Top 10+ best sunglasses for women

Best sunglasses for women – Women’s sunglasses are always an indispensable accessory for many fashionista when walking down the street. Especially today, many women always pay attention to their fashion style, how to combine accessories to attract and stand out the most. In particular, sunglasses are an item that both enhances the fashion of the set you are wearing and can help protect your eyes, is the window of your soul.

Velocity women’s sunglasses

Velocity – an eyeglasses brand from China. With the line of Velocity Women’s Sunglasses in eye-catching smoky plum red and many more beautiful colors are being loved by many ladies for its high-end and classy look.

Product information:

  • Size: Lens width 58mm – Measurements of 16mm sphere – Measurements are 129mm;
  • The square frame design is close to the face, along with the trendy tortoiseshell color scheme, both creating an accent for the glasses and helping women to enhance the elegance and style of the wearer’s face;
  • The lenses are constructed of polycarbonate material with optimal UV protection and eye protection formula;
  • The frame is constructed of durable plastic and titanium, protecting the frame against deformation and scratches;
  • Luxurious and youthful glass frame design;
  • Outsourcing detailed, quality products.
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Unisex Rayban sunglasses

Best sunglasses for women – Moss green is becoming a trend color for today’s sunglasses product line. Foreseeing this trend the world famous sunglasses brand from Italy – Rayban also launched the moss green Unisex Rayban RB sunglasses to serve the fashion needs of consumers.

Information of the product:

  • The stylish pilot’s glasses are not only suitable for strong men, but also help show the strong and dynamic personality of women;
  • With youthful moss green color, this product helps to create outstanding highlights and stylish fashion for the owner;
  • The frame is designed by high-grade Titanium material with lenses made of polycarbonate to create a product of high quality, durable and to maximize the use of the sunglasses. It is to minimize the harmful effects of the sun on the eyes, and at the same time limit external factors that are harmful to your eyes;
  • Product design suitable for many faces is especially comfortable to wear;
  • Products are carefully processed to every detail, ensuring the quality and also ensuring the aesthetics of the product;
  • Soft nose cushion does not cause creases on the nose when using the product.
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Unisex Veithdia polarized sunglasses Magnesium alloy frame

If the women are looking for a mid-range women’s sunglasses with an inexpensive price but with a strong design, suitable for long-distance travel or hiking; then why not try using products of the famous Chinese brand name Veithdia. For example, Veithdia unisex polarized sunglasses with magnesium alloy frame with strong black color.

Product information:

  • The product is designed in the style of American military glass personality, showing the strong style of users;
  • The lenses are processed according to the type 3 filter design and the type 1 optical class, and the polarized lenses theme is highly effective in reducing the phenomenon of polarized light being reflected back into the eyes, causing glare or drought. the wearer’s vision;
  • Magnesium is known to be a sturdy, light-weight metal. Understand this principle, the designers have used magnesium alloy as the material to make up the frame of the product. Both ensure the durability of the glass while helping to reduce weight and not put pressure on the user’s face because the glass is too heavy.
  • In addition, thanks to magnesium material, the product is able to withstand the effects of enduring external forces and is better than other traditional materials;
  • Material of safety, non-toxic or irritating glass is always safe for users;
  • The coupling is sturdy and elastic, the user can customize the width of the frame to suit the face and most comfortable to wear;
  • Sunglasses with UV400 rating to provide absolute UV protection and are recognized for their quality by the ECC of the EU and US;
  • The glass cushion is made of plastic, creating a smooth feeling for the nose when wearing glasses;
  • The product is suitable for outdoor activities especially in harsh sunlight.
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USA Star Foster TAR women’s sunglasses

Best sunglasses for women – As the first brand to pioneer in bringing sunglasses products to the public, Foster grant is a famous American eyewear brand known to many fashion followers. Here we present to you Foster’s popular line of women’s sunglasses, the USA Foster TAR women’s sunglasses in luxurious gray.

Information about product:

  • Product dimensions: Length 14.6 x Width 6.5 x Height 3.5 cm;
  • The product is designed according to UV400 standard according to technology of FDA (USA) and EY’s ability to block UV rays up to 100%;
  • Stainless steel frame with much lighter weight than the same type of lenses;
  • The frame is sturdy, making it comfortable to wear and fits many female faces;
  • The lenses are designed in a cat-like style with a luxurious smoky gray color that makes a striking use for the female face when using;
  • Product processing meticulous and quality.
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Exfash women’s sunglasses

Korea is known as Asia’s fashion paradise with the latest fashion accessories. And sunglasses are no exception. Exfash glasses brand from Korea are uniquely designed for Asians.

Exfash women’s sunglasses come in many materials, many models from youthful fashion to dynamic sports. In which, Exfash EF sunglasses are the outstanding choice that we recommend to you.

