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Where to buy books Australia – It is often said, “Every book is a wonderful picture of life.” Indeed, the book opens up so many beautiful worlds and nourishes the human soul, the place where we recline when we are tired of daily life. The book is a gift that our fathers gave to the next generation, it contains the wisdom of all humanity. Books open to us a beautiful world and nourish our souls, especially young people. Each person can only live once, but reading a book is like living again with the experience in it. If you’re in Australia, you love books and like to read, then let us take you to every corner to find and buy books!

Dymocks Brisbane

Dymocks Brisbane is currently a subsidiary of Dymocks, the leading bookstore in Australia. The store is run by locals who are extremely passionate about reading. Dymocks Brisbane is proud of meeting everyone’s entertainment, academic and gift needs

Dymocks Brisbane is constantly evolving to keep up with today’s customers and is proud of setting standards in book sales and leading the enthusiastic and progressive retail approach that has ensured business success to this day

Contact information:

  • Address:
  • web: dymocks.com.au
  • Phone number: +61 7 3007 2800
  • Business hours: from 10am to 5pm. closed on  sunday
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QBD Books Elizabeth

The offspring of the well-known publishing company QBD Books, QBD Books Elizabeth bookstore was dubbed the most modern bookstore in Elizabeth. With modern space, full facilities and beautiful facilities, QBD Books Elizabeth stands out as a luxurious shopping destination for the people here. Selling the learning textbooks, reference materials, exam preparation with the types of novels, reading stories, comics, QBD Books Elizabeth bookstore has fully met the needs of teaching, learning and entertainment of many customers.

In addition to books, here you can easily find stationery, school supplies, souvenirs, children’s toys … with many new, beautiful and good quality designs. Most products are imported from USA, Japan, Europe, …. The types of books at QBD Books Elizabeth are constantly updated and renewed, so you can be assured of the quality of books here.

Contact information:

  • Address: Shop 88, Elizabeth Shopping Centre, 50 Elizabeth Way, Elizabeth SA 5112, Australia
  • web: qbd.com.au
  • Phone number: +61 8 8486 1000
  • Business hours: from 8h30am to 5h30pm.  sunday from 11am to 5pm.
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Abbey’s Bookshop

Where to buy books Australia – Abbey’s Bookshop was established in 1968 at SYDNEY, so far more than 50 years of development, the store has become a familiar place for people here when they need to buy books.

Abbey’s Bookshop sells works of literature, entertainment, books about nature and scholarship. In addition, Nha Nam bookstore pays great attention to the form of the product. Each book here is packed beautifully, with various accessories such as book tags, brushes, cellophane covers, etc. From novels, texts, coloring books, children’s stories , short stories, entertaining books, you will easily find any famous books have been published. This is the great literary treasure at SYDNEY for pieces of romantic souls, passionate about enjoying literary arts.

Contact information:

  • Address: 131 York St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
  • web: abbeys.com.au
  • Phone number: +61 2 9264 3111
  • Business hours: from 10am to 5pm. closed on saturday and  sunday
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Elizabeth’s Bookshop

Elizabeth’s Bookshop is one of Australia’s largest used book stores, with 4 stores on both sides of the Australian continent. Founded in 1973, Elizabeth’s bookstores are currently in Perth and Fremantle (WA) and Newtown (NSW). For 45 years, Elizabeth’s Bookshop was focused primarily on collecting used books to restore human values ​​and remind people of tradition.

Stores are always interested in buying good quality second-hand books from the public. Therefore, if you are interested in selling your books, please contact sho. Elizabeth’s Bookshop’s desire is to be able to collect a number of book genres such as: Recent Bestseller and Literary Fiction, Children’s Books (but they must be in excellent condition!), Comics, WICCA, Esoteric, Business, Science, Artbooks, Philosophy , Penguin Books (Orange, Gray, Black) Motoring, Music, Sailing, True Crime.

Contact information:

  • Address:
  • web: elizabethsbookshop.com.au
  • Phone number: +61 2 9550 5691
  • Business hours: from 9am to 10h30pm.
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Boat Books Australia

Boat Books is Australia‘s largest maritime bookstore and charting agency with a retail store in Sydney. With about 5,500 titles, we provide an invaluable, easy-to-use resource for both Professional sailors and recreational boating enthusiasts. In addition, the store also has a series of seafaring maps in the world.

