Top 10+ best toner for combination skin

Best toner for combination skin – Rose water in particular and balance water (toner) in general is a versatile product and helps a lot in your girlfriend’s skin care. Review Standard has a series of introductory articles on this product for each skin group, and in this article we will cover the most difficult skin group, combination skin.

People with combination skin are people with many different skin types, it can be dry skin, maybe oily skin and maybe even normal skin. So choosing a product to meet its care needs is not easy, rose water is no exception. In this article Megahot top Best toner for combination skin nhé

Muji Light Toning Water High Moisture

Best toner for combination skin – The first name on the list is the product of Muji, a brand that has been in the spotlight recently for its outstanding quality products and is geared towards sensitive skin. Including Muji Light Toning Water High Moisture rose water line completely free of harmful substances, mineral oil, colorants, odorants, alcohol, paraben … suitable for sensitive skin, combination skin.

The outstanding advantage of this product comes from benign ingredients, in which it is indispensable to mention vegetable extracts, and grapefruit seeds have the effect of soothing, skin care, moisturizing and toning. bright white. The most special ingredient of this product is the mineral rich water extracted from the volcanic region of Iwate – Japan. This water source allows the products of Muji in general, and this rose water in particular has many minerals, fast absorbing ability, effective moisturizing ability and ultimately brings a pleasant experience. stretch, comfort, balance and ventilation.

This is a product with a not too high price, so it is difficult to bring an outstanding whitening or care effect like high-end products. But if you are a student, a novice and just looking for a toner that has an affordable price, that promotes basic effects and is suitable for combination skin, sensitive skin, you should buy this product.

Note when buying this product, as it has 2 different lines for 2 skin groups, which is Light line for sensitive oily skin (or combination oily skin), and moisture line for dry sensitive skin. cold (or dry combination skin). Remember to pay attention to buy the right product that you need!

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Curel Intensive Moisture Care Lotion II

Best toner for combination skin – Next on our list is also a non-alcoholic rose water from Japan, but with a higher degree of safety. The product comes from Curel without alcohol, paraben, fragrance, color, etc. But especially it is safe for baby’s skin, so you can rest assured for your skin, and you can use it for baby too. Perhaps that is why this product quickly became the best selling rose water in the Nhay Ban market for many years.

In addition to safety, this product also has premium ingredients such as ceramide that help deeply moisturize, improve moisture, increase elasticity, regenerate skin … Along with the basic functions required of a water. Roses, like cleansing skin (including pores), tightening pores, balancing pH …

And the other interesting thing is that this product comes in a spray bottle design that makes it easier to use, more economical, and gives you a great experience when using cool, comfortable skin. .

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Thayers Witch Hazel Toner Lavender

Best toner for combination skin – Thayers is a name that is almost never absent from Review Standard’s best rose fragrance lists, as it is a truly quality product and has received a lot of attention and interest from many people. worldwide beauty products. This is a very old American brand (born in 1847), this company has many different types of rose water, distinguished by scent, each of which brings many different effects, including the Lavender line. is the product most suitable for combination skin.

The first, like all other Thayers toners, is Alcohol Free, which is an alcohol-free, skin-safe product. At the same time it also does not contain paraben, Phthalate, Propylene Glycol, or Gluten … so first of all it is a safe product.

Its outstanding history formula is skin-friendly ingredients for outstanding skin care. Hazel Witch bark extract (Hamamelis Virginiana) has a moisturizing effect, giving you smooth skin, cleansing the skin to tighten pores; Aloe vera and Vitamin E help skin become firm, deeply moisturized; AHA helps to remove dead cells for a thorough and perfect cleansing …

Best toner for combination skin – The Lavender line of Thayers is a balanced water made from Lavender flower extract, which firstly gives your skin a gentle, relaxing scent to help you feel more comfortable. In addition, Lavender also has a special effect in reducing irritation, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal will help a lot in reducing acne, controlling redness caused by irritation.

Finally, using this product will be quite economical because although the unit price is quite high, but the capacity of the bottle is relatively large, so you can invest once and use it gradually to save.

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Huangjisoo Floral Relief Toner

Best toner for combination skin – Although not a very famous brand, still relatively new in the cosmetics market, this is a Chinese domestic product that has won a lot of buzz and has succeeded even outside the borders of this billion-dollar nation.

This product has 99.6% natural extracts, making it very safe for your skin. With the main ingredient of Chamomile extract from the Hvar region of Croatia is extremely effective in soothing dry areas, fighting inflammation, maintaining moisture, balancing pH and most importantly reducing itching caused by irritation. , itching caused by melaleuca. This makes it the perfect toner for those with combination skin that is prone to irritation, or those with cajeput skin.

Its 99.6% botanical extract not only helps to ensure the basic functions of rose water but also aids in the prevention of allergies, such as portulaca oleracea extract which helps in hydration and effective moisturizer; Centella Asiatica extract helps to soothe the skin, promote wound recovery, skin healing, scarring, antioxidant; Tea tree extract (Camellia Japonica) has anti-aging effect, supports skin recovery.

Not only is a toner suitable for combination skin because it satisfies many criteria set forth by Review Standard, this is also a product worth buying if you are having melaleuca skin problems, needing to completely overcome the condition. this.

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Papa recipe Trouble AC Toner – Best toner for combination skin

The next item on the list is a rose water that has the remarkable advantage of being able to tighten pores thanks to kelp and chlorella extracts. These nutrients allow the skin to be deeply moisturized and locked in moisture so that it can maintain the ideal moisture for a long time, while removing sebum and dirt deep inside the pores.

