Top 6+ best tents for families

Best tents for families – Good family camping tents play a very important role in outdoor excursions. If you are planning a trip on the upcoming weekend or holiday with your family, check out Megahot’s article sharing top list of Best tents for families today!

Self-sprung camping tent Camel CM6315

Best tents for families – This is a line of self-sprung camping tents of brand Camel. Camel is a high-class brand in the world in the field of production and distribution of outdoor, camping, costume … products with high quality and durable.


  • The biggest strength of this type of tent is that it takes only 10-15 seconds to install it quickly, and you can build a tent.
  • How it works: fully self-extracting. This is the latest operating mechanism today, increasing the durability of the shaft.
  • Seasoned: The 2-layer tent line, the 150D Oxford fabric is covered with 1 layer of waterproof PU1000mm to help increase the resistance to moisture.
  • Flexible: The two-layer tents are extremely simple to expand the space easily. Can be used for 6-8 people instead of 3-4 people as usual.
  • The “standard” carbon fiber frame, which is highly flexible, highly elastic, is divided into flexible segments and joined together by secure joint locks.
  • Outstanding color: Tent fabric is designed with outstanding 3D motifs, attractive in picnics.


  • High price: Camel is a famous picnic brand in the world and the price is high compared to the general premises.
  • Weight is quite heavy 3.4kg. Package size is quite bulky: 75x15x15cm, so it will be difficult to move.
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Wolfskin automatic tent 8-9 people – Best tents for families


  • Large tent line: The tent is 300x280x160cm, can be used for 8-9 people.
  • How it works: Still a self-extracting mechanism, but there is a little difference compared to the two lines above is the tent shaft is attached to the inner layer. The shaft part is protected by the outer fabric.
  • Ventilation: 2-layer tent but you can only apply layer in shady conditions.


  • Mechanism of self-extracting spring shaft: The structure of the self-inflating spring shaft makes the shaft system rust and weaken over time due to the influence of weather.
  • Stability is not high: Because tents have large space, it will be less stable in high wind cases than small tents 3-4 people.
  • Heavy & Bulky: The tent is packed bulky and heavy, making traveling difficult.
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Trackman TM1111 tent

Best tents for families – This is a tent line for 3-4 people, suitable for families. In terms of structure, this tent works similar to the two lines of Gazelle Outdoors GL1688 and Camel CM6315 above, but there are a few points that make a difference.


  • This is a branded tent line in Vietnam. The prices are relatively consistent with the Vietnamese market.
  • Assembling quickly, about 30 seconds and you have completed the construction of the Trackman TM1111 self-extracting tent.
  • Flexibility: Similar to Gazelle Outdoors and Camel, this type of tent is also quite versatile in use. You can expand the usable space into 1 canopy and 1 tent.

  • Spring shaft: The shaft of the tent frame operates on a self-springing mechanism. The user, after pulling up the tent and pulling the four legs of the tent, will use hand force to push the shaft down. The shaft is designed as a spring and does not have a protective roof cover. This causes the shaft to rust and become inefficient over time.
  • Limit the level of water resistance: The tent is made of 190T Polyester taffeta.
  • This is a thin polyester fabric that feels smooth and luxurious, and is cheap.
  • Compared with Oxford fabric, Polyester taffeta 190T is much thinner and less waterproof. The TM1111 self-inflating tent is suitable for use only in cool, low rain weather.
  • Difficult to repair: What if your tent is accidentally broken in frame? Answer: You cannot replace the new frame because Trackman does not make the subframe for this tent line. This is a major drawback of the product.
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Buffalo Premium tents automatic mechanism

Best tents for families – Maybe the name of this brand is quite strange in Vietnam, but Buffalo is a quite famous tent company in the land of Kim Chi.

Buffalo Premium tent for about 5-6 people, extremely airy design with 4 doors on 4 sides, with these 4 doors also makes access convenient.

There is an enlarged roof design, increasing the usable area as well as the ventilation. In addition, you can order a lot more items such as picnic tables and chairs, shoes …

The inner layer operates on an automatic turn-on mechanism to reduce installation time, and at the same time this self-extracting frame is also better protected by the outer layer, limiting the impact of weather.

The tent has a large space with the dimensions: 410 x 305 x 188cm, but due to the use of sturdy steel frame supports, instability in high wind weather can be limited.

However, with this Buffalo tourist tent weighing up to 12kg, it is very heavy to bring about in a picnic.

In addition, the price of the tent is not cheap, the price to Vietnam ranges from 7-9 million.

But you also need to pay attention when buying this product because it is likely that the goods are counterfeit, to avoid losing money and the quality of the tent is not adequate, you should look to the establishments that sell genuine tents to buy.

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Desert Camel tourist tent 5-8 people

Best tents for families – This type of camping tent is designed with 3 compartments, for 5-8. If you want to have your own space, you can use the 2 inner compartments, if you want to enjoy the scenery and chat together, use the outer compartment (living room).

This type of tent is 2 layers with good waterproof fabric (Polyester 210T with PU4500mm waterproof coating).

Although the tent is made of good waterproof fabric, it is still very airy when there are 3 doors, 1 door with 2 compartments, 3 side windows and the top of the inner layer tent is also made mostly in mesh form, so it is rarely squash. You can absolutely just use the layer while the weather is dry.

The frame structure is sturdy when combined with an iron frame with electrostatic spray paint + a fiberglass frame, helping the tent stand firm even in bad weather.

Besides, this tent also has some disadvantages:

  • First, heavy weight (up to 16.8kg). So if you use this type of tent, you need to use a car to transport, but if you carry a long distance, it will be very tiring.
  • Second: Assembling long and difficult to assemble. With 10 supports (by electrostatic spray iron) + 3 fiberglass frames (used for the top of the tent). The assembly of the tent is not easy and it is difficult for one person to assemble it. Therefore, when using this type of tent, you need prior experience building camp or else it will be very time consuming to camp and can ruin your outdoor travel.
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Coleman 8 people Instant 2000018296

Best tents for families – If you are looking for a large camping tent and set it up quickly, then Coleman 8 people Instant 2000018296 is not a bad choice.

Quick tent erection is the first advantage of this product. In just about 1-2 minutes, your tent is set up with a few simple and safe operations as the frames are already assembled and pre-pierced through the fabric.

For many people: This is a tent line designed for 8 people (West) and it can accommodate 8-12 Vietnamese. If you go with large numbers of people, you can just bring this 1 tourist tent instead of carrying 2-3 smaller ones.

Thick Polyester fabric, using Coleman’s Weather TecTM system, seams are glued with water-resistant film, and flipped inside (bottom), increasing the waterproofing of the tent. However, the tent is suitable for use in low rain, moderate rain, and cannot withstand heavy and continuous rain.

Although with outdoor tents with large space, the stability is not high, but with this 8-person Coleman Instant tent, you can be completely assured because the frames are made of iron, extremely strong, stable. before the wind.

However, this line of tents is extremely heavy and if you use a car, it is appropriate, but if you use a motorbike to move, it is quite difficult.

Design 1 layer so the tent frame will be affected by weather after a period of use.

And one more minus point is the product is priced very “acrid”. The price listed on Coleman’s genuine website, this 8-person Instant tent is priced at 299.99 USD (about 7 million VND) and when coming to Vietnam, the price is also about 15 million for this tent.

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