Struggling to understand the locals in this land of bloody galahs, barbies in the arvo and choccy bikkies with your cuppa? Then use this dictionary of Aussie slang to help translate.

Get into your cossies at the beach! Aussie Slang | YHA Australia

Do you like the look of this beach? It is in the Freycient National Park – stay at Hobart Central YHA

  • ARVO

    (Noun) Abbreviation of ‘afternoon’. See also: defo (definitely), servo (service station), avo (avocado) etc.
    “I bumped into Johnno at the servo this arvo.”


    (Noun) Abbreviation of ‘barbecue’; seldom used in the same sentence as ‘shrimp’.
    “Let’s defo have a barbie this arvo.”


    (Noun) A swimsuit; also ‘togs’ in Queensland and ‘swimmers’ or ‘cossies’ (abbr. of ‘swimming costume’) in New South Wales.
    “Oh no, I’ve dropped avo on my bathers.”

Byron Bay YHA pool

Can you imagine yourself relaxing by this pool? It’s Byron Bay YHA


    (Adjective) An expression of emphasis (see also: heaps), particularly in anger.
    “Oh no, I’ve dropped some bloody avo on my bathers.”


    (Noun) A lazy person.
    “I’m running around like a headless chook organising this bloody barbie, and Johnno’s just sitting there like a bludger!”


    (Noun) An uncouth or uncultured person. See also: feral, ratbag, reptile, bevan etc.
    “I can’t understand that bogan’s broad Australian accent.”

Bludging on the hammock | YHA Australia

Like the look of this view? It’s Pittwater YHA


    (Noun) Abbreviation of ‘bottle shop’, a store that sells alcohol.
    “Geez there’s a lot of bogans at the bottle-o.”


    (Noun/verb/adjective) A mild profanity that’s also one of the most versatile words in Australian English.
    Exclamation; “Bugger! I dropped some more avo on myself.”
    A term of sympathy; “Look at that poor bugger with avo all over his bathers.”
    Tired, broken or ruined; “These bathers are buggered now.”
    An annoying thing; “These avo-stained bathers a bit of a bugger.”
    An impolite instruction; “Bugger off and change into some clean bathers.”


    (Noun) Abbreviation of ‘chocolate biscuit’. See also: sunnies (sunglasses), undies (underwear), Crissie pressie (Christmas present) etc.
    “I’m going to put my feet up this arvo with a cuppa and a choccy bikky.”

Tim Tam by Jason Tong on Flickr
Jason Tong, Flickr


    (Adjective) An expression used to emphasise truth or veracity.
    “That choccy bikky tasted fair dinkum unbelievable.”


    (Noun) Abbreviation of football; Australia’s favourite pastime.
    “Should we invite Johnno around to watch the footy this arvo?”


    (Noun) A stupid or idiotic person; often accompanied by the adjective ‘flaming’. Inspired by our very own native bird, known for flying into windows.
    “Nah mate, Johnno’s a flamin’ galah.”

  • GOON

    (Noun) Cheap wine sold in large cartons.
    “Two types of people drink goon: bogans and backpackers.”

Wine, Cheese and a Summer Breeze | Sydney Harbour YHA

Can you believe this is a YHA? It’s Sydney Harbour YHA in the Rocks


    (Noun) McDonalds, a popular purveyor of fast food. See also: ‘Dirty Bird’ (KFC).
    “Let’s pop into Maccas after the footy.”

  • MATE

    (Noun) Friend; used in a variety of different contexts.
    Addressing an actual friend: “G’day, mate.”
    Addressing an enemy: “Listen here, mate…”
    Expression of congratulations: “Maaate!”
    Expression of indignation: “Aw, mate…”
    Expression of surprise: “Mate!”
    Expression of scepticism: “Maaate…”


    (Noun) A round of drinks at a bar; nothing to do with raising one’s voice.
    “It’s Johnno’s shout, the bludger.”

  • SNAG

    (Noun) Sausage – a cylinder of processed meat that represents Australia’s richest culinary tradition.
    “I asked Johnno to pick up some snags for the barbie this arvo, but the galah forgot.”

Chuck a snag on the Barbie! | YHA Australia


    (Noun) Sandals or ‘flip-flops’, wedged between one’s toes rather than one’s arse cheeks.
    “Bogans always wear thongs.”

  • U-EY

    (Noun) (Pronounced: yoo-ee) A U-turn; changing the direction of a vehicle 180 degrees.
    “Chuck a u-ey” (i.e. “Perform a U-turn”).


    (Noun) The remote outback, or ‘middle of nowhere’
    “If this galah doesn’t chuck a u-ey soon we’re going to end up in Woop Woop.


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