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Best watches for menOwning super products from famous watch brands is always the dream of many people, especially gentlemen. But to buy expensive products from famous watch brands, not everyone can do it. In this article, Megahot would like to summarize the 10 most famous watch brands in the world for each segment. Which brand of wristwatch are you using?


Best watches for menFounded in 1905, from Hans Wilsdorf’s era of excellence in business vision and skillful hand-crafted Swiss watchmakers, Rolex has stagnated in the TOP 1 when it comes to super luxury watches. Unique design with materials made from precious materials such as 24k gold – diamonds, in addition to the amazingly accurate movement, Rolex watches caught the eye of the elite and gradually became one of the signs of class. The Rolex logo features a crown image that expresses the brand’s nobility, dignity and price. Owning a super Rolex watch that any gentleman dreams of.

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Officially born in 1848 by Louis Brandt with pocket watches, but Omega only really became famous in 1917, when the British Air Force and a year later the US Army chose Omega as the main watch. wake up for soldiers. It can be confirmed, if talking about accuracy as well as durability, Omega deserves to be the champion. The accuracy of the apparatus is the reason why these super products were trusted by the military of countries in World War I and II. The records and awards for accuracy in action were brought by Omega to the headquarters in turn. And this is also the first watch brand used by astronauts in the first flight into space. This title is definitely owned only by Omega. Since 1960, Omega gradually changed, not only focusing on the movement, but the design was also changed to become more elegant, suitable for the elite.

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Patek Philippe

This is an extremely famous Swiss watch brand and is also a favorite among watchmakers, especially personally. In terms of the complexity of the craft, none other than Patek Philippe is the # 1 position. Each Patek Philippe watch is called a masterpiece, with a birth certificate and celebration. Owning Patek Philippe is not easy.

The Stern family – owner of the Patek Philippe brand, has a rule since 1851 that: Each watch carries a special mission to serve world celebrities and famous people. So, to buy this super product, the buyer must submit the registration file to the headquarters of Patek Philippe. The company will consider the priority to sell to the following people: World celebrities; Power politicians; Famous and ultimately wealthy artist. This means: You don’t have to have a lot of money to own this masterpiece.

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Starting from a brand of chronographs with minimal precision, Longiness possesses the know-how of extremely high precision movements, optimal manufacturing processes and is also one of the few brands. The thinnest Swiss watch brand in the world. The winged hourglass icon has become a legend in the watchmaking industry as it continuously offers impressive and unique designs. In 2013, Longiness became the official chronograph brand of the international equestrian association with an accuracy standard of 1 / 5s. There is one thing not many watchmakers know that: Longines is a sub-brand of the Swatch Group – the largest Swiss watch group in the world with many cult brands.

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Best watches for menIf you are too familiar with luxury Swiss watches and want to look for a super product with the heart of a mechanical movement with high precision and strong and strong design of the pilots and sailors. You won’t be able to ignore Breitling. Breitling is a brand known for its explosion of military and pilot watches with its Loga gauge and special chronograph feature.

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TAG Heuer

When it comes to Swiss luxury watches, people immediately think of luxury and polite models produced with expensive and noble materials. But mentioning TAG Heuer you will have a completely different feel with the special design for guys who are passionate about speed. Along with its harmony with technology, TAG Heuer has recently released impressive Smart Watch smartwatch products.

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As one of the extremely luxurious and expensive fashion watch brands, Piaget watches are always sought after by beauty lovers. Elegant design, honoring minimalism makes Piaget easy to go with any outfit.

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In terms of historical length, there are few famous Swiss watch brands like Breguet. Born in 1775, with nearly 300 years of history of establishment and development, Breguet’s mechanical movement is highly appreciated for its accuracy and safe machining.

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Best watches for menFrom a handcrafted watchmaker that was born 150 years ago, the In-house movement has made Zenith a rarity in Swiss watchmaking in making, machining, and assembling a watch. Not only that, Zenith is also the handful of brands with the world’s most complete Chonograph movements with very small precision and is the only watch brand that has a time to measure policy to 1 / 10s.

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Not too famous for its price of ownership and materials, but Tissot does a very good job of the design. Inheriting the idea of minimalism that honors the subject, Tissot models are very simple, balancing the details of the amazingly beautiful numerals. This is also a watch model that has been sought by you for many years because of its sudden change and the ability to release a new version very quickly every year.

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