Top 5+ best blenders for smoothies

Best blenders for smoothies – Blender is a useful item and indispensable for many families. A good, multifunctional blender to process a variety of foods such as drinks, fruit smoothies will contribute to enriching the life of your whole family.

Should buy a good blender, cheap price is a question a lot of women are interested in and send questions to us. Partly because the current market has a variety of models and types, we are confused when choosing.

However, all these concerns will be answered by Megahot for you in this article. Let’s explore right now!

Philips HR2118 blender

Best blenders for smoothies – Speaking of the blender segment, we will surely think of the Philips brand, and most notably, the model Philips HR2118. A device that can make it easier and more convenient for you to prepare food for your family to use.

It stands out thanks to its modern design, clean design in elegant silver-white, and the easy-to-use clear display control panel. 5 different grinding speeds for you to freely choose to suit each food.

The body and mill with a capacity of 1.5 liters use a tough, durable and durable plastic material. Next to it is a sharp stainless steel blade that helps grind many foods in large quantity at the same time.

Equipped with a maximum operating power of up to 600W, combined with a sharp blade that allows you to puree all foods quickly, even very hard ones.

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Panasonic MX-V310KRA blender

Best blenders for smoothies – If you have a hobby of drinking fruit smoothies or needing to smooth foods like ice, the Panasonic MX-V310KRA is a pretty suitable choice that we want to recommend to you.

The machine has a capacity of about 600W, the blade is made of durable stainless steel, with a serrated design that is not only very sharp when used to puree fruit, but also brings safety to the health of consumers. use.

The small high-grade shatter-resistant plastic jar makes it easier for users to grind all kinds of ingredients and dry grain foods such as pepper, cereals, … So you don’t need to use the large mill. .

In addition, there are many features integrated in the Panasonic MX-V310KRA blender, most notably the feature that automatically switches off the power when the machine is operating during overload.

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Taka TKE502 cheap blender

For families with narrower economic conditions but wishing to use a blender for basic purposes such as orange smoothie, carrot smoothie or tomato smoothie to lose weight .. then Consider choosing Taka TKE502.

The most outstanding feature of this product is its relatively cheap price less than 300K. Taka entered the Vietnamese market in 2006 with typical items such as yogurt maker, air purifier or Taka electric pressure cooker.

Back to the Taka TKE502 blender, a product equipped with an operating capacity of 300W, a relative capacity of only 1.25 liters and the parts are made from safe materials like stainless steel blades or premium glass mill …

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Electrolux EBR7804S premium blender

Best blenders for smoothies – Electrolux is one of the brands that offers a wide range of premium blender models besides Philips, Kuvings and Panasonic. In particular, Electrolux EBR7804S is the most typical model of the company today.

With a sophisticated design, the silver and white cardboard glass jar not only ensures hygiene, but also contributes to the kitchen of your family become more luxurious. Designs meet quality standards from Europe.

The combination of powerful 900W power and a shatter-resistant plastic jar with a sizable capacity of up to 1.63 liters, combined with a sharp blade makes it easy to quickly and smooth foods in time. short time.

If you need a versatile device that not only grinds ordinary smoothies, but also assists in crushing ice, or dry grains, the Electrolux EBR3416A blender is definitely the choice you need to prioritize.

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Philips HR2115 blender

Although the Philips HR2118 blender is a very worthy product for you to own in your family’s kitchen, the relatively high price also makes many housewives hesitate when deciding to buy.

Hence, a Philips HR2115 blender with many of the same functions as the Philips HR2118 but a cheaper price may be considered. Basically, this product possesses many of the same features as Philips HR2118.

For example, it is also equipped with 600W of power and a sizable capacity of up to 1.5 liters with a sharp stainless steel blade, allowing all kinds of food to be processed in a fast and smooth time. .

Main button with 2 fast and slow modes to speed up the mixing of food more evenly in shorter time.

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