Top 12+ best Australia beaches

Best Australia beaches – Whether you are a lover of leisurely afternoons strolling along a deserted beach or want to enjoy life, sipping a cocktail under the green coconut trees, … anywhere on the 25,760 km long coastline of water Australia will not disappoint you either. Let’s explore Australia’s most loved beaches with Megahot! From secluded beaches that give you the feeling that you own the place to full-size beaches perfect for families.

Hole in the Wall, Jervis Bay Territory

Best Australia beaches – Hole in the Wall is a small beach nestled in the Booderee National Park, near Jervis Bay on the southern coast of NSW.

In fact, this beach is not officially part of NSW, but is located within a 70 square kilometer land area under the jurisdiction of the Australian Capital Territory and is known as Jervis Bay Territory.

Possessing many cool shade, calm water surface and surrounding campsites, Hole in the Wall appears in many lists of the most beautiful beach.

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Vincentia Beach, NSW

Best Australia beaches – New South Wales’s southern coast is famous for its pure white sand dunes and incredibly clear (albeit a bit cold) water.

As it is also located in the Jervis Bay area, Vincentia Beach has all the features of a top-rated beach. The town of Vincentia also owns a number of restaurants and accommodations – an ideal destination for a weekend “escape” trip.

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Tallow Beach, NSW

Tallow Beach in Byron Bay is known as a favorite surfing spot for locals and tourists alike.

This is an open beach located just below the Byron Bay lighthouse and surrounded by impressive majestic cliffs. Tallow Beach is very close to Byron Bay town so you can leisurely soak in the sea before “attack” to explore Byron Bay.

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Whitehaven Beach, Queensland

Best Australia beaches – After being ranked the second most beautiful beach in the world on FightNetwork’s list of Most Beautiful Beaches in the World, Whitehaven is definitely ranked in the top list of Australian beaches.

The 7km long pristine white sand beach has made the beach in Withsunday even more famous. You can choose for yourself a corner and relax. To reach the island, you have to take a boat, a boat or a boat from Airline Beach or Hamilton Island.

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Happy Bay, Queensland

Happy Bay is located on the northwest coast of Long Island in Whitsundays.

As an ideal beach to “get away” from the hustle and bustle world, to dive and watch the starfish, you can hardly fail to feel satisfied at Happy Bay.

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Cable Beach, Western Australia

Cable Beach in Western Australia is a 22-kilometer strip of white across the Indian Ocean.

Interestingly, Cable Beach is named after the 1889 cable line between Broome and Java.

Since it is a fairly large beach, you are allowed to drive to the sea until you choose a favorite spot.

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Emu Point, Western Australia

Best Australia beaches – Located in Western Australia, but if you go south, Emu Point Beach is a residential territory of Albany.

Surrounded by lots of peppermint trees with shade along the coast, the Emu Point Beach is truly a perfect destination for hot summer days.

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Sleaford Bay, South Australia

Located in the Lincoln National Park area, Sleaford Bay is the easternmost point of the Eyre Peninsula, great for surfing.

Sleaford is a secluded cove that is quite secluded and private, so it owns soaring waves.

You will certainly be fascinated by the somewhat rough beauty, because the terrain offers privacy and great waves for surfing. So it is not surprising that the residents of South Australia have always wanted to keep Sleaford Bay a mysterious place to themselves.

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Gunyah Beach, South Australia

Best Australia beaches – The high sand dunes that you drive past to reach the pure white Gunyah Beach and are perfect for sand skating.

Try fishing at Gunyah Beach because if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to catch salmon! Who knows!

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Oberon Bay, Victoria

Oberon Bay is just a few kilometers south of Tidal River at Wilson’s Promotory. However, you can only get there by boat or on foot, and it is about 2 to 3 hours on foot from Tidal River.

You will probably have to spend a few days walking around the area. Although it is quite difficult to get to, it is thanks to this dangerous terrain that Oberon Bay has its irresistible beauty.

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Friendly Beaches, Tasmania

Best Australia beaches – Completely hidden from familiar tourist destinations, Friendly Beaches “hid” carefully on the Freycinet Peninsula.

Friendly Beaches has one of the most fine white sand in the world, a few kilometers of coastline, small rocky water holes and many interesting colorful marble types.

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Bay of Fires, Tasmania

Best Australia beaches – Bay of Fires is one of the most popular beaches in Tasmania with so many features that you will love.

Located near Binalong Bay on the coast of Tasmania, this is a well-known and popular spot for wild hikers and hikers, but also very accessible for those with less mobility.

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