Top 5+ best power bank for iPhone

Best power bank for iPhone – The whole human race is entering the era of technology, so energy is one of the essential needs of man. That is why the need for recharging and charging has never cooled down. Along with the “invasion” of “defective apple” era of iPhone backup battery also exploded strongly. In today’s post, Megahot would like to share with you the top 5 best power bank for iphone in 2020. Megahot will join you in “dissecting” each of the advantages and disadvantages of each backup charger. From there you can choose for yourself the most suitable power bank for your iPhone.

Backup battery for Iphone ROMOSS SENSE 6

Famous brand Romoss

Best power bank for iPhone – Romoss is a fairly well known brand name in China. Perhaps many people will discriminate against Chinese products, just listen to China and you will immediately boycott. The more you feel more uncomfortable when you see the top 5 power bank for your best iphone. In fact, in today’s market, all products are of Chinese or Taiwan origin, so you can see that really not all of the Chinese origin is bad. both.

About Romoss company, this is a company specializing in manufacturing backup chargers, the product is not only sold domestically but also exported to the world market. At the same time, its power bank is also number 1 in Asia and Europe. Therefore, be a smart consumer, knowing the origin and origin, and rest assured to use this product line!

Romoss Sense 6 backup charger

Romoss Sense 6 is a power bank that upgrades the capacity of the Romoss Sense 4 version with a capacity of up to 20,000 mAh. The power bank for this iphone has a reported charging performance of about 85%. In fact, the efficiency is around 70%, which is a pretty high level of performance.

With this Romoss Sense 6’s capacity you can comfortably travel, camp, work without having to worry about running out of battery. For less users, Sense 6 is enough for a whole week of business trips without having to worry about recharging.

Just like the power bank for the iphone also has 2 USB output ports that allow charging 2 devices at the same time. At the same time, this rechargeable battery is capable of charging and discharging at the same time very convenient. The designs of the 2 lines Romoss Sense 6 and 4 are similar. Romoss Sense 6 or 4 are seamless and solidly hand-held due to the soft curved design at 2 edges.

Sac backup Romoss Sense 6 as well as all other lines of Romoss reasonable price, no rival. The downside of this Romoss Sense 6 is a bit heavy. But if compared with other types of backup charger, this Romoss Sense 6 is still “light bored” but the capacity is “super huge”. This is a power bank for iphone worth buying at the moment.

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Backup battery for Iphone Remax RPP-106, 20,000mAh

About the brand Remax

Best power bank for iPhone – Currently, Remax headquartered in Hong Kong is one of the leading technology accessories brands in the world. Remax with nearly 7,000 showrooms in more than 140 countries. Remax products are not only fashionable and innovative, but also equipped with smart features.

In 2008, up to now, Remax gradually dominates the technology market in many countries with thousands of modern technology mobile accessories and toys such as power bank, charger cable, headset, Bluetooth speaker. smart, electric balance car, gaming accessories, car accessories, home appliances …

All Remax products and services are quality tested. When you come to Vietnam with a global policy to bring the best technology experience to every customer. So you can be completely assured to use genuine Remax products in Vietnam

Remax RPP-106 power bank, 20,000mAh

The Remax RPP-106 is designed with dual USB (micro-USB and Type-C) design that allows 2 charging devices to be connected at the same time with maximum output DC5V-2.1A. The connected devices will be recognized and the correct amperage will be charged at 2A. Two output ports 1 and 2 on both sides make it possible to charge many different devices on Remax TPP-106 without any conflicts. The digital display shows how much of your battery is used up. Remax is developing a global policy to provide the best technology experience for every customer.

Remax RPP-106 also helps to minimize full charge time, equipped with the smartest and most advanced technologies. Unsurprisingly, it takes 5 hours to fully recharge a 20,000mAh capacity. Super-speed 18W Type-C input cuts charging time to a minimum.

Compact design with a weight of 378g, convenient to take you anywhere. Although the small size of the Remax RPP-106 is capable of charging the iPhone X / Xs 4 times and 3 times with the Huawei P30. For less users, the backup battery for iphone Remax RPP-106 is enough for a week and a long trip without worrying about recharging.

