Top 5+ best fitbit for women

Best fitbit for women – Measure blood pressure, exercise intensity, sleep control, step count and more all all in a compact Fitbit bracelet! A smart bracelet with integrated watch and many extremely useful functions will help you track your health status in the most convenient way, and it is also an accessory to help the wearer shine. shining.

In this article, Megahot will introduce to you the top 5 types of smart bracelets for women from the famous Fitbit.

Fitbit Alta HR – Best fitbit for women

Fitbit Alta HR has a fitness test function with many outstanding features such as an accelerometer sensor, a continuous heart rate monitoring system. With this function, the Fitbit Alta HR bracelet can tell you how long you slept during the last night’s sleep deep or shallow.

This product has been significantly improved by Fitbit in recent years, but there are still some shortcomings such as being able to record movement exercises or a GPS connection. However, with the integration of Smart Track, users can still track missed calls or read messages displayed on the screen.

Speaking of standout features:

  • Fitbit Alta HR is equipped with 24/7 heart rate monitoring. It uses an accelerometer and a heart rate sensor that can identify the stages of your sleep. The SmartTrack feature comes in handy when running or cycling, which will automatically be turned on to track your progress. Although integrated with many good features, the product has a quite good price and small appearance. Some useful features like ConnectedGPS or VO2 Max tracking aren’t equipped by Fitbit.
  • With a small screen with diverse and powerful features, this Fitbit Alta HR bracelet is favored by users in the market. The current selling price of Alta HR on Amazon is about $ 149.95.
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Fitbit Ionic – Best fitbit for women

Best fitbit for women – The Fitbit Ionic with modern and progressive functionality has become an extremely impressive smartwatch. The Fitbit Ionic is designed to track the wearer’s calories burned and steps taken during exercise. Besides, many other convenient features such as GPS connection system, accelerometer, compass, altimeter and heart rate monitoring.

In particular, this smartwatch Ionic version will show you the very different effects of different exercises. In addition, the product also has a dedicated mode for running, cycling or swimming. Thanks to the device’s “Coach” app, you’ll get advice on planning a workout for complex exercises.

The Fitbit Ionic device is designed with a masculine and solid look, with a relatively large screen, quite a few sensors and 50 meters of water resistance.

This 2.5 GB product allows users to comfortably store essential information such as music. In addition, the Fitbit Ionic bracelet also supports the Fitbit Pay wireless payment capabilities with the NFC industry.

Like many other Fitbit brand devices, the Ionic also features 24/7 tracking, to track the movement of the wearer’s body condition. In addition, Fitbit also equips the Ionic product with the Fitbit Coach app to help guide users to exercises with easy-to-understand videos.

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Fitbit Charge 2 – Best fitbit for women

Fitbit Charge 2 possesses many modern features, such as guiding users to breathe or change the band because it is equipped with a large screen and a VO2 Max health data monitoring system.

In addition, the Fitbit Charge 2 can help users evaluate the quality of their sleep. It can be said that the most outstanding feature of this Charge 2 is the Cardio Fitness Level which is extremely useful when offering regular breathing exercises.

This type of device is medium sized, but the screen of the Charge 2 is smaller than the Surge so the information displayed is less.

Fitbit Charge 2 bracelets meet all the needs of amateur sports training or a variety of exercise activities such as running, cycling, gym or weightlifting.

Charge 2 bracelet is designed with a large 1.5-inch display, featuring an OLED screen with a resolution of 300 × 300 pixels. The large and clear screen allows the wearer to easily track the movements of the body as well as view notifications on the phone.

Through Fitbit’s software, users will easily track the data collected each day and evaluate the quality of sleep, exercise intensity or quality of the exercise has reached the desired level. not yet

In addition, the product also integrates the feature to note the amount of food and the level of calories during the day to help those who want to control their weight.

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Fitbit Blaze – Best fitbit for women

Fitbit Blaze possesses the functional integration of a smartwatch along with a fitness tracking system and heart rate sensor. If you are looking for a good health monitoring device, this is really considered a perfect product on the market today.

Thanks to the automatic exercise recognition function, the wearer can know how to exercise to reduce calories effectively. However, the product has not yet provided a GPS feature – this is quite inconvenient for you if you practice cycling and running.

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Fitbit Charge HR – Best fitbit for women

Best fitbit for women – The Fitbit Charge HR bracelet is similar in design to the Fitbit Charge with a very soft rubber strap, a small sized black OLED screen to show the time and indicator messages. One thing is inconvenient is that the wearer must use the physical buttons to view on the screen.

This smart bracelet is for those who work out regularly, thanks to a heart rate sensor that can operate up to 24/7 and data collection features such as step count, altitude or exercise intensity. The product uses LEDs to detect changes in blood volume on the wrist, thereby giving the heart rate parameters.

The battery life of this bracelet is about 5 days, which is quite a lot with a versatile health bracelet.

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