Top 9+ best travel pillow for long haul flights

Best travel pillow for long haul flights – If you are a person who often has to travel by plane, then surely you will inevitably suffer from pain in the neck and shoulders. To overcome this, use the line of sleeping pillows on the plane is considered the best choice for you. If you still do not know what travel accessories to own yourself, then consult the reviews of the 10 best quality u-shaped flying pillows you should not miss!

Cabeau Evolution S3 flight pillows

Best travel pillow for long haul flights – If you are looking to own a high-end product made from materials with high durability and outstanding features, then surely Cabeau Evolution S3 Pillow will be a satisfying choice. your usage needs.

Cabeau is known as a famous brand from the US, although its price is quite high, most of these products have their own distinct advantages.

In terms of material, the bowel of the neck pillow is made from thick, long-lasting rubber with a very good elasticity so you can comfortably turn or tilt your head without feeling uncomfortable. . The outer fabric is a soft, airy, non-irritating fabric. More specifically, Cabeau pillows are also accompanied by a lining that prevents moisture and inhibits bacteria from entering the gut.

Because it’s a dedicated line of flying pillows, the pillow’s design comes with a handy strap for you to attach to your airplane seat instead of holding them by hand. The most outstanding feature is probably the ability to fold down only half the size when in use, making it easy to carry anywhere conveniently.

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Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow U-shaped travel pillow

Best travel pillow for long haul flights – In addition to the Cabeau Evolution S3 line, this famous brand also launched a line of Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow with distinct outstanding features. If the S3 has a 100% Polyester outer material, Evolution Travel is made of 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester, so when you touch your hands, this fabric is very soft.

The highlight of this line of travel pillows is the Ergonomic design with the entire rear nape and around the sides being raised higher to help support your neck in the most convenient way. Not only that, thanks to the soft rubber material and 360 degree elasticity, so you can turn your neck easily.

In addition, the Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow is also equipped with an extra compartment for you to conveniently keep your hearing aid and phone. The drawstring below works to keep the pillow from being moved or slipping during use

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Eagle Creek Exhale Neck Pillow

Best travel pillow for long haul flights – If you are looking for a pillow that is lightweight but still soft and smooth, the Eagle Creek Exhale Neck Pillow will definitely be an airplane accessory that you should not ignore.

Compared with the young rubber pillow line, the travel air pillow has outstanding advantages in terms of ultra-light weight as well as perfect folding ability, helping you to carry it with you in every trip in a convenient way. The plus point of this product is that the steam valve is very solidly constructed with a tight lid, so the pillow is always inflated, minimizing the situation of escaping.

Once used, you can easily fold the pillow back and place it in the bag that the Eagle Creek brand came with. With this pillow, you will no longer have to worry about neck and shoulder aches while on a plane!

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Neck pillow with foam Msquare beads

Best travel pillow for long haul flights – In addition to choosing for themselves compact size products, their weight is also one of the factors for you to care about. With this Msquare sleeping pillow you can be assured because they meet most of the criteria you set out.

If you look at the surface, you will see that this product is quite special because they possess 2 completely different materials. A surface of the plane pillow is made of a cool, sweat-absorbing cotton material suitable for use in the summer. On the other side is a soft velvet material that feels warm in winter. With this unique 2 in 1 feature, it will definitely save you a lot of money.

The intestine of the sponge neck pillow is made up of many tiny porous particles that are tightly compressed inside, so they still retain elasticity and smoothness when used but the most important thing is. Ultra light weight, easy to carry anywhere. In addition, the product is equipped with a convenient hanger so you can hang them on the suitcase pull bar or anywhere without being too cumbersome.

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Msquare inflatable sleeping pillows

Best travel pillow for long haul flights – Compared to the aircraft u-shaped pillows on the market today, what I feel most impressed about this product is that this convenient accessory is made up of 2 thick layers and especially they are The removable design makes it easy to clean after using, many people will surely feel satisfied with this advantage.