Information about product:

  • Product dimensions: Length x Height x Width: 16.5 x 7 x 3.5 cm;
  • The frame is made of solid, durable, light, and durable titanium over time. At the same time age is tone tones that can easily go with all skin and hair colors without creating color opposites on the overall face;
  • The light round shape of glass emphasizes the contours of almost every face shape, including square and round;
  • The lenses are made of UV-resistant polycarbonate with stylish tea colors that can be combined with any fashion style from picnics to travel;
  • Soft nose cushion, comfortable to wear;
  • The more the glass is thin and sturdy.
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CG USA WF14C women’s sunglasses

Best sunglasses for women – CG USA WF14C female sunglasses are sourced from China and are manufactured using US technology with quality and reasonable price.

Information about product:

  • Glass parameters: 141 – 16 – 145;
  • The product is capable of blocking up to 100% of UV rays according to USA and EU standards;
  • Tea-colored lenses attract the viewer while creating a clear view of the user;
  • Half-rimmed glass design gives the wearer a very dusty look with a little mischief. With a design that mainly emphasizes the frame around the half of the glasses, these glasses are often suitable for those who like the rebellious rock-chic or punk style. In addition, the frame has a bright tortoiseshell color along with the large version to create striking highlights;
  • Product material to ensure safety for users;
  • The frame design is sturdy and sturdy, providing comfort when worn; Does not cause skin irritation or irritation.
  • Neutral, trendy colors are easy to coordinate with many types of clothing.
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Perci women’s sunglasses

Perci women’s sunglasses originating from Korea, is one of the fashion glasses that are being loved today.

Information of the product:

  • Dimensions: Lens width: 65, Spherical measurement: 13, Length of lens: 152;
  • Design cat eyeglasses create attractive and outstanding features, suitable for the shape of many faces;
  • The frame is made of high-grade alloy, is sturdy and is rust-resistant;
  • The lenses are designed to be multifunctional, providing absolute UV protection and scratch resistance. Especially water resistant when used in the rain;
  • Products that show your own class and fashion style.
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Unisex Carrera sunglasses

As a famous eyewear brand from Italy, Carrera has introduced to the public the product of Carrera unisex sunglasses suitable for both men and women. Especially the girls are pursuing the personality style, dusty and “faint”.

Information of the product:

  • Product size: Eyeglasses 62mm x Glass bridge 10mm x Temple frame 130mm;
  • The product is designed with a strong square frame, the two sides of the glass are the Carrera brand name combined with red to bring a luxurious and attractive fashion feeling;
  • Smoke lenses are made of high quality materials that are both UV-resistant and scratch-resistant in the event of impact;
  • With its square angle, the product is always suitable for many different faces, close to fit;
  • The combination of the red color of the frame with the gray color of the lenses creates a harmonious and luxurious overall look for the wearer;
  • Genuine products imported from Italy, with anti-counterfeiting stamps of the Ministry of Public Security;
  • The product is carefully and firmly machined.
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Accede AC2002 LBR Sunglasses

Another quality sunglasses brand from Korea Accede with the product Accede Women’s Sunglasses – a product that is popular with young people and is seen as an indispensable item when going out.

Information of the product:

  • The frame is constructed of high quality plastic and alloy which both makes the weight lighter while still ensuring the durability and strength of the frame, reducing damage if any impact occurs;
  • Smoke-colored lenses are designed to be able to both protect against dust, sun and ultraviolet rays that harm your eyes when you are active in the sun;
  • The soft nasal pad does not cause discomfort when pressed against your nose;
  • It is a product of sunglasses while ensuring your vision effectively helps you to observe more conveniently;
  • Products are carefully processed and sure to every detail;
  • Is genuine product imported from Korea.
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Unisex Sunglasses Wendy K200 – Gold

Wendy – Gold unisex sunglasses is a product line of the famous Chinese eyewear brand – Wendy. Wendy’s products have stylish and stylish designs, high-end materials, and are durable.

Information about product:

  • Product size: 14.4 cm x 6.0 cm x 5.4 cm;
  • With a slender metal frame with sturdy metal frame design and American aviator glasses design is a trend to help show your trendy fashion;
  • Polarized design lenses, limit the effects of sunlight, protect eyes from damage;
  • Luxurious yellow frame, made of super durable metal, withstand the impact of external forces;
  • Smoke-colored lenses, with the design of absolute UVA and UVB protection, prevent sun damage to the eyes;
  • The eyeglass structure with type 3 filter and class 1 optics does not cause blurring, but also helps reduce contrast and helps focus better viewing points for the eyes, helping you to clearly see objects and phenomena;
  • Material of absolute safety glasses, no harmful chemicals that cause eye damage or skin irritation;
  • The glass design fits any face shape;
  • The nose cushion is made of rubber that is safe, smooth and does not cause discomfort;
  • Machining screws and details are meticulous and perfect.
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