accelerators. However, this is still a noteworthy option if you have become a little bored with names like adidas, Nike or Asics… and are looking for a little difference for your running distance.

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Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT %

Priced at $ 250, this is a high-end running shoe and can provide a refreshing user experience. An elite child born from the BREAKING2 project, ZoomX NEXT% is covered by Vaporweave – a new material blending TPU and TPE resin – light yet very sturdy. In addition, Nike also said that 75% of the shoe body is moisture resistant to help the shoes always be light and breathable when running.

The cushion at the corner of the foot is also made of softer material and cleverly tucked inside to ensure maximum comfort. In addition, the Swoosh house also adds up to 15% ZoomX buffer, spread evenly in the midsole. This addition made the midsole in the toe part 3 mm taller and made the shoe form become quite “flat”. This is an interesting adjustment as previous ZoomX models were prized for its acceleration, thanks to a heel-to-toe slope. Since it’s only been released for a while, there aren’t too many detailed reviews of the shoe’s performance, but given the already-announced equipment and initial reviews it’s clear that the Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT% is an “expensive to slice” option.

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