Top 8+ best sunscreen for acne prone skin

Best sunscreen for acne prone skin – Oily skin is often difficult to choose cosmetics than dry skin, normal skin. Therefore, many of you are wondering when choosing a sunscreen for oily skin to have the best alkaline oil while still protecting the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.

If you are also having trouble in this regard, please refer to the article below! I will share the best oily skin sunscreen products!

Sunscreen Butter Turmeric lift tone, alkali Cocayhoala oil

A chemical hybrid physical sunscreen with SPF50 / PA +++, integrating cream and makeup in the same product, with the ability to naturally tone, suitable for Australian skin. This is also a product derived from plant origin including avocado, turmeric, cheeks, chamomile, peony root and is Dr. Dermatologist. Hoang Le Mai recommends using because of benignness and safety.

Ingredients: Mainly extracted from avocado, turmeric, cheeks and 6 natural ingredients.

Feel when using:

  • Good alkaline oil ability from 5-7 hours, when applied to the skin, leaving a dry, dry and light layer, no squash
  • Safe ingredients, no alcohol, fragrance, suitable for sensitive skin
  • The ability to moisturize well, thanks to the combination of botanicals in the product, ensures a balanced pH for the skin, does not dry out
  • Good tone, capable of concealer, natural white, smooth, without streaks, and leaves marks
  • Integrated anti-drift feature, suitable for outdoor exercise or swimming.
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Sunscreen La Roche Posay

Sunscreen Anthelios from La Roche-Posay brand from France is recommended by dermatologists for sensitive skin and sensitive skin, with very high sun protection. Does not cause acne. Gives a pleasant feeling when applied.

Ingredients: Glycerin, Pentylene Glycol, Styrene / Acrylates Copolymer, Potassium Cetyl Phosphate, Dimethicone, Perlite, Propylene Glycol, …

Feel when using

  • Includes a variety of broad spectrum UV filters to help protect the skin against even long UVA rays.
  • Does not cause greasy shine, extremely limited sweating, does not change skin tone, and is safe for pregnant women.
  • Protect skin from the harmful effects of sunlight & pollution: premature aging, brown spots, pigmentation, sun irritation.
  • Outstanding efficiency, can absorb the amount of sebum 100 times the volume. Controlling sebum & sweat helps to bring a “clean” feeling to the skin for up to 8 hours.
  • My skin has acne, since I used it, when I squeezed it, it wasn’t as dark as before because of the good sun protection.
  • The cream is quite thick, so it must be spread quickly to even out the skin.
  • The smell is quite unpleasant, but you will get used to it a few times.
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Vichy sunscreen for Ideal Soleil oily skin

Sunscreen for oily skin is a brand from France, a sunscreen that nourishes oily, non-greasy skin with SPF 50 PA +++ that is trusted by the oily skin sister association.

Ingredients vichy sunscreen for oily skin:

  • Mexoryl exclusive filter: protects the skin against the harmful effects of UVB rays (burning) and UVA rays (causing irritation, premature aging leading to skin cancer)
  • Alkyl Benzoate: helps dry skin, does not cause greasiness, does not leave white streaks on the skin
  • Vitamin E and Silica: Anti-oxidant, protect cell structure
  • Vichy mineral water: Regenerates & nourishes the skin barrier, for healthy skin

Feel when using

  • Gentle, safe, non-irritating ingredients, using about 1 month of smoother skin than before.
  • Good oil resistance, aroma, compact and convenient design, easy to carry when used outside.
  • The creamy consistency is easy to spread, on the skin is clear, moist and smooth, with a slight tone.
  • There is no need to use moisturizer before using the anti-hot cream, too convenient
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Bioderma Photoderm Nude Touch Oily Skin SPF 50+

Bioderma is a French cosmetic brand established in 1970. Products of Bioderma have the ability to protect the skin thanks to the exclusive Cellular Bioprotection ™ patented by BIODERMA. The product is recommended by dermatologists.

Ingredients: Bioderma Photoderm sunscreen says no to alcohol, paraben, benign for all skin including sensitive, easily irritated skin.

Feel when using

  • Cream smooth, not greasy, quickly penetrates the skin
  • Good oil resistance, safe for even children.
  • No smell, no pressing skin.
  • Water resistance is also very good
  • Ability to conceal and lift skin tone
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Sunscreen Clinique Super City Block

Clinique Super City Block oily skin sunscreen for all skin types, is a brand from the US, researched in a laboratory, meets US standards, is a non-laboratory product on animals.


Antioxidants such as Vitamin C (in the MAP form), Vitamin E (tocopheryl acetate): helps increase sun protection and protect the skin.
Some herbal extracts such as licorice (licorice), algea (algae), cucumber, rosemary …: moisturize the skin, making the skin smoother.

Feel when using

  • Very good sun protection, non-irritating, and even protects the skin from environmental pollution, limits itching and pimples.
  • Skin care ingredients are very good, quickly absorbed, gently on the skin.
  • Conceal acne, blemishes and small scars, skin tone and oil alkaline are quite good
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Sunscreen for oily skin Kiehl’s UV Defense Anti-Pollution

Kiehl’s brand since 1851 probably no stranger to women. The products of this brand are preferred by consumers around the world and are always in the top best selling cosmetics.


  • Lychee Extract (Lychee Extract): against damage from oxidation, the cause of skin aging.
  • UV Filters (UV Filters): Mexoryl SX and Mexoryl XL are two biological filters that protect against high intensity ultraviolet rays,
  • increase the ability to effectively protect against UVA rays, and not degrade as quickly as possible. Other sunscreen types.
  • Cellulospheres: prevents harmful environmental factors from affecting the skin.

Feel when using

  • This product line is effective sunscreen, oil-alkaline, specially designed for sensitive and acne prone skin.
  • The product also moisturizes and enhances the skin tone, natural whitening
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Elta MD UV Clear SPF 46 oily skin sunscreen

Elta MD is a leading American cosmetic brand, which is favored by many consumers. This brand appeared on the market for nearly 30 years and started as a company specializing in the production of sunscreen products for oily skin in the US.


  • Niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and lactic acid: nourishes healthy skin
  • Zinc oxide helps to alkaline oils, leaving skin dry
  • Octinoxate: protects against both short and long wavelength UVB rays.
  • Niacinamide (vitamin B3): regulates sebum, tightens pores, improves the surface of aging skin, evenens skin tone, regenerates rough skin surface structure, reduces redness and moisturizes, helps skin. Skin is youthful, tight and smooth.
  • Tocopheryl Acetate (vitamin E): Good moisturizing and strong antioxidant.

Feel when using:

  • Skin-safe ingredients, no alcohol, no fragrance
  • Sunscreen is water resistant for about 40 minutes, you can comfortably go to the beach
  • Ice cream is thicker, thicker than the so-called liquid. When first applied, the skin tone will be slightly white, but after a few minutes, it will be back to normal.
  • Thin and light, not shiny, the skin is still mildly moisturized
  • However, the color of the cream is brown, it is also fortunate that this color is haunted by yellow Asian skin tones, if your skin is white and blue like Europe and America, it will not suit.
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Eucerin Sun Fluid Mattifying Oily Skin Sunscreen

This is a product of the Eucerin cosmetic brand of the Beiersdorf group. Eucerin was established in the 1980s in Germany until now Eucerin products are available all over the world.


  • The Tinosorb S formula forms a safe, intelligent UVA / UVB filter according to the European Health Protection Association standards.
  • Glycyrhetinic Acid stimulates the skin to exercise its natural defense mechanism.
  • Licochalcone A antioxidant nourishes and protects the skin from the sun.

Feel when using:

  • This girl has a quite simple design with the main color tones of white and orange, which is quite eye-catching. Compact design is only 50ml so it is easy to pack in your carry-on bag.
  • Light yellowish slightly opaque cream color, fast absorbent, does not cause greasy feeling.
  • When applied to the skin, the skin also looks brighter, so we do not need makeup.
  • Sunscreen index is SPF50 which is safe for the skin
  • The ingredients contain Alcohol Denat so if you have sensitive skin to this ingredient, you should be careful before using it!
  • Sunscreen for oily skin has a good moisturizing effect on the skin, reducing the sensation of dryness or white cream streaks on the skin.
  • You can use it daily to help fight the harmful UV rays of the sun.
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Paula’s Choice Clear Ultra Light SPF 30 sunscreen

Paula’s Choice is a famous cosmetic brand in America and around the world. This brand has been officially on the market since 1995. Paula’s Choice products are guaranteed not to cause skin irritation. Sunscreen Paula’s Choice is one of its best-selling products, trusted by many women.


  • Avobenzone 2.0%, Octinoxate 7.50%, Octisalate 5.0%, Octocrylene 2.0%: protect the skin from sun damage
  • Skin soothing agents, plant-based free radicals (chamomile extracts, raspberry, oats: reduce inflammation, soothe redness, fade bruises, and limit oxidation problems) .

How to feel when using sunscreen for oily skin. Paula’s Choice:

  • Unique type design, with convenient pop-up lid. Elegant packaging in two cool blue-white colors.
    Safe, benign ingredient for skin
  • Effective sun protection, optimal oil alkalinity, minimizing acne
  • Very good anti-oxidant, inhibits the aging process of the skin
  • Super lightweight creamy texture, the cream applies to the skin quickly, does not cause greasiness
  • The smell is a bit unpleasant
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Cetaphil Derma Control Oil SPF30 sunscreen

Cetaphil is a world famous cosmetic and pharmaceutical brand belonging to Galderma Laboratories, L.P. Cetaphil products are benign and gentle on the skin, even the most sensitive skin.

Cetaphil Derma Control Oil SPF30 sunscreen stands out with 2 colors purple – white combination. The tube-shaped ice cream is very convenient, helping you to get the cream easily.

Ingredients sunscreen for oily skin Cetaphil:

  • Glycerin: Provides and maintains moisture, helps skin stay smooth and fresh
  • Panthenol (B5): strengthens skin moisture while creating a barrier to protect the skin from adverse environmental influences.
  • Vitamin E: hydrates and replenishes the skin, helps skin stay healthy and beautiful.
  • Allantoin: is an anti-inflammatory, helps to soothe the skin, limit irritation, regenerate the skin and improve damage on the epidermal surface.
  • Aloe Vera: soothes skin well, hydrates quickly and nourishes skin effectively, effectively combats aging problems

Feel when using:

  • The cream is easy to spread evenly, smooth and absorbent quickly, but the new application will feel a bit hissing. The finish is smooth and shiny
  • The right moisture, not too moist but keeps the skin from drying out throughout the day.
  • Good alkaline oil, skin is dry. Especially suitable for those who are suffering from blackheads, hidden acne because the skin’s natural moisture is protected, so the skin limits excess oil production that causes acne.
  • Low sun protection index, only suitable for you to use for office, not suitable for you outdoor activities
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