Top 6+ best pillow for sore neck

Best pillow for sore neck – Top best sleeping pillows for people with neck pain 2020: You will have a good and deep sleep to ensure good health when owning a suitable sleeping pillow. Conversely, you may experience insomnia all night or wake up in the morning with pain in the neck and shoulder blades due to an inadequate sleeping pillow.

In particular, for people with neck pain, an inappropriate pillow can become a disaster and extreme for suffering. Specifically, persistent neck pain, insomnia all night, restless sleep …

Therefore, when choosing a pillow for sleep, those with a history of neck pain or currently having a medical condition must choose pillows with long, soft bowels that will help air circulation to help the neck and neck not get hot or painful. You can refer to some of the most popular sleeping pillows for people with neck pain today.

Cotton Neck Protective Pillow MLILY

Best pillow for sore neck – MLILY Cotton Neck Protective Pillow with outer shell made of soft breathable fabric, good sweat absorbency, meticulous seam, brings good sleep and comfortable feeling.

The inside of the pillow is made of a soft, breathable polyurethane fiber material that enhances elasticity and smoothness.

The pillow has a curved design, fits snugly with the neck arc, helps protect the neck vertebrae, helps the neck not be damaged, aches and pains while sleeping, helps you sleep better.

  • Meticulous seam, not out of intestine.
  • Pillows have good elasticity, help you sleep well and deeply
  • Pillows are made of safe materials, and do not contain harmful substances
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ZURI PILLOW non-medical rubber nape nape sleeping pillow

  • Size (length x width x height): 50 x 30 x 11/6 (cm) ± 1-2cm
  • Weight (with shell): ~ 550 (gr)
  • Bowel material: 100% high quality memory foam
  • Shell material: High quality 100% cotton CVC velvet
  • Usage: Use as a normal pillow, regardless of subjects. Particularly for children aged 8 and over
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Wellpur Fana Activated Foam Pill

Best pillow for sore neck – Wellpur Fana Activated Foam Pillow (30 x 50 x 10 / 7cm) is manufactured from foam and polyester material, providing softness, softness, and ventilation.

In particular, the product brings a very comfortable feeling to the knees, helping to effectively relieve neck pain. An active sucking pillow will help you sleep, relax and improve your health.

The knee is designed neatly following the curve of the nape, helping you to lie more comfortably, without neck pain or affecting the spine.

Products contribute to perfecting the comfortable bedroom space, giving you effective moments of rest.

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Green bean pods SUNNY – RG-DX

Best pillow for sore neck – The side zipped pillow can be adjusted to suit you by adding or removing green pea pods.

Completely natural, no chemicals are used

Durable, use over 3 years

And the most important thing about SUNNY mung bean pod pillow is capable of supporting head, neck and shoulders, you will not feel pain when waking up.

Because the green pea pods have a lot of flexibility, when you lie on the pillow, the green pea pods will automatically move and hug your head. Creates a support force, no matter what position you sleep in, the pillow supports your spine in a natural bond.

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50D Lock & Lock Memory Foam Pillows HLW114

Best pillow for sore neck – 50D Lock & Lock Memory Foam Pillows HLW114 (62 x 34 x 10 cm) originating from Korea, is the ideal choice to nurture and take care of your sleep, highly appreciated by consumers for quality both products and effectiveness.

  • Dimensions: D x W x C (62 x 34 x 10 cm)
  • Origin: Korean brand
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Model: HLW114


  • Pillow cover: 40% bamboo thread + 60% polyester
  • Inner pillow case: 100% polyester
  • Elastic rubber gut

User manual:

  • Used as a sleeping pillow
  • Suitable for people with insomnia, neck pain, spinal pain, pregnant women

Instructions for storage: Store in a cool, dry place

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Non Bamboo Latex Pillows (30x50cm) Anti-Painful Spine Spine Snoring

  • Product Name: Non-rubber Pillow + Pillow (30x50cm) Anti-Pain Spine Neck Snoring
  • Made in Viet Nam
  • Material: Young rubber covered with zipper.
  • Color: white and blue with the words BamBoo and Truc Truc.
  • Size: 55x30x9cm. (Length x Width x Head High)


Best pillow for sore neck – Soft rubber pillow has a special wavy structure that helps to well support the head and neck, giving you a completely comfortable feeling without snoring loudly while sleeping.

Note: lying on the big head so that the rubber pillows hug the neck, be elastic and better support the neck.

The product has the ability to limit snoring, elasticity adjusts to the surface of young rubber.

Unique BamBoo and Truc Truc damask cover with removable zipper

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