Top 10+ best underwear for men

Best underwear for men – Not only women need to pay much attention to underwear, but men also need to pay attention to how quality underwear and brand. Because underwear not only affects your health but also helps you to always be confident and comfortable when active.

Calvin Klein

Best underwear for men – Appeared in the 80s, the image of simple comfortable underwear on the muscular, muscular body of famous male singer Marky Mark created a shocking fever in the market. Since then, men’s underwear brand CK has always been one of the top choices for men. Famous not only for its trendy and stylish menswear designs, Calvin Klein is also a brand of sexy lingerie for men. So no matter how many years have passed, CK has always maintained its position in the men’s underwear industry today.

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Emporio Armani

Best underwear for men – Besides the cult name Calvin Klein, Emporio Armani brand is also an equally famous brand. People love Emporio Armani because the product brings together all that a high-end men’s underwear should have. From youthful and stylish designs to high-class materials, simple colors, attractive designs. This is also the reason why men always give first priority to every brother’s wardrobe. Many music stars, models, and football players are familiar customers of this brand.

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Hanes Hanes

This brand is very popular with men because it is comfortable to do anything. Hanes Hanes is always the top mentioned brand name for guys.

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Best underwear for men – Nautica is a premium apparel brand of Authentic Brands Group, with exclusive apparel and accessories for men, women, and children. Especially underwear for men of this company is also extremely popular. The price is a bit high, but the quality of Nautica men’s underwear is well worth it. This brand gives you the style, the comfort you are looking for.

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Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss is a luxury men’s underwear brand from Germany. This brand specializes in high-end men’s underwear with classic styles such as Briefs, Boxers and Trunks. The material that Hugo Boss loves most is the blend between Cotton and Spandex. They have good elasticity, strong absorbency, creating the most comfortable feeling for the gentleman. In terms of design, Hugo Boss owns tailoring lines that fit, maximum support, and full of aesthetics.

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Colorful designs from Diesel men’s underwear brand are often made from stretchy fabric, with smooth construction and standard air permeability. With the spirit of youthful, dynamic and fun, this men’s underwear company wants to bring to users the comfort, lightness, and relaxation after a long tiring day.

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Dolce & Gabbana

Best underwear for men – In accordance with the spirit of the Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana, men’s underwear designs with simple, black, white and gray tones have been pushed to new heights by high quality cotton. The belt is decorated with the representative logo of the Italian luxury brand, which fits comfortably into the body, making the design fit into the body and create more freedom in movement.

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Ermenegildo Zegna

Ermenegildo Zegna, a fashion brand founded in 1910, has radical ideas and is ahead of its time. That is why this brand has concerns for the innovation and improvement of the textile process. And the selection of only natural, high-quality fibers has created the Italian brand of quality men’s underwear. Today, this brand is still upholding its values.

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Bonds is one of the fashion monuments of the “country of kangaroo”, this brand has produced a series of men’s underwear with the most “Bonds” essence. Perfect mixes keeping classic style and modern style with fun colors and prints always receiving love and welcome from men of all ages and giving wearers a soft experience. , pamper the skin.

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American Eagle

American Eagle is a great choice for quality men’s underwear at an affordable price point. Known for its fun and lively prints, this American brand’s men’s underwear line is also designed to be quite fit, supporting good support without causing tightness and discomfort with the men. They also flexibly use different fabrics such as jersey, poly and cotton to meet the needs of different customers each season such as support for keeping warm in the cold season and cooling, creating a comfortable feeling for the lower part. on a hot summer day.

With the most famous men’s underwear brands in the world, hope helps the men know more about this fashion industry and can find suitable brands for themselves.

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