Top 7 best luggage Brands in Australia

Best luggage Australia – A towed suitcase with wheels is very convenient when traveling or working. Not only classified into two types of hard and soft, many suitcase models are also equipped with a variety of different functions. Surely you will be confused about which suitcase is best, suitable for your needs?

Therefore in this article, Megahot will introduce the top 7 best suitcases that are popular today. Wish you find a suitcase that brings comfort to your travels!


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Best luggage Australia – The first suitcase company that I want to share with you in today’s article is Flylite, here you can choose from a variety of suitcases with all sizes to suit your needs. of each person. The company’s products are so lightweight that they are easy to carry out quickly.

One of the outstanding products of the past time can be mentioned is the Flyllite Tahoe 81cm suitcase with a weight of only 3.1kg and a total volume of up to 101L, especially if you want to expand more then dark. multipurpose suitcase will be 114L. On the front, the suitcase will have 2 zip pockets and a bright orange border to help you recognize your suitcase quickly, it is also equipped with a lock for added security. The products come in a variety of 4 to 8 cakes that can be rotated 360 degrees. The price of the product can range from $ 120 up to $ 330.

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Best luggage Australia – The second company on our list is travel backpacks and duffle bags, currently there are many designs for you to choose from. The capacities of the product will range from 12L to 100L, making it the ideal way to find a carry-on bag or something to hold for several weeks. The 70L Interloper gridTech Pack comes equipped with a harness to help you carry the long haul without worry.

According to the brand, Kathmandu’s biggest XT series 100L dry cargo bag can withstand heat quite well from -36 degrees C to 80 degrees C and withstand the whole country. Prices with product can range from 50 – 600 dollars.

Products are rated at 4-star level for customer satisfaction and the adequacy of the money you spent. As for the security, it has a 4-star rating.

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Best luggage Australia – ALDI Special Buys is becoming a leading brand of suitcases in recent times. The Skylite Polypropylene suitcase is available in two models: $ 49.99 portable and a $ 79.99 76 cm suitcase that weighs 2.4 kg and 4.3 kg respectively. Each product comes with double zippers and super secure TSA locks.

ALDI has also just released a two-plate, super-light suitcase that measures just 78 cm (2.8 kg) and 67cm (2.5kg) for a price tag of $ 89.99. Both have 360-degree wheels and are detachable.

The affordable product is also of outstanding quality, so there are many 5-star reviews for this product.

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Best luggage Australia – Antler is one of the pioneering brands of travel luggage in the world. Antler brand was founded in 1914, for over 105 years, Antler has affirmed its distinct position and was named “The best luggage British” – UK’s No. 1 Suitcase Brand.

The designs of Antler brand focus on each line in accordance with fashion trends, bringing elegance, fashion and elegance. Antler is always at the forefront of the luggage industry and always updates and changes itself to better suit the needs of users.

In order to maintain absolute trust in the hearts of users, Antler brand always sets the top three criteria: “Breakthrough Design – Top Quality – Absolute Trust”. With the above criteria, Antler suitcase company is constantly taking the initiative, innovating to create a distinct personality and bringing sustainable brand value over time.

All products of Antler suitcase brand are focused on every detail of assembly to meet all quality standards before being released to the market. Surely the Antler travel trailer will be the perfect choice for you in every trip.

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Best luggage Australia – Samsonite is a leading name in the industry of suitcases, backpacks and bags – high-quality products, elegant, compact, many conveniences inside, timely meeting the most essential needs of ordinary people. have to move a lot in life.

In particular, with the House Of Samsonite model, once again, Samsonite affirms the desire to best serve consumers with many new product lines that have just inherited Samsonite’s hundreds of years of professionalism and expertise. good, rich and modern design.

Products from this brand meet the needs of many different audiences and customer segments in the market.

INOVA (U91) is a professional choice for any trip. The use of polycarbonate materials using Markrolon high technology in the production of the shell has created the finished suitcase with many vertical lines like paint brush marks, not only having unique aesthetics but also minimizing the possibility of scratched. Product international warranty 10 years.

Samsonite Red, the collections are designed in association with the modern, youthful, dynamic trend that is suitable for urban youth. Product international warranty 2 years

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Best luggage Australia – This Australian consumer organization has ranked the top 16 portable suitcases based on toughness, durability, water resistance, and wheels that can work on different surfaces. The results showed that Kmart’s cheap suitcase has been rated as ranked 4th among the best.

Kmart’s soft, light suitcase, worth $ 49, has an overall score of 86%, roughly with the top one being the American Tourister Curio, which retails at $ 239.

Big W Jetstream costs $ 70, although more expensive than Kmart’s suitcase, but still has to be right behind at No. 5, while another type of Kmart occupies 6th place at $ 38.

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American Tourister

The American Tourister brand is a combination of many elements of travel including style and confidence. Therefore, American Tourister is committed to ensuring that all products are durable, lightweight, fashionable, multifunctional and cost effective. That’s why American Tourister has been a trusted worldwide brand for over 80 years and now available in more than 80 countries!

Founded in 1933 by Sol Koffler, American Tourister has grown to become America’s leading suitcase brand. With a commitment, products from American Tourister are always the best suitcases, durable, and affordable for the majority of consumers.

Outstanding growth since 1945 when air travel flourished and American Tourister handbags were both compact and easy to move to quickly respond to the needs of consumers at that time. By the 1960s, when the trend of international travel was growing, American Tourister even became the first brand to equip the crew of major airlines on their test flights.
Next to the 80s and 90s, with diversified suitcase products, fabric suitcases were born and completed with many outstanding features to meet the needs of consumers. Overcoming the expectations of the market about the new generation suitcases, the most demanding critics, along with that, the range of the American Tourister brand is becoming more and more popular.

Up to now, users always appreciate that American Tourister suitcases have risen to the top of the world with suitcase collections not only of superior quality but also outstanding design from youthful, modern, dynamic to simple. elegant, luxurious.

Curio is an extremely popular American Tourister suitcase collection, with a unique design, extended luggage space function to help you easily pack and carry more belongings for your trip. . Hand drag smoothly and pain-free when carrying, the dual wheel system moves smoothly with the ability to rotate 360 ​​degrees extremely convenient.

Handy suitcase from American Tourister designed high-quality ABS plastic and extremely smart compartment will be the perfect choice for you. 360-degree rotating wheel system for flexibility, optimal security. The suitcase material is perfect waterproof, has good resistance to impact and scratches, effectively protects your belongings.

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