Top 15+ best jeans for women

Best jeans for women – Do you love wearing jeans? Do you always wear them all the time? Did you know that each type of jeans is different, they all have their own name? Names of women’s jeans? Let’s find out with Megahot, here are the names of the 15 most popular women’s jeans styles today.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans (or skinny jeans, tight jeans) is known as a type of jeans made with stretch denim (Stretch Denim) that fits snugly on the wearer’s body. It is the design and stretchy properties that Skinny Jeans is always favored by women because it enhances the sexy curves of the female right when wearing them.

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Skinny Crop Jeans

Skinny Crop Jeans (high hybrid tight jeans, high hybrid tight jeans) are similarly tailored skinny jeans but Skinny Jeans but high cross leggings. This high-selling hybrid skinny Jeans version is selling very well and is always in the Top best-selling female jeans at online selling websites.

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Straight Jeans

Best jeans for women – Straight Jeans (also known as vertical leg jeans) are classic jeans with the pants sewn straight to the ankle. This type of jeans is a suitable choice for girls who want to express their style of dress in a classic look.

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Wide-Leg Jeans

Wide-Leg Jeans (also known as wide-leg jeans) are jeans designed with a slightly flared wide tube at the end, round 2 and 3 are still sewn slightly in the wrong shape, wide and high cuffs. . This design is intended to create a sense of flight in the leg of the pants, making your steps become sparse but still retains the beauty of 2/3 in women, In addition, wide-tube jeans also create balance in terms of physique for the wearer, helping you to cover up the shortcomings to create a youthful and dynamic youthfulness.

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Cropped Wide-Leg Jeans

Cropped Wide-Leg Jeans are similarly sewn wide-leg jeans but Wide-Leg Jeans with a taller cut. If you are looking for pants that feel comfortable and look cool with sneakers, then this will be a great choice for you.

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Relaxed Jeans

Relaxed Jeans are jeans with a design similar to vertical leg jeans. The difference of Relaxed Jeans is that they are towards the comfort of the wearer. So these jeans are sewn a bit wider, are not tethered and can be easily worn up or down, making the wearer not uncomfortable. If you need a pair of jeans to wear every day, this is not a bad choice.

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High-Rise Jeans

High-Rise Jeans (or high-waisted jeans) are women’s jeans designed so that the high waistband is above the navel to create a stretching effect. The feeling when wearing high waist jeans helps the girls’ legs seem to be stretched, creating a balance for the wearer. For women with belly, high waistband jeans to help the belly look slimmer. High-Rise Jeans is beautifully coordinated with all crop top shirts.

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Low-Rise Jeans

Low rise jeans (or waist jeans) are designs that enhance the wearer’s comfort. This style is often found in the designs of casual wear at home or jeans with designs for youth that emphasize flexibility, prioritizing comfort. When wearing this type of pants the belt will be below the navel. Low-rise jeans are very popular and are favored by many garment factories because the garments are easy to consume. In addition, the waistband jeans are many girls love because of its Sexy level.

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Boyfriend Jeans

Best jeans for women – Boyfriend jeans are jeans made for women to wear, but with a look that is akin to Men’s jeans, extremely comfortable thanks to its slightly baggy shape. Because their appearance looked like boyfriend pants, it was thought at first that those jeans were borrowed by girls from their boyfriends, since then it has been called Boyfriend Jeans.

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Bootcut Jeans

Bootcut jeans are designed jeans with a little burst of pants starting from the knee that extends to the ankles, sometimes covering the shoes. Designs mistakenly designed by the manufacturer highlight the grace and grace in every gentle step of women.

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Flares Jeans

Flares Jeans are the same type of pants as bootcut jeans except that the leggings are much more exaggerated. Popularized in the ’70s, the bohemian style is making a comeback pretty much on catwalks and the IR.

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Jeggings are jeans with a design and snug nature like Skinny Jeans. But Jeggings are different from Skinny pants in that they are comfortably sewn in the hip and waist area and only hugged in the pant leg area.

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White Jeans

Want a break in your jeans closet? Choose a pair for yourself a pair of white jeans. The white color of the pants is very flexible. Because white is a neutral color and you can freely blend with all other colors without fear of being dominant.

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Black Jeans

Best jeans for women – Another neutral pair of jeans is black. Black is dark neutral. It would be great if you choose to match a sharp sports suit, wearing leather moto jackets and black boots in you will be extremely cool.

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Colorful Jeans

Going out with a pair of bright, colorful jeans, like cute pinks, is an extremely interesting choice, right? There are many types of jeans colors available in the market. Find a pair of jeans in your favorite color right away.

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