Top 10+ best yogurts in Australia

Best yogurt in Australia – Yogurt is a nutritious, delicious and healthy milk that many people love. Yogurt keeps your body healthy right from the inside thanks to its probiotic formula to keep your skin looking fresh with vibrant skin, especially good for the digestive system and beneficial for the skin. The article below Megahot will introduce to you the most popular and popular yogurt brands in Australia. Please refer to the article.

Danone Ultimate Greek Yoghurt, Natural & Sweet

Best yogurt in Australia – Danone Ultimate Greek Yoghurt Natural & Sweet is an unsold dairy product that is selling well in Australia. Milk made from 100% Australian milk is very healthy, containing only 3 teaspoons of sugar, about 100 grams and 50% of which comes from milk itself. It is said to contain milk, but it does not contain gluten, so those who do not like gluten intolerance do not have to worry. Its popular flavor is produced in a creamy, slightly thick form that makes it even more delightful to put this product in the mouth.

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Dairy Farmers Thick & Creamy Classic Vanilla

Dairy Farm Thick & Creamy is a product that makes those who are the most demanding guests, those who have never eaten yogurt will have to think differently about this product line. It has all the necessary nutrients and the harmonious combination of ingredients to create a product that’s healthy, delicious, and healthy. Especially the price of this product is very affordable, which is the advantage of this product line with other types of milk on the market. If you do not like the pure vanilla flavor, you have a choice of products like lemon cream, honey, mango or passion fruit. . . all okay.

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Nudie Coconut Natural Yoghurt

For those who do not like sugary products, this will be a good option for you. You can get away with the almond or soy-centered flavors to the taste of Nudie Coconut Yoghurt. Compared to the general ground, this product may be a little higher, but this is still the choice of many people. But there are also many people who reflect that this product line is a bit clumpy, most likely because there is cornstarch in the product, you can stir to solve this problem. This will be a good product if you do not like to fix. Not only does it contain no milk but also no fat, so anyone who is afraid of being fat, this product is too suitable.

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Vaalia Kids Breakfast Yoghurt Pouch Blueberry & Grain

Best yogurt in Australia – Finding something that is both healthy and enjoyable at the same time is not an easy challenge. Balancing deliciousness with no sugar right is a battle that doesn’t end. Until now, only Vaalia Kids Breakfast Yoghurt Pouch, Blueberry and Grain are the best fit for those criteria. These products are packed with rice bran and quinoa seeds to help children grow out of the box. Not only does it have a good source of calcium and fiber, but also gluten-free with natural grains and real fruit. Plus it contains no odorants, chemicals, or other chemicals. . .

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Vaalia lactose-free strawberry yoghurt

Best yogurt in Australia – For those who do not like yogurt with sugar, Vaalia lactose-free strawberry yoghurt is very reasonable. In this product there is an enzyme that will break the double bonds of sugar to form simple sugars for easier digestion by the body. Strawberry yogurt does not contain Vaalia lactose, it even has 1 piece of strawberry. Instead of being high in fat, this product has a lot of protein and calcium, with no preservatives or colorants, so this product is extremely healthy.

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Five:am Organic Vanilla Bean Yoghurt

Five: am Organic Vanilla Bean Yoghurt is an interesting product to eat with the whole group. This product has a very strange taste, when you combine with a berry or a certain type of fruit, it will create a perfect combination, the taste of yogurt or fruit is not mixed. . Another big plus is that it has an extremely smooth texture that looks and feels right away.

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Caprilac Natural Goat Yoghurt

Best yogurt in Australia – For those who want to eat a yogurt that is lighter than regular yogurt, please come to Caprilac Natural Goat Yoghurt. Although it is also yogurt, when eating this product on your stomach will feel a lot lighter. The product is made from 100% goat’s milk without preservatives or other unpleasant additives. The protein is easier to digest than other yogurt flavors, it has a creamy and slightly thick taste.

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Chobani “flip” Greek Yoghurt Mint Chocolate Chip

It can be said that the Chobani “flip” Greek Yoghurt Mint Chocolate Chip is a very bold product. It is really good for health if used on a regular basis. This product contains 722 KI which is equivalent to about 173 calories. You can combine cnungf with a 42-calorie Aero chocolate bar to create an interesting dish, a clever combination between mint and chocolate. You can try to combine it, it will still be good and not make you fat. In addition, the range also comes in flavors like caramel, peanut butter,. . .

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Gippsland Plain Yoghurt

Best yogurt in Australia – Last on our list is the Gippsland yogurt line. This product is priced higher than the average price and also has a little more sugar but is still very good and has a very delicious flavor. But for those who do not like sweet, this is definitely not the right choice. With Gippsland, there is not only one single unit, but it also has honey, raspberry, coconut or passion fruit flavors. . . Many types for you to choose from.

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