Top 11+ best gifts for women

Best gifts for women There are many people saying that giving gifts to women is a very complicated matter, but honestly speaking to make women happy with a gift is not difficult to do. Please show the inherent love and courtesy of man to woman with the gifts listed below.


Best gifts for women The proverb says “Diamond is your best friend to a woman” but that doesn’t mean you have to give her a shiny and expensive diamond. Just give her a piece of jewelry that you think she will look gorgeous on. Start with a ring and ask her to reach out and you suddenly put a ring on her that will touch her, maybe even cry with joy and end with a tight hug. .

Yes, giving jewelry to women in addition to showing affection, but also showing deep concern, subtlety comes from closeness (because the gift is always carried by her). It is the first gift you should think of when you want to show love to someone else.

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A pair of shoes

In addition to jewelry, a shoe is also a gift that most women like. If your lover already has a collection of high heels, give her a pair of Converse or something like that. Or if you don’t know what kind of shoes she likes, give her a pair of high heels, as it is very useful for women.

But the most important thing here you must find out her shoe size, for women sizes usually 36-39. Can you ask the salesperson for help, and imagine it being the other person’s leg? Or you can ask her best friend, lots of ways.

Great if you find her the right size she will surely delight in your delicacy. The tip is to wrap the gift neatly in a box with gorgeous ribbons and include a text that says: “Like these shoes, I will always accompany you on these way ahead “. Make sure she is deeply moved and proud that you are the most romantic man in the world to her.

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Hand bag

Any woman would be very happy if they received a gift of a book bag, especially a branded handbag. That doesn’t mean you will give her a bag of branded and expensive books in the millions. Adjust in her needs and your financial range. Women often love simple bags with neutral or bright colors that are still beautiful and elegant that can be used on a variety of occasions.

Starting with this gift, they will be happy and proud to have a man as sophisticated and elegant as you.

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Best gifts for women Like men, women also love to wear watches. In addition to the function of effective time management, when looking at the clock you can be with her in the way she imagined, showing closeness. Take a close look at the details of a watch as women are very delicate in choosing gifts like these. If you don’t know her favorite model, choose a minimalistic timepiece with neutral colors: white, black, brown, and gray, or more secure you can opt for a watch with can match the color of her clothes. Make sure you shine in her mind with your inherent sophistication and elegance. It’s great, isn’t it.

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It can be said that a woman is indispensable for perfume, if you give her a perfume gift, she will definitely not forget you and let you stay close to her because the fragrance you give is always with her. that. If giving perfume, pay attention to what her old perfume smells like: Dark, light, dress, … from there you can choose your favorite perfume. It is safer to choose fragrances with a slight smell, not overly rich ones. Or you can ask a counselor to know more.

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Women are always looking for new styles and fashion. That is a very good reason to be able to give them a set of clothes according to their style. Based on her career and personality, you can choose for her a colorful or casual but beautiful outfit. You can observe her fashion sense and better fine-tune it with a garment as a gift. But it is safer to ask for a counselor or ask her close friend. It can be said that clothing is the most popular gift for women, so do not hesitate.

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Naturally, for a woman who likes fashion, cosmetics are like a close friend to her. However, for the cosmetic gift, there are a lot of considerations. Since you don’t know what kind of cosmetics she will like, worse it could cause allergies to her skin. It is best to grasp the cosmetics that she loves or is using that can take advantage of it to give her a perfect gift. And she will be extremely happy and proud to have a delicate, romantic man like you.

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Best gifts for women Pets are also a great idea to give her as a present on a special occasion. First you have to find out if she likes pets, then investigate if she likes dogs, cats, or other pets as long as she is cute and a bit funny. A pet coming to her will create some invisible intimacy and bonds, especially make her happy every day because of the cuteness and humor that the animal brings to her, she will surely appreciate and love you more than you can. However, never give a pet if she shows signs of an allergy to the fur.

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A surprise

If men tend to like useful and simple gifts, then women like to get a surprise.
That makes a woman strangely attractive and unforgettable if it is a surprise mixed with romance and affection.
You can start on a fine evening on her birthday and start preparing a secret dinner of yourself making her favorite dishes. Maybe that night was her happiest night because there was an understanding, delicate, romantic and sincere man like you. Don’t forget to prepare a bottle of wine that will make evenings sweeter.

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Teddy bear

Best gifts for women All women love dolls especially teddy bears as well as chocolates and flowers. Teddy bear can act as a friend to her during bittersweet times. You can give her a big teddy bear, why big? Because a woman can befriend it and embrace it in her sleep unintentionally create a feeling of unexpected closeness to you and her. It is best to choose teddy bears with soft, fluffy feathers and a cute, adorable shape. Make sure she likes to swoon and especially she will hug it often.

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Travel together

All the girls will melt when they enjoy their trip to the fullest with the one they love. This is a happy moment, when the two of you can get to know each other better, is an opportunity for both of you to show romance or care for each other.

Why not try to find out her schedule, then schedule a strange land, watch the dawn together, walk hand in hand on the golden path of sunset?

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