Top 7+ best smartwatch for kids

Best smartwatch for kidsSmartwatch for babies, also known as Navigation or phone clock, is a type of device that includes the functions of a smartwatch integrated with technology applications on the Smartphone, from there. Minimize necessary functions to suit the needs of young children. If you are looking for a smart watch for your baby, do not miss Top List of HOT products compiled by Megahot.


Best smartwatch for kidsNowadays, the development of children’s thinking is always the top priority for parents. Perception and memory help people observe and remember all knowledge. How to apply that knowledge to analyze and solve specific problems, apart from thinking, there is no other way. Therefore, thinking ability plays a very important role in the child’s mental development. In order for their children to be successful, parents always pay attention to developing children’s thinking.

In the development of children, there is a great contribution of toys parents buy for children. Useful toys will make young children develop logical and creative thinking very early.

Therefore, Creative Game will give parents an option for your baby – Smartwatch – Leap Frog Children’s Smartwatch

The smart design not only helps babies learn to watch time, but also encourages them to love movement through 50 exciting motor challenges. The watch allows your baby to choose to nurture and take care of his pet friends (name, choose color, feed the pet, bathe, play games).

Help your baby learn personal hygiene & nutrition knowledge through games in Smartwatch Leapfrog

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Tencent QQWatch C002

  • Tencent’s latest generation high-end GPS watch, touch screen support, numeric keypad to help you check your account, recharge … without removing the sim or using another application, Upgrade the water resistance rating to IP67.
  • Listen to two-way calls with up to 16 numbers, control contacts on the watch, strangers can not call the watch without permission
  • Receive and display SMS messages

  • SOS emergency call function, alert when battery is low
  • Provide 6 main guardian accounts (1 main account and 5 sub-accounts) with high security
  • List of contacts with up to 16 numbers, most of the watches with navigation feature for children today.
  • QQWATCH application was developed by Tencent – China’s largest application developer and leading in the Asia-Pacific region, in the Top 10 most valuable brands in the world in 2017 (Owning Wechat and QQChat ).
  • Send and receive voice messages, support family group chat or private chat with main guardians
  • Multi-mode positioning: GPS, LBS

  • No GSM radiation, safe for children
  • Three positioning map modes (2D map, satellite map and combined map format)
  • Track log monitoring (Watch movement history recording)
  • Safety zone setting (Electronic fence mode)
  • In the classroom mode, the watch goes to silent mode, at which point you cannot make calls to the watch in the normal way.
  • Manual power off disable mode: When enabled, QQ Watch C002 cannot be turned off
  • Sports mode measures the daily amount of exercise of the child (the number of steps taken, the number of kcal consumed and the number of kilometers the child can walk in a day)
  • Listen to remote surveillance, listen to sounds from the surrounding environment, take remote photos with 2.0 MP camera

  • Remote control: Find remote clock, remote power off, alarm remotely.
  • Schedule remote power on and off for the watch. This feature allows the watch to avoid battery bottle when charged overnight.
  • Products are exclusively distributed in Vietnam by ANTIEN.VN and in Southeast Asia by Sibyl World Sdn Bhd ( – Malaysia
  • Note: GPS watch product QQWatch C002 version 2018 with touch screen support sold by ANTIEN.VN is EU version. This is the version running on GSM 900/1800 band. It operates in most countries in
  • Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Oceania and Asia (outside of Japan, Korea). Tencent QQWatch C002 only supports Nano GSM 2G SIM card and has Data connection.
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Kurio Watch

Kurio Watch is a real smartwatch that uses a high resolution touch screen. It has 256MB of internal memory along with an additional 32Gb Micro SD card jack. It features tools like alarm clocks, spreadsheets, contacts, activity tracking, and has over 20 different games and apps. The games can be played in either private or 2-player mode, and you can also use the internal image motion sensor to play active games.

  • Product size 7.9 “x3.1” x4.8 “
  • Product weight 4 oz
  • Compatibility Android and iPhone via Bluetooth


  • Reasonable price
  • Allows parental control when connected to bluetooth
  • Children can accept phone calls from friends and family
  • Parents can access important information in the Emergency App App
  • Camera and video 0.3 MP


  • The battery drains quickly
  • The screen is susceptible to damage if dropped
  • Currently available only for Android. Compatible with iPhone only via bluetooth technology.
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Huami Amazfit Bip

Best smartwatch for kidsThe Huami Amazfit Bip smart watch has a pretty modern design, with many youthful colors. The watch also monitors health that improves workouts by measuring calories consumed, heart rate, and steps so you can better track your training progress through the watch.

Simple and delicate design

With the highly customizable capabilities, the Huami Amazfit Bip smartwatch becomes a fashion accessory that you can carry with you anytime, anywhere, in addition to good health and exercise.

The display is good

The Huami Amazfit Bip Smartwatch is equipped with light-reflecting technology for clear, clear images outdoors, under the sun.

Don’t miss important announcements

Huami Amazfit features a notification display when there is an incoming message, an incoming call combined with the ability to reject a call directly on the watch face without using the phone.

Convenient connection using App Mifit

Compared with the previous version, the Huami Amazfit Bip smartwatch now supports users to connect to Huami’s Mifit app for more convenient use.

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LG GizmoGadget

The GizmoGadget navigation watch also functions to “lure” children into sports by offering games that require children to actually jump or walk, jog to get points. GizmoPal 2 has many functions like the GizmoGadget GPS child locator watch, but because it does not have a built-in screen, it is only used for locating and listening to calls.

Location capabilities of LG GizmoGadget

GPS positioning capabilities are the most important thing on these two navigation watches. It can send the child’s location to the parent’s phone automatically using the GPS connection combined with the Internet. Parents can follow multiple children at the same time, each child will be represented by a unique color on the mobile app with the name accompanying. The aforementioned location is represented by a pin on the map, very friendly and easy to use, immediately understood without any complicated operation. The app for the Gizmo series is compatible with both Android and iOS.

LG GizmoGadget’s interface

The interface of the GizmoGadget GPS watch has a simple, colorful design suitable for young children. Everything is large in size so the baby can learn to use very quickly. In addition, as mentioned above, the GizmoGadget GPS watch also includes small games that require children to be really active to score points. For example, parents can tell the child to run 20 steps, at which point the game will ask the child to actually walk to add points for each step, or if he asks for a 15-time jump, the child will have to jump to get the coins. are lying on high (in game). Obviously this kind of sport promotion is great, it both motivates you and adds joy.
One point that is not very complete, if not the downside is that the GizmoGadget Children’s Navigation Watch is integrated with a capacitive touch screen, so the touch is very boring and inaccurate. If you drag your finger, it will feel uncomfortable because of the poor sensitivity, like the way we use smartphones in prehistoric times.

GizmoPal is not equipped with a screen, only a few LEDs to indicate what the current feature is. And also because it does not use a screen, the GizmoPal baby GPS watch does not have a texting function, nor does it have sports games like the GizmoGadget GPS watch. Of course the navigation function is indispensable.

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Pebble Time

Watch face and case

Best smartwatch for kidsThe watch is square but much rounded at the four corners, not square and sharp like the previous two Pebbles, which makes it look teenier, not as masculine and seductive as the previous generation.

Pebble Time’s case is made of PolyCarbonate plastic, the top has a rather large bezel made of stainless steel but actually looks more like plastic than steel. The one I hold in black, should have steel with a matte black tone will be very nice and sturdy, but on this Pebble Time it looks a bit … duck.

Button & Control Speed

Pebble Time retains the hard key system including 1 Back button on the left and 3 function buttons on the right (up / select / down).
The key is sturdy, easy to press, good bounce.
Up and Down keys can still be set as shortcuts to quickly open a certain app when pressed and held.
Very high sensitivity, extremely fast response speed, using hard keys to control on Pebble Time is very effective and this is also a huge advantage of Pebble watches.

Feeling of wearing

Very good, when worn on will find very light and comfortable, partly because Pebble Time is quite light, thin and is designed slightly rounded to embrace the wrist more comfortably. Absolutely not cause heavy feeling.

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Garmin Vivofit Jr 2

Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 is the second version of Garmin’s fitness tracker line for kids. Similar to the adult product models, the Vivofit Jr 2 also has the ability to track the number of steps and sleep, but it is beautifully presented and more fun to suit children’s preferences. Children can receive virtual coins to buy game items or receive rewards from parents by practicing according to the set goals (presented in various games). Parents can also set time to remind their children to do homework, brush their teeth or do weekly chores

To decorate the product more eye-catching, Garmin joined hands with Disney to provide themes such as Marvel, Mickey, Minnie Mouse or Star Wars. Vivofit Jr 2 is also priced from $ 80

If the fitness tracker versions for adults have a more professional interface, the Vivofit Jr 2 comes with a very fun interface. You can choose between themes like Marvel, Mickey, Minnie Mouse or Star Wars, with 2 147mm models for ages 4 ~ 7 or 130-175mm for kids over 6. Vivofit Jr 2’s bracelet is quite soft and leaves no marks on the hands of young children, which most parents will “take a pity on” and then remove from their children’s hands. The bracelet can also be replaced with options starting at $ 27.99.

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