Top 10+ best skateboard for beginners

Best skateboard for beginners – Street rollerblading is a sport that attracts young people and the demand for durable small roller skates is increasing. Megahot would like to suggest to you the Top 10 best quality standard roller skates at the best prices for beginners for your reference!

22 inch GASACIODS Skateboard Mini Cruiser Skateboard

Best skateboard for beginners – Genuine cheap price imported roller skate GASACIODS has effective anti-slip polypropylene floor made from durable high-quality material. The wheels of this skateboard are soft Polyurethane wheels that reduce vibration and glide like flying. The GASACIODS 22inch Mini Cruiser skateboard product also has a variety of colors for adults and children to choose from. This is an ideal gift for beginners to play street skating, downhill skiing, sliding on smooth surfaces or other rough surfaces.

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RIMABLE Complete 22 inch Skateboard

RIMABLE’s small roller skates are plastic skis with a striking combination of black and blue. The width of the skateboard is 22 cm and the length is 6cm, durable, with a youthful dynamic design, suitable for many young people. In particular, the wheel part of the board is made of ultra-fine PU material with the highest moving bearings. Maximum load weight is 90kg so it is perfectly suitable for both children and adults.

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RD Street Series Skateboards

Next up is the Roller Derby RD Street Series children’s roller skis, made of 9-layer hardwood with a professional rotating rock tail for the best performance. The wheels of this skateboard are made of 50mm x 30mm spray PU material. Additionally, vividly drawn motifs on the board add to the excitement of children participating in this special street skateboarding sport.

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Cal 7 Complete Mini Cruiser 22 Inch Micro Board Vintage Skateboard

Best skateboard for beginners – Cal 7 Complete Mini 22 Inch Original Skateboards are designed and assembled with all the details ready to skate on the streets. Ball bearing of the board is ABEC 7 bearing type, wheel size is 60mm, aluminum alloy material is 3.125cm. The plastic floor size is 22.5 x 6cm, compact and convenient to store in a bag / backpack. This skateboard product also has many colors for you to choose from.

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Kryptonics Drop-In Series 31 Inch Complete Skateboard

The 31cm Kryptonics Drop-In Series is a cheap roller skate with a thick, durable 9-layer wooden floor and cleverly rounded edges. In particular, thanks to the double Kicktail design, it increases the ability to control the speed and perform many of the best performances. In addition, the wheels are provided with 52mm x 33mm polyurethane and carbon steel ABEC-3 bearings that feel smooth on any moving surface. This street skateboard set is suitable for kids 8 years and older and supports a maximum weight of 220lbs.

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Landyachtz Dinghy 28 inch Complete Skateboard

Best skateboard for beginners – A small 28cm Landyachtz Dinghy roller skate is perfect for you to take with you on any journey. The plank spike is made from 7 layers of special material, which is much better than the plastic skateboard. Thanks to the distinctive design, you can adjust the rotation, up and down and overcome obstacles easily. The wheels of the board are very sturdy and are made of durable materials, difficult to break, damage by impact or other impacts from external forces.

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The Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon 2 Complete Skateboard

This Powell Golden Dragon children’s roller skate set is considered to be a product of high quality in terms of design and durability. The underside of the board is engraved with a very powerful, vivid and colorful fire dragon pattern. The board is 31,625cm long with a solid material concave. The black wheel is well balanced for players to complete the full journey on the street or any bumpy surface.

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32-inch Penny Classic Complete Skateboard Blackout

Penny Australia Original Skateboard with 32cm equivalent size, compact and perfect for both adults and children. The floor of the skateboard is a floor made of good wood material and is sturdy for the player to feel more secure. The size of the wheel is 54mm and is light and firm for a smoother movement. More specifically, the skateboard bearings are made of high-grade color-coded Abec 7 stainless steel, adding value to this sport skateboard set.

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Yocaher Punked Complete Skateboards 7.75 inch

Best skateboard for beginners – And you also can’t miss the 7.75cm kid roller skis that is perfect and ideal for this particular sport. The skateboard is made of 7 layers of Maple with Chrome ABEC-7 bearings to increase the ability to move, adjust the speed to be the most flexible for the player. The rigidity of the board is 54mm so you have complete peace of mind during your slide / ride. And more than that, the cartoon motifs are drawn very cleverly and funny, always creating excitement for children.

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Coolstep Pro Skateboard 8-inch Full Complete

Megahot also wants to suggest more to you the Genuine Skateboard series with full size 8cm with extremely durable floor material and a concave specially designed for the smoothest ingenious performances. In addition, this skateboard is also cast by high-grade Alluminium alloy manufacturer, equipped with an effective recovery PU lining. ABEC-9 ball bearings combine smoothly on PU wheels, adding to the perfection of the Coolstep Pro Full Complete skateboard. It is the perfect choice for players of all levels to train their own sliding skills more fluently every day.

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