Contact information:

  • Address:
  • web: boatbooks-aust.com.au
  • Phone number: +61 2 9439 1133
  • Business hours: from 9am to 5h30pm. closed on  sunday
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Considered one of the great bookstores in Lidcombe NSW, Booktopia bookstore is a favorite destination for many young people who are passionate about reading. Located on the big streets, bookstores make others admire the spacious space, overwhelmed with thousands of titles for sale.

The book here is diverse in design, rich in genre, spoiled for you to choose as you like. The bookshelf is neatly arranged, neatly arranged in each category, different fields, so it’s easy for you to find a book like that. More specifically, Booktopia often organizes offline books and promotions up to 40% off.

Where to buy books Australia – Contact information:

  • Address: Unit E1/3-29 Birnie Ave, Lidcombe NSW 2141, Australia
  • web: booktopia.com.au
  • Phone number: +61 1300 187 187
  • Business hours: from 9am to 5pm. closed on saturday and  sunday
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Books for Cooks

Nearly 2000, a small bookstore called Books for Cooks specializing in food was founded by an enthusiastic chef at Queen Victoria Market, right in the heart of Melbourne, a UNESCO literary city. more than 40,000 new, old, classic & ancient books on wine, food and culinary arts. If you are a chef, professional chef, winemaker and culinary enthusiast, this will be the best destination.

Services for Books for Cooks:

  • provide free search services for hard-to-find or print-free cookbooks
  • ships worldwide
  • Provide in-store services (4 weeks, 20% deposit – terms apply)
  • issue an unexpired gift voucher (any value)
  • Appraisal and value collection of cookbooks
  • provide quotes and replacement service for claiming for lost cookbooks

Contact information:

  • Address: Queen Victoria Market, 115-121 Victoria St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
  • web: booksforcooks.com.au
  • Phone number: +61 3 8415 1415
  • Business hours: from 9am to 5pm.
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Boffins Books

Boffins Books is a treasured specialist bookseller in the heart of Perth’s CBD. Since its inception, the Bookstore has accompanied book lovers through a long way. Dressed in a classic retro style, Boffins Books gives readers a sense of peace and relaxation after the hard working and studying days. Coming to Boffins Books, you not only enjoy choosing your favorite books but also experience the wonderful “virtual living” spaces.

Understanding the era living through books, along with profound changes in the heart of society through hard-working and courageous publishing activities, the path Boffins Books has chosen to go will be long. Many difficulties and challenges are ahead. Boffins Books, with its first lessons and experiences, is now ready for a new development. And we want to improve ourselves in vigilance and care. All for a great book heritage, long-lasting vitality, meaning for many generations of readers.

Where to buy books Australia – Contact information:

  • Address: 88 William St, Perth WA 6000, Australia
  • web: boffinsbooks.com.au
  • Phone number: +61 8 9321 5755
  • Business hours: from 9am to 7pm. sunday from 12am to 4pm
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City Basement Books

City Basement Books is one of the largest bookstores in Melbourne, Australia and also one of the attractive destinations for nerds. City Basement Books is located on big streets with spacious spaces, beautiful and scientific book layout with thousands of titles for sale. The books here are diverse in design, rich in genre and quality assurance. The layout is also very convenient for buyers to easily select books by each category, each publisher, … And in particular, the issue of price is also very reasonable with a lot of promotions.

Contact information:

  • Address:
  • web: citybasementbooks.com.au
  • Phone number: ++61 3 9620 0428
  • Business hours: from 10am to 6pm. closed on  sunday
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Guildford Book Exchange

Another option for book readers is the Guildford Book Exchange bookstore – an attractive destination for a wide range of books. The layout, neat arrangement, spacious, airy, the variety of types of books and the guarantee of book quality are the remarkable points of the bookstore. In addition, the reasonable price and the enthusiastic and loving service of bookstore staff are also one of the factors that make up the attraction of Guildford Book Exchange bookstore for all ages, especially for you. young.

Contact information:

  • Address:
  • Phone number: +61 8 9377 3491
  • Business hours: from 9h30am to 4h30pm. closed on  tuesday

Reading is a good habit to help us expand our knowledge, make lifestyle changes for a more positive and enjoyable experience. Therefore, each of us to go to the nearest bookstore, choose for themselves good books to enjoy the best moments offline!

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