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Best underwear for women – Do not think that only brands of shoes, clothes or bags … will bring much profit to manufacturers. Famous lingerie brands can also generate huge profits for designers. Underwear for men and women are the most popular today, although the cost is exceedingly high compared to the average income of Vietnamese people because of the high product quality and aesthetic features that make the body more succinct and attractive. The following Toplist will share the article of the 10 most famous lingerie brands in the world for readers to refer to when they need to buy beauty underwear from the inside for themselves or as a gift for their lover during the Valentine’s Day. now on. Note that only give when you have been in love for a long time.

Victoria’s Secret

Best underwear for women – Referring to the world of women’s underwear, it is impossible not to mention the “Victoria’s Secret” The company’s revenue in 2015 was $ 6.12 billion with a charter capital of $ 1 billion. The most famous underwear in the US but also the passion of women around the world The delicate, seductive, hot and colorful designs help women become more beautiful and more confident. of course it also makes the rest of the world fall in love and sway. Its lingerie is not just underwear inside, but fashion and more …
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Cotton Club

Best underwear for women – This is one of the finest Italian lingerie brands. Products are made from delicate and rare materials such as silk. Cotton Club always knows how to cherish and groom the wearer’s curves. All products are hand made by Italian craftsmen and craftsmen. Cotton Club panties cost $ 100 ($ 2 million) or more, while silk bras can cost as much as $ 700. Cotton Club constantly sets criteria in designing attractive products, bringing confidence when wearing any casual clothes or party.
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Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is the first choice of the rich because they know they are spending the money they deserve on extremely quality products. Agent Provocateur’s strong point is luxury lingerie models that are both elegant and trendy. Its shaping suits cost an average of $ 800-900 and thin silk nightgowns around $ 1100.
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Hanro Hanro

Is one of the luxury women’s lingerie brands established in 1884 based in the US. Hanro Hanro’s products are of high quality with high quality cotton. Although the price is quite high, its lingerie focuses on the comfort of the wearer rather than the sexy design like many other lingerie brands. Hanro’s simple bra is about 54-200 dollars.
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Carine Gilson

Best underwear for women – Carine Gilson’s underwear is made mainly from silk and thin lace. Each item has its own beauty and design. This expensive lingerie line was born in 1994 when its owner – Ms. Gilson was 23 years old. She then created a brand of luxury lingerie and immediately achieved success with special investment products at much more expensive prices. Carine Gilson really focuses on quality as well as the unique highlights of her masterpieces. They are hand-sewn by skillful tailors. And so don’t be surprised to find the cheapest item is around $ 515.
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Eres is an expensive lingerie brand made from a variety of materials, not just wrapped with lace and silk like many other lingerie brands. In particular, Eres’s designs often use the nude color gamut as the main color. The price of these lingerie models is also not suitable. On average, both lingerie and pajamas cost between $ 300 and $ 400, and high-end silk pajamas cost about $ 1,000.
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Best underwear for women – The exquisite British lingerie brand Myla was founded in 1999 in London. Myla’s most popular underwear models include graceful lace underwear or light colored underwear combined with black for both innocent and seductive beauty. It costs about $ 800 for an embroidered silk pajamas and $ 300 for a sock brace. This brand places a lot of emphasis on premium materials. When wearing Myla underwear, sisters can show their beauty completely with confidence.
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La Perla

La Perla luxury lingerie brand was founded in 1940 when the brand owner Ada Masotti noticed that many women wanted their underwear to be as subtle as their outerwear. Using delicate silk and lace treatment techniques, Aada Masotti has truly created exquisite and beautiful lingerie. La Perla’s price confirms its quality. On average, a set of underwear ranges from 100 to 800 dollars
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Chantal Thomass

Chantal Thomass is a lingerie brand known for its bold creativity and playful performances. In 1976, Chantal Thomass was the first brand in the world to market lace underwear with extremely attractive socks. Thomass has turned underwear into works of art that completely disrupts the outdated notion that underwear is just something to wear inside. Thomass also invented lace pants thinking that underwear also needed to be designed as outerwear. Chantal Thomass’s luxurious lingerie includes bras that cost about $ 700 to a tiny belly belt around $ 300
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Triumph International

Today, Triumph International is present in over 120 countries. With four main brands Triumph and Sloggi, the company is continuously developing the business of lingerie, sleepwear, swimwear with perfect fashion and quality. Everything Triumph International has today as a result of its inception as a women’s underwear factory in southern Germany in 1886. Over time, Triumph International quickly became an underwear brand. leading the world and continuing its success story.
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