Top 9 Best Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Australia

Australia has some of the best home-grown, all-natural produce in the world, and you can bet we like to flaunt it. Visit any of these tasty plant-based eateries, and keep the sustainable, eco-friendly choices rolling throughout your travels

Shift Eatery – Sydney, NSW

If everyone knew how to cook this kind of food for breakfast, lunch and dinner – the world would be vegan tomorrow and there would be no looking back! All you have to do is glance at Shift’s Instagram and your mouth starts watering – with delicious salad bowls, toasties, soups and sooooo much more.

That’s not even starting to mention the delicious range of drinks – from the famous Mango Lassi to the gorgeously refreshing and locally brewed kombucha. Vegans and omnivores alike have raved about Shift, calling it the best dining experience they’ve had, so hurry up and book your table already!

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Bodhi – Sydney, NSW

Just because you’re vegan doesn’t mean you need to miss out on all the best things in life – one of those being yum cha. Bodhi has been loved by Sydney-siders in some form or another for over 30 years, following a Taoist, plant-based food philosophy.

This picturesque spot in the heart of Sydney has a gorgeous, tranquil atmosphere boasting fig trees, traditional lanterns and twinkling fairy lights by night. While there may not be any clattering trolleys about, the yum cha imitation menu will feel just like the real thing – with the addition of some highly Instagrammable, fruity fresh cocktails.

The best thing about Bodhi is it’s reasonably priced – you’re not being punished for eating healthy, clean and green. For seasoned vegans, people new to the lifestyle or omnivores who just love high quality food – Bodhi is a must-do.

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Gigi’s Pizzeria – Sydney, NSW

In case you were wondering why this article is a list of 11 rather than ten – this is the reason. We couldn’t resist putting in a third incredible vegan hotspot in Sydney – Gigis Pizzeria. It’s true, pizzas don’t need to be swimming in pools of oily cheese to be delicious!

In the eclectic inner-city suburb of Newtown, Gigi’s took Sydney by storm when it was first established in 2008, and now the hype is even bigger since it went full vegan in 2015, with an ethical and sustainable menu.

Many of the pizzas manage to be completely delicious without any cheese substitute at all, but vegan cheese is available, such as for the famous funghi e radicchio pizze – swiss brown mushrooms, garlic, dairy-free blue cheese, parsley, walnuts and vegan parmesan.  With Gigi’s around, you don’t have to give up those blissful, carby, Italian dinners out if you’re thinking of going vegan.

Your food coma location: Any of our Sydney Surrounds hostels.

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Sweet Bones Bakery and Café – Canberra, ACT


We love to eat at unique cafes that double up as something else – so for the ultimate experience for you earth-lovers, you need to pay a visit to Sweet Bones in the nation’s capital. Right in the