Top 6+ best sound system for car

Best sound system for car – Subwoofer is a device that supports to upgrade the car’s sound system, meeting the entertainment needs of people on long journeys. On the market there are many types of subwoofer for cars with the ability to improve different sound quality. Here are the best sub sub speakers for cars in 2020, invite you to consult to know which subwoofer subwoofer is good and suitable for your car!

Pioneer 130DA seat subwoofer

Best sound system for car – This is Pioneer speaker line imported directly to Australia and is highly appreciated by many customers. This technology device improves the bass on the car stereo in a real and vivid way. Give you the minute to enjoy great music right on your beloved car.

Powerful amplified subwoofer

  • Combining an integrated 160-watt Class D amplifier, a specially designed aluminum audio enclosure, and Digital Bass Control, a technology developed by Pioneer for frequency response and increased performance, are compact while produces deep and powerful bass.

Digital audio control

  • Digital Bass Control offers two selectable listening modes, Deep and Dynamic, which enhance the system optimization and adjust the output to complement different music styles and vehicles.

Flexible installation

  • Extremely compact and designed for installation in tight spaces. With the ability to fit under the seat, behind the seat or inside a small storage compartment, features a wide range of vehicle applications.
  • In addition, also the Pioneer brand has subwoofer Pioneer TS – WX 120A, TS – WX 110A
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Blaupunkt XLF 180A under seat subwoofer – Best sound system for car

  • Maximum output power: 400W
  • Rated output power (RMS): 180W
  • Class AB amplification technology
  • Subwoofer size: 8 inch
  • Conical composition: aluminum
  • Noise ratio: 91dB
  • Voltage: 14.4V (10V-16V)
  • Fuse level: 25A
  • Output impedance: 2 ohm
  • Frequency response: 30Hz-150Hz
  • Increase: 200mV-6V
  • 3 trigger positions: up, down and side
  • Remote controller: Wired
  • Easy to install
  • Warranty 12 months.
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Subwoofer under the seat Nakamichi – Best sound system for car

  • Nakamichi seat subwoofer compact design, easily integrated in any position in the car body or under the seat.
  • The bass is strong, the bass is taut and the drums are separated, solid.
  • Easy to install without damaging the car battery, all you need to do for the speaker to work is plug in the jack and plug the power cord.
  • Along with the Nakamichi subwoofer product is the remote control that helps to adjust the input sensitivity and change bass
  • frequencies easily and conveniently.
  • Just install a Nakamichi subwoofer with 4 wing speakers on the car to enjoy the bass music in your own style.
  • Model: Nakamichi NBF80A
  • Speaker woofer: 8 inch 3-way
  • Impedance: 2 ohm
  • Maximum capacity 150W
  • Sensitivity (2.83V / m):> 90dB
  • Dimensions: 345 (D) x 250 (W) x 80 (H) mm
  • Subsonic filter: 20Hz
  • Filter LPF: 50-150Hz
  • Passive heatsink: 185 x 52 mm (2pcs).
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Subwoofer under seat MBQ 800RL

  • Maximum power: 240W (120Wx2)
  • Output impedance: 2 ohm + 2 ohm
  • Frequency: 30 – 100 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 91dB
  • Speaker input: 0.8V
  • Voltage: 14.4V (10V ~ 16V)
  • Dimensions: 337 x 245 x 78 mm
  • Model: MBQ – 800RL
  • Dimensions (D x W x H): 337 x 245 x 78mm
  • Weight: 5 kg
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JBL Bass Pro SL subwoofer – Best sound system for car

Best sound system for car – Genuine imported JBL Bass pro subwoofer for extremely strong sound quality. The JBL subwoofer is available inside, so listening to the music is very deep and warm, playing loud music for a long time also does not suffer from ear pain.

The product is suitable for cars with 5 seats or more.

  • Size: 8 inches, compact design conveniently fits under the seat;
  • Continuous output power: 125W
  • Maximum power: 250W
  • Impedance: 4 ohm
  • Amplification Class D type, frequency range from 20Hz – 150Hz
  • Sensitivity: 94dB
  • Supports 3 ways to protect the power source when it is a lot of heat to help increase the life of the speaker
  • Input: Minimum is 200mV-2V / Maximum is 2V-20V
  • Standard frequency: 35-120Hz
  • Bass tone filter variation: 50-120Hz, 12 dB / octave
  • Maximum current 12A
  • Allowable electrostatic frequency is below 800mA.
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Best sound system for car – Basslink Infinity car subwoofer is a brand of high-end speakers from the US for instruments that want extreme sound in cars. Strongly emanating from the speaker, the wide pronunciation is suitable for cars with large spaces of 7 seats or more.

  • Basslink Infinity car Sub speaker has a relatively large size, so it is usually installed in the back of the car.
  • Basslink Infinity’s car subwoofer line is divided into two categories:
  • Basslink Infinity car subwoofer 2 speakers: Basslink Infinity 2-speaker car subwoofer is designed more compact with 2 speakers on 2 opposite sides, can be installed under the seat or trunk.
  • Basslink Infinity car subwoofer 3 speakers: Basslink Infinity 3-speaker subwoofer is designed with 3 beautiful adjacent speakers, with built-in amps for extreme sound.
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