Combined with the above nutrients are also natural ingredients such as laminaria japonica extract, chlorella vulgaris extract, porphyra tenera extract, citrus limon (lemon) fruit extract and seawater …

However, this is still an alcoholic rose water to ensure the cleaning effect, alkaline oil … so it will only be suitable for some normal skin, combination oily skin or skin without conditions. irritation. On the contrary, if your skin is sensitive, or if you are combination skin that is naturally dry, then perhaps you should look for another safer product.

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Caudalie Lotion Tonique Hydratante Moisturizing Toner

Best toner for combination skin – In addition to ceramide which has a special effect in deep moisturizing, so it is very suitable for combination skin, I will introduce another product that is equally effective but does not use ceramide, which is Caudalie with ingredients. Inolevure.

By creating a balancing water from the yeast, it contains a large amount of Inolevure which has a great effect on deeply moisturizing the skin while maintaining the ideal moisture balance on the skin, while cleaning the surface. skin and pores to give you a smooth, vibrant skin. This is also a rose water that is safe for you to have combination skin because it is alcohol-free, paraben-free.

Using the scent of citrus flower, orange tree leaves, watermelon and mint … harmoniously and properly blends this product with a light, pleasant and refreshing scent to bring you Feeling comfortable to use, especially when you use rose water to make a Lotion Mask.

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Kiehl’s Calendula Herbal Extract Alcohol-Free

The next product from Kiehl’s will be the perfect product to control oily skin, need to alkaline oil thanks to Burdock flower extract, especially the T-skin area which is usually the area with the heaviest oily skin, making it becomes less beautiful, making her feel less confident. But instead of alcohol, your skin will be cared for with a safer, more skin-friendly ingredient.

In addition, the balanced water flow from Kiehl’s also has many extra ingredients, but equally important, extracts of the essential oils from sterile marigolds have the effect of leaving skin soft; Allantoin has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial effects to soothe irritated, red, or acne-prone skin. These turn it into a versatile balancer that solves many skin conditions such as oil, irritation, redness, inflammatory acne, and soft skin so it is very suitable for combination skin.

Finally, because of the convenience and quickly overcome the bad-looking lubricant situation, the company also released a compact, easy-to-carry package so that whenever you need it, you can. Easy to use.

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SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

The next product is quite premium with a price that is not cheap, and comes with it of course is also a remarkable quality, is a not small investment but worth the money if you want to invest more in lane. my skin. Because the FTE toner line (short for Facial Treatment Essence) has been rated by many cosmetic magazines, beauty bloggers and many users as a “magic water” for the skin.

The core moisturizing ingredient of this rose water is Pitera ™, with a huge content of up to 90% which is superior to any other product on the market to give you smooth skin. , bright.

Not to mention the outstanding nutrient content, including vitamins, amino acids, and minerals that help take care of your whole skin such as: maintaining and promoting the natural skin regeneration process, pH balance, anti-aging, elasticity, exfoliation, and sebum secretion control to ensure moisture balance for both dry and oily areas.

Balanced, comprehensive skin care, perfect skin care, it is not surprising at the huge price that SK-II offers for this product. But I believe it is completely a worthy investment. If you feel this price is too high, can not be pursued for a long time, you can buy it for use in a 3-month, 6-month skincare schedule. After skin is improved, go back to use products with more affordable prices.

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Neutrogena Alcohol-Free Toner

In contrast to a super quality product and high price as above are the brands that are affordable, but still meet the functions and basic needs of the user, very suitable to take care of. everyday skin. And a name very interested in this segment is Neutrogena Alcohol-Free Toner.

The product satisfies the criteria such as:

  • Safe, non-alcoholic, Non-comedogenic, non-irritating to skin.
  • Moisturizes, cleanses skin, tightens pores effectively.
  • Pleasant fragrance, without any discomfort, bringing a comfortable experience to use.
  • The ability to penetrate quickly, does not cause squash, shiny oil, heavy to use but still has a moisturizing effect on dry skin.

Another very interesting effect of this product is the prevention of wrinkles in the neck. By using rose water massage the neck will help care for this skin, increase blood circulation and help reduce wrinkles in the neck. This is also the area of ​​the skin that is easily exposed and is subject to many environmental impacts, so it is very necessary for your care.

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Simple Kind To Skin Soothing Facial Toner

The last name on the list is a rose water that is very popular in the European market as well as around the world.

First of all it is a product “100% alcohol free”, that is safe for the skin because absolutely no use of alcohol, fragrance, color, phthalates …

In addition, it also adds nutrients with natural moisturizing effects such as Panthenol, Glycerin, Sodium PCA to provide skin with moderate moisture, balance and smoothness. Although its moisturizing effect cannot be called superior to many other products on the list, it brings a feeling of coolness to the skin to minimize the effects of the weather on irritated skin. uncomfortable redness, cooling, anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory thanks to Chamomile chamomile extract.

This toner is also extremely effective in cleansing the skin without alcohol thanks to the use of nutrients such as Pro-Vitamin B5, Chamomile, Witch Hazel, Allantoin that allow it to remove impurities, dirt, and sebum. on the skin and deep in the hair shaft. With this ability, you can rest assured to use it 2 times a day to cleanse the skin as well as balance moisture and pH for the skin. Furthermore, nutrients such as witch hazel extract, chamomile extract, Allantoin, and Niacinamide (a form of vitamin B) also have important effects in helping skin care.

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