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Power bank for Iphone ADATA PT100

Brand Adata

Best power bank for iPhone – Adata is known to be one of the giants in memory card products, USB, strong in the SSD array. This Taiwanese manufacturer continues to step into the field of power banks. And the power bank for Iphone Adata PT100 is one of the products produced by Adata recently.

Power bank for Iphone ADATA PT100

Adata PT100 charging port structure includes 2 output USB ports. Similar to “friends of the same age” Adata can charge two smartphones at the same time. In particular, the USB port in the ADATA PT100 has parameters of 5V / 1A and 5V / 2.1A. ADATA PT100 charger is stable, fast charging speed, testing with iPhone X phone, with 2500mAh capacity, 3 hours, the phone will be full of battery.

The Adata PT 100 is designed with a multi-circuit protective “armor projection” that helps prevent damage to your “mobile phone” battery by adjusting the charging voltage and current. The protection circuits include: overload protection, over discharge protection, over current protection, short circuit protection, over voltage protection. The Adata PT100 has decent performance and decent quality. For those who want a stable power bank and the price is not too high, the ADATA PT100 is really a smart choice.

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Backup battery for Iphone Energizer 20000 mAh UE20003CBK

About the Energizer brand

Energizer is a famous American brand name worldwide for nearly 140 years. Referring to Energizer, people will immediately think of a series of high-quality products: power bank, Micro USB charger cable, Lightning charger cable, charger bulb, charger cup, memory card, car charger … Currently, all over World Energizer distributes a wide range of product lines to bring consumers the best and most relevant products.

Energizer mobile devices such as power bank for Iphone Energizer, charger cable, memory card, Energizer charger are monitored and interested in using by many consumers. The above accessories of Energizer are being distributed genuine in Vietnam.

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Power bank for Iphone Energizer 20000 mAh UE20003CBK

Best power bank for iPhone – Energizer 20000 mAh UE20003CBK is designed in a rectangular box, with four soft rounded corners. With such “appearance” the Energizer 20000 mAh UE20003CBK always creates an attraction to users from its certainty and high reliability. The outer shell of the Energizer UE20003CBK 20000 mAh is covered with a high quality matte plastic material. Energizer UE20003CBK 20000 mAh will conquer even fastidious people who hate the fingerprints on the power bank. Moreover, this high-grade resin surface is also effective against perspiration.

One thing is surprising that the Energizer UE20003CBK 20000 mAh has a high capacity of 20000mAh but weighs only 340g. This is a common weight in 5000-10000 mAh models. The power bank for this Iphone has a mini size, smaller than the Smartphone 138 x 70 x 27 mm. You can carry it anywhere without fear of being cumbersome, taking up all the area of ​​a backpack, suitcase.

You often have to travel a lot, often encounter urgent situations where your iPhone is always in a state of low power, the Energizer UE20003CBK 20000 mAh will be a perfect choice.

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Backup battery Iphone Ravpower PB005, capacity 10,000mAh

Brand Ravpower

RAVpower – A brand that operates in the large field of electronic devices. Although being newly established, this brand has affirmed its party level in major markets such as North America and Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Spain …), Japan. This company is headquartered in the state city of California, United States. RAVpower is growing with the largest and most famous technology in the world today. RAVpower has affirmed its position in the market of countries around the world.

Backup battery Iphone Ravpower PB005, capacity 10,000mAh

Backup battery Iphone Ravpower PB005 smart structure with 2 ports iSmart 2.0. Ravpower PB005 can sense which device needs more electrical energy so that two devices can be charged simultaneously. Moreover, Ravpower PB005 with its ingenious processing power up your device twice as fast as conventional battery chargers.

Battery capacity up to 10000mAh allows iPhone 7 Plus to charge up to 2.1 times Galaxy S8 up to 2.0 times and iPad mini 4 to about 1.2 times. Ravpower PB005 has the plus point from a compact, convenient design, weighing less than 250g, size 11 × 2.2 × 8 cm. This mini power bank always powers your devices anywhere and anytime.

Currently, there are many cases where the backup battery suddenly explodes because the current is overloaded, over discharging, overheating during use. But with PB005, users can use it completely safe. The PB005 is designed for absolute safety protection, integrating overload, overheating, over voltage and short circuit protection so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to unplug the charger.

Above is the article sharing the top 5 power banks for the best iphone in 2020. With the above information, Megahot hopes that you can choose for your electronic device a quality power bank. amount.
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