Msquare is a famous brand from Japan with good quality products and durability that is appreciated by users. It can be said that this is a first generation aircraft U-shaped pillow product of Msquare, but they are always in the top-selling brand of this brand.

The inside of the intestine is made of thick PVC and has a very good ability to hold steam to help you feel more secure when using. The steam valve is designed in a traditional open-top design and is made from a plastic material. This is probably a small drawback of this product because plastic materials often have lower durability compared to other high-end materials, moreover after using for a long time they will easily collapse, no still as smooth as when you first bought it and used it. However, with such a cheap u-shaped pillow, we really can’t ask for more, right?

The key factor in choosing an airplane sleeping pillow is their lightness. With Msquare you can rest assured because they can fold with surprisingly compact size. In particular, Msquare House also comes with its products a small bag so that you can store them inside and carry them conveniently.

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Non-aircraft rubber u-shaped pillow GoandFly

If you are wondering if young rubber pillows are good or not, owning the GoandFly product line will help you answer this question. Right from the very name of this phu kien du lich a part of their advantages is softness and smoothness.

GoandFly is designed in a simple and quite compact u-shaped shape, the back of the neck is designed to be raised higher to increase support capacity, especially when you want to recline your head back to be able to rest comfortably. relax – this is considered a factor difficult to find in the cheap pillow line.

In particular, the outer fabric of GoandFly owns is velvet that stands out for its velvety softness, but their surface has tiny holes that absorb sweat and breathe. Thanks to this material, you can use them all year round, even in hot summer it does not feel uncomfortable! Not stopping there, GoandFly flight pillows are equipped with handy buttons so you can comfortably move or change positions without fear of falling.

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U-shaped inflatable pillow Msquare Light S L

Best travel pillow for long haul flights – Indeed, Msquare has constantly developed and produced a variety of products with distinctive features. If the lines of cheap neck pillows on the market, after using them for a while, they will quickly be distorted, but also the blowing process is much more difficult. But with the product you can rest assured because they possess perfect improvement points.

The TPU plastic vapor valve is designed in the form of a very tight opening cover, so that your pillow always inflates during use. Although not designed to be detachable like other product lines, with Msquare Light, you are completely assured because they are made of high-quality materials, do not pick up dirt and are very easy every time you want. toilet.

Thanks to owning these outstanding advantages, you can be completely assured of using the flying pillow in many different cases such as ride pillows, use in the office or right in your own house. This product has 2 sizes S that L is suitable for many different uses.

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Sibling G6 – young rubber airplane pillow

Traveling by plane will definitely make you feel a bit tired, especially for long-haul flights, so using yourself the line of plane travel pillows is considered a Smart choice helps you dispel unpleasant feelings. To meet this, Sibling G6 is a great suggestion that you should not ignore.

Designed with the traditional u-shaped design to help you support your neck and shoulders as well as possible. In particular, the surface of the pillow also has curves to help suit the body, so you will feel more comfortable during use.

The intestine of Sibling G6 is made from a small rubber that stands out with the advantage of good elasticity so that you can use it for a long time without feeling discomfort or the intestine is deformed. Convenient zipper design so you can easily disassemble, more convenient to clean and store. Compared to the u-shaped air travel pillows, this product is smooth and durable for a longer time.

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Sibling G4 Non-Rubber Neck Pillow

It can be said that the Sibling family is constantly developing and producing good quality products to consumers. The evidence for this can be easily seen that after the success of the neck pillow line, this brand quickly launched the Sibling G4 with perfect plus points.

Previously, G1 and G2 were made up of 2 layers, then to Sibling G4 they were designed with a perfect extra layer. The outer shell is a soft fabric that absorbs sweat well thanks to the ventilation holes. In the inner part, there is a thin layer of cloth lining that prevents moisture and limits the absorption of vapors or bacteria.

Unlike the low-cost neck pillow lines, this product owns a natural non-natural rubber material with the advantage of elasticity and gives the user a smooth, comfortable to use. Moreover, with this material you can be completely assured because they have a very high durability, even if you use it for a long time, you will not be afraid to lose the inherent elasticity. !

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