Everyone knows that they have Australia to thank for Hugh Jackman and the Hemsworth brothers, but did you know that it’s because of an Australian scientist that you have Wi-Fi? Here’s our list of the best things to come out of Australia, from Aussie rock to UGG boots!

    Chris, Luke and Liam were born and raised in Melbourne and have forged successful careers as actors. We really don’t need to tell you much about why the world should be thankful for Thor and his equally wonderful brothers, just…you’re welcome. If you’re a particular sort of fan, hang around Byron Bay and you may run into Chris!

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    Take two malted biscuits, a light chocolate cream filling and a thin layer of textured chocolate and you have one of Australia’s most iconic snacks, the humble Tim Tam! True connoisseurs consume Tim Tams using the Tim Tam slam – a refined method of consumption involving biting both ends off a Tim Tam and using it as a straw for hot or cold Milo!

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    The queens of bogan suburbia, Kath and her daughter Kim are cool again and we. are. here. for. it. For a crash course in slang, culture, and style, look no further than what some consider Australia’s greatest export. It’s nice, it’s different, it’s unusual, it’s Australian!

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    It began with INXS, Jet, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds…Australia took rock ‘n’ roll and made it our own, and the rest of the world reaped the rewards. Arguably the kingpin of Aussie rock is AC/DC, formed in Sydney in 1973. Decades later and rock is having a revival here in Oz with legends like Gang of Youths, Amyl and the Sniffers, and pretty well any local band playing on a pub open mic, we’ve been raised on rock and we ain’t goin’ back!

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    Uggs were invented in Australia in the 1960s and worn predominantly by surfers to keep their feet warm, or as slipper! The ‘daggy’ untrendy shoe became a symbol of rebellion as public places tried to ban them, and with the rise of Uggs in the surf communites in the UK and California… they’ve gone worldwide! Love them or hate them, uggs are everywhere now – and it’s all because of the Aussies.

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    This man is pure sunshine, and he was born and raised on Sydney’s North Shore! He made a name in theatre before earning his breakthrough role in 2000 – as none other than Wolverine. On top of his success an actor, he is what us Aussies call “an all round great bloke,” being involved with many charitable causes. We are super proud to call Hugh one of our own!

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    The happiest animal on earth, you can only see these babies in the wild while at Rottnest Island, a must do when visiting stunning Western Australia. Quokkas have no natural predators on Rottnest Island, meaning they approach humans without fear, leading to many a #quokkaselfie. Many famous personalities come from all over the world to snap a pic with this adorable critter, such as tennis superstar Roger Federer!

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    The Crocodile Hunter, need we say more?! Steve Irwin wrestled his first croc at the young age of 9, and spent his honeymoon with his wife Terri trapping crocodiles. The world mourned in 2006 when Steve passed away after the barb of a stingray pierced his heart. He leaves a lasting legacy and a catchphrase that none of us will soon forget: “Crikey!”

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    Alright, technically it was Danish brothers Lars and Jens Rasmussen, but they were working alongside Aussies Noel Gordon and Stephen Ma when it happened, at a startup they co-founded based in…Sydney! We think it must have been something in the Sydney air that helped make it happen, so we’re going to partially claim this one. There’s no questioning the extent to which we travellers rely on Google Maps to get around. So next time you’re saved by this handy tech, remember there’s a lil’ piece of Australia in there.

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    When the Australian wine industry was finding its feet, winemakers had to come up with a solution to having an oversupply of very average wine. In 1965, Thomas Angove of South Australia came up with cask wine (more commonly known as goon), forever changing Australian drinking culture. The point is, that if you’re from overseas and an Australian friend suggests you play Goon of Fortune, you should probably decline.

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    Raised on a farm in country Queensland, Margot Robbie is a true, hard-working Aussie through and through. Australians knew her from her role in iconic Aussie soap Neighbours, but the rest of the world met her after her dazzling performance in The Wolf of Wall St. Margot was raised by a single mother and worked three jobs at the age of 16 to make ends meet – so nobody deserves her fame and fortune more than her.

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    Yep, you have Australia to thank for the lil’ bit of technology that basically makes your world go around. Australian scientist John O’Sullivan was conducting experiments for CSIRO in the 1970s when he came up with the technology used to unsmear Wi-Fi signals. It was patented in 1992 and boom – the future was created. Just don’t ask us about our National Broadband Network, it’s a sensitive topic.

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    Like most things about Australia, the first time anyone overseas heard about a platypus, they thought it was made up. British scientists convinced it was some sort of beaver with a duck bill attached. The platypus is very much a real thing – elusive, but real! They are monotremes, meaning they’re the only mammals who lay eggs instead of giving birth to live young. 

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    We love a sustainable solution, and South Australian Hagen Stehr nearly single handedly saved southern Blue Fin Tuna from exctinction with his invention, breeding tuna in captivity. You can meet some of those fish’s descendants at Port Elliot YHA, where you can swim wth Blue Fin Tuna!

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    Ladies, we need to talk about this one. Two Brissy researchers, Professor Ian Frazer and Dr Jian Zhou developed the world’s first anti-cancer vaccine, and it’s working wonders. The vaccine is so effective that Australia is on track to eliminate cervical cancer by 2035 – that’s definitely something worth boasting about!

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    Truly the greatest thing to come out of Australia, the iconic malted yeast spread. It may sound icky, but all it takes is to learn your butter:vegemite ratio and you’ll be a certified Aussie in no time. A staple after a night out on the town, there’s nothing vegemite toast can’t fix. Make sure to buy your mate a jar, they’ll love you forever.

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    Small but incredibly powerful, this little implant is the force behind those ‘baby hears for the first time’ videos that always make you cry a little. The tiny device, invented by Melburnian Professor Graeme Clark, electronically stimiulates the auditory nerve, helping to restore hearing to hundreds of thousands of people across the world

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    We gotta make something clear from the outset, Koalas are not bears! These adorable fluffy, cuddly animals are marsupials, meaning much like the Platypus, they raise their babies in a pouch before releasing them into the big wide world. They look cute as, but don’t approach one in the wild – they can get very cranky!

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    “I just can’t get you out of my head…” If you know, you know! Born and raised in Melbourne, the ‘Princess of Pop’ is Australia’s highest selling artist of all time. A humanitarian and cancer advocate after her own experience with cancer in 2005, Kylie is an all-round great person on top of being a Grammy-award winning artist, and we love her!

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    Okay, so the Reef can’t exactly come “out” of Australia, but when countless people all over the world flock to Australia just to see it, it’s pretty worthy of a place on this list. We’re proud to be picky with who we send you to tour the reef with, to make sure they’re taking care of the stunning coral for people to enjoy generations from now. 

    The Great Barrier Reef is the largest living thing on Earth – it’s even visible from space. So it’s not only a gift to Earth, perhaps there are some lil’ green men out there enjoying the view too.


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