Top 9+ best tablet for kids

Best tablet for kids – If you want to buy your child a tablet, these are the best and most affordable products available to ensure they have the best age-appropriate tablet.

Criteria for choosing tablets for children

Best tablet for kids – Children love tablets with lots of content intended for them to entertain and educate. Here are some criteria you should consider to buy a tablet that best suits your child.

? Suitable age

The best tablets for your kids will depend on their age. LeapFrog and VTech make tablets suitable for children between 3-6 years old. When kids reach the age of 6 or 7, they no longer want the “toddler” tablet and ask for something a little more “mature”.

Your children will surely know how “suitable” tablets are for them as they regularly borrow from your iPad or Android computer. That’s why the latest 9.7in is on this list. It’s actually cheaper than the iPad mini.

It’s great to have an iPad, but the problem is that they’re fragile, but with the widest selection of apps and games, many of them are completely free.

You can buy a kid-appropriate iPad case and disable Safari (to prevent web browsing) and restrict music, videos, apps and games to the right age. If so, this is really a good option for kids even though the parental controls aren’t as comprehensive as on tablets designed for kids.

? Why are the choices for tablets for children so limited?

Best tablet for kids – Aside from the VTech and LeapFrog models, there aren’t many choices for children’s tablets. Tesco stopped producing Hudl 2 and Samsung has never created a “successor” to the Galaxy Tab 3 Kids.

Amazon sells Kids Editions editions for their tablets. These versions are more expensive than the standard versions, but include a foam case, a two-year warranty that covers accidental damage, plus a one-year subscription to Fire for Kids Unlimited, which gives access to a range pretty good apps, games, videos. Parental controls are also great.

Kids Editions for Kids is identical to the standard version of the tablet, which also includes the Fire for Kids / FreeTime app, parental controls, and browser. However, the Amazon Fire tablet doesn’t have the Google Play store or any Google apps on it. Instead, it has Amazon’s Appstore and third-party versions of apps like YouTube.

If you are not planning on buying any of these, you can go for an ‘normal’ tablet (which can run Android) for an adult. You will then have to lock it (or not) to make sure the kids don’t see the in-app or online things you want to restrict.

? What do you need in a children’s computer?

Advantages of a specially designed children’s tablet include a “secure” web browser (or no Internet access) and preloaded games and applications suitable for young children. However, they don’t have many new games. For example, LeapPads are great tablets, but your kids may be disappointed they can’t have the same games or apps their friends have on Android or iPad.

And that’s why on this list there are a bunch of Amazon Fire tablets. You can set up password-protected profiles to give each child access to the books, games, and apps you want them to see.

In addition, you can set different time limits for learning and playing. In fact, its price is around 1 million VND, so the Amazon Fire is one of the best options for children right now.

? The specifications of the children’s tablets should be considered

It’s best not to focus too much on the specs since it rarely tells you how good a kids tablet is. Two things you should consider are battery life and screen size.

Many children’s tablets have a battery life of about half that of an iPad, around 5 or 6 hours. A 10-inch tablet might be too big for young children, a 7-inch screen is the right size for small hands.

Instead of looking at the processor speed and RAM, read reviews to find out if the tablet is fast enough.

Another issue you need to consider is the storage. If the tablet you’re looking at doesn’t have a microSD card slot, you’ll have to delete apps, music, photos, and more once the internal storage is full. Memory cards are cheap, and even if the tablet doesn’t let you install apps on it, you can still use it to store photos, videos and music.

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Top 9+ best tablet for kids

1. Amazon Fire 7 – Best tablet for kids

The Fire 7 is a very small update to the Fire 7in 2015. It’s a pity that the processor and camera haven’t been upgraded yet, but the low price makes it hard to complain.

This is a great way to use Amazon services including video and music, as well as Alexa. The “absence” of all Google apps can be frustrating for some, but it’s a great option for kids or adults who aren’t interested in the Google ecosystem.

2. Amazon Fire HD 8 2018 – Best tablet for kids

Without the Google app, this is the best low-cost tablet. You can use a hands-free Alexa or pair the Fire HD 8 with a smart Show Mode dock to get an affordable smart display for home use. If you want to watch videos on Prime and Netflix, this tablet is the right choice

3. Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition

It’s not the cheapest kids tablet, but the best one. If you buy it for a kid around the age of 7.8, you can remove the case and use the normal look. This is not an Android tablet, and there are no Google services other than YouTube.

4. Kurio Tab Advance – Best tablet for kids

Kurio Advance is an affordable tablet with carefully selected software. The dedicated interface offers parents a high level of control, while still simple enough for anyone to set up in minutes.

However, this tablet boots quite slowly but for this price you can ignore that. The real problem it faces is the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids, currently on sale for the same price, with a better screen, more storage, and longer battery life.

But, if you prefer to live outside the Amazon ecosystem and have access to Google Play, then Kurio is a good choice.

5. Apple iPad 9.7in (2018)

iPad 2018 is not perfect, but there is a balance between price and design, specifications, features. It doesn’t have the latest multi-layered display or processor, but this won’t matter to the vast majority of users.

6. Tab Kurio 2 – Best tablet for kids

The Tab 2 is almost awesome. It’s the right tablet for kids and has some fun apps for them. However, the software needs to be smoother and the screen quality is a little better.

7. LeapPad3 và LeapPad Ultra XDi

LeapPad3 and LeapPad Ultra XDi are built specifically for kids that are similar in terms of specifications and functionality. The larger, 7-inch Ultra XDi has twice the storage capacity of the 5-inch LeapPad 3, but the smaller one may like the LeapPad 3’s size and weight.

The software may be more expensive than other tablets, but the advantage of Leapfrog software is that it is built by PhDs of education to deliver valuable applications.

8. LeapFrog Epic – Best tablet for kids

The hardware and main screen of this tablet are relatively good but the software is a bit disappointing. You don’t get a lot of games and the educational value is limited.

9. VTech InnoTab Max – Best tablet for kids

Best tablet for kidsVTech InnoTab Max is best for kids ages 3-6, and includes some fun, creative games plus great texting features kids love.

Safe web browser for kids requires parental supervision but is more open than rival Leapfrog. The InnoTab Max, however, loads frustratingly slowly and the picture quality is poorly on average like most other kids technologies.

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