Top 7+ best work shoes for women

Best work shoes for women – To be able to confidently enter the company, just dressing is definitely not enough. You should choose for yourself a pair of work shoes that are suitable for the working environment while still being fashionable and elegant.

Let Megahot take a look at 7 elegant women’s business shoes that best suit the office environment!


In the process of “building” the footwear collection, the presence of feminine doll shoes is an essential thing. No matter how much you love heels, every girl needs to buy herself a pair of sturdy insole shoes.

The classic doll shoes are one of the shoes that fascinate every girl from the world’s top stars to office girls, students or students. With a classic, gentle design, this design always helps girls to showcase their simple yet feminine beauty. You can combine with pleated skirt legs, flared skirt. skinny pants or pencil skirt are perfect.

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Best work shoes for women – Known as one of the most comfortable high heel shoe designs, this is definitely the perfect choice for your office outfit. In some cases, flat sole shoes seem more or less unprofessional, and pointed heels cause your feet to ache, so choose yourself a square sole right away.

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Classic high heels with spearhead designs never let you down. Not only when going to a party, you should wear high heels, the office is also the place for these magical shoes because of its professional look and elegance. However, choose for yourself a shoe with the right height because the heel of more than 7cm will completely not be good for your feet and bring many inconveniences in the office.

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Best work shoes for women – Oxfords shoes are the choice of women’s office shoes for active ladies. If you have to work in an environment that requires frequent commuting and has to save time, this is the first choice. Or if you want to go out, you can combine with jeans, flared skirt legs, there will be a youthful, extremely comfortable set that is still classic and elegant. Choose shoes with neutral colors or denim material is a great suggestion for you.

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Best work shoes for women – The strapless shoe is an item that never disappears from the list of favorite shoe models. Ankle strap is especially suitable for the office environment because of its elegant design, which can be combined with uniforms or jeans, shirts with high applicability. Moreover, this item also helps you to cheat your height quite effectively. The girls can freely match without worrying about getting lost.

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The spiked heel with straps behind the heel is a magic combination of a comfortable sandal and elegant high heels. In fact, the shoe is loved by almost every office woman. Gracious, courteous and keeping the ladies youthful, this design carries a great fashion effect, especially for individuals who think office attire is “not beautiful”.

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It is not accidental that these Kitten Heels are always associated with the image of movie stars from the last century until now. The Kitten Heels with its pointed design and low base (only 2 to 4 inches) give an image of absolute classic elegance and elegance.

Above all, kitten heels are preferred for their comfort. There are no sore feet because of wobbly high heels, but instead stylish, fashionable and elegant low-heeled shoes. With its advantages, kitten heels are especially suitable for office ladies or active girlfriends who often have to move but still want to keep their sophistication and momentum.

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