Top 9+ best face cream for men

Best face cream for men – New and modern life makes the thinking about beauty also gradually change. If in the past, skin care and beauty were just a world for women, nowadays the need to beautify men is equally important. Therefore, there are many types of cosmetics for men that are born to help you take care of and nurture healthy skin from within. So which is the best male lotion today, please refer to the article below to choose the best choice for you.

Sulwhasoo Energizing Cream For Men

This is a product of the famous Sulwhasoo brand from Korea. In this cream contains many nutrients from natural herbs that help nourish and regenerate skin cells effectively and especially safe for the skin.

With a powerful and luxurious black box, the Sulwhasoo cleanser makes a good impression right from the outside form. The biggest advantage of this cream is that it is extracted the essential nutrients from precious medicinal plants such as red Ganoderma, red ginseng, .. to help the skin easily penetrate and nourish the skin from deep within. Especially, there is little risk of allergies. However, the downside of this cream line is its relatively high price tag.

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Garnier Men Powerlight lotion

Best face cream for men – Garnier Men Powerlight is a product of Garnier brand originating from Europe. The highlight of this product is its ability to effectively clean the skin, they can remove dirt, bacteria and reduce blemishes and acne after only a period of use.

In addition to the role of removing dirt on the skin, nutrients in Garnier Men Powerlight can easily penetrate deep into the skin to help prevent skin aging, reduce dark spots, dark spots caused by acne. Anti-UV properties make skin healthier and brighter every day.

Garnier Men Powerlight tube box design with two main colors black and blue is simple but also quite eye-catching and polite, strongly impressing men when it comes to the product.

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Victoria whitening cream

Whitening cream Victoria is an outstanding product for men of a famous Victorian brand from the UK. Currently, this line of ice cream for men is present in many countries around the world including Australia.

The Victoria Whitening Cream has a very impressive design, with a luxurious and classy silver-glass case that is friendly at first sight. Next, this cream contains many important nutrients such as AHAs, collagen, .. has the ability to whiten, stimulate skin cell growth, reduce wrinkles to help brighten skin.

This cream has the ability to safely and effectively whiten skin, when applied, it does not feel greasy, but it is easy to absorb and nourish skin cells. Moreover, the cream also has a mild, pleasant fragrance, so it is easy to use, less irritating to the skin.

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L’Oreal Men Expert White Activ Cream

Best face cream for men – L’Oreal is essentially a global cosmetic brand because they are present in over 120 countries around the world and are well received by many consumers. The L’Oreal Men Expert White Activ product is one of the best-selling male skin care products because of its ability to whiten the skin, fade dark circles and anti-UV rays.

The main ingredients in this cream include Ceramide, Vitamin E and several other active ingredients that easily penetrate into the skin to help moisturize, soften and whiten the skin. Moreover, this cream is also quite benign, less likely to allergy and is trusted by many men.

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Nivea Men 3-in-1 Men’s Lotion

Nivea is a global cosmetic brand, they are present in many countries around the world and have been in the Australian market for many years. In which, the Nivea Men 3-in-1 lotion line is a skin care product exclusively for men with the ability to effectively cleanse the skin while preventing UV rays, regulating sebum on the skin to help cleanse the skin. transient reduces the risk of acne.

The box design is a simple round box, but highlights the brand name with a powerful navy blue, which makes a strong impression on the guys who are first known. The main ingredients in the lotion include Aqua, Glycerin, Isopropyl Palmitate and Alcohol, .. easily penetrates into the skin to help balance moisture and balance oil secretions, giving men healthy and whiter skin. .

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Vaseline Men Face Anti-Spot Whitening Cream

Vaseline seems to be a familiar name of the famous Unilever Group from the US and has appeared for a long time in many countries around the world, including Australia.

The outstanding advantage of the product Vaseline Men Face Anti-Spot Whitening is the ability to moisturize, supply water and support the recovery of damaged skin caused by insect burns, sunburns, retail, …

The tube-type exterior design is quite simple but enough for consumers to recognize the product as soon as they see it. This product has an affordable price suitable for many consumers.

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Body Lotion The M.E.N Body Lotion

Best face cream for men – Among a multitude of skin care products for men, Body Lotion The M.E.N is the most chosen by many guys for its whitening and smoothing effects.

The minimalist yet luxurious black box design helps buyers easily identify the product brand. The cream has many good nutrients extracted from natural plants such as green tea, orange peel or other nutrients in milk, .. easily absorbed, nourishing white, healthy and very safe skin.

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Sukin For Men premium men’s lotion

Sukin For Men Men’s Lotion Series contains many natural nutrients that help keep skin healthy and bright

Sukin For Men is a premium product from Australia. This is one of the products chosen by men to take care of their facial skin.

In Sukin For Men Cleanser Cream contains many natural ingredients extracted from coconut, aloe vera and many other important nutrients. These ingredients have the ability to restore damaged skin cells caused by acne, sunburn, and also can antibacterial, moisture balance for skin to brighten and health each day.

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Olive 3W Clinic Olive For Men men’s lotion

Best face cream for men – Another prominent Korean brand is the white skin cream for men – Olive 3W Clinic. The ingredients of this cosmetic product are extracted from the olive tree that works to smooth wrinkles, firm and healthy skin. In addition, vitamins A, vitamin E easily penetrates deep into the skin to help brighten the skin, even color and tighten pores.

The box is elegantly designed with two main colors, white and light blue, so that consumers can easily recognize the brand of the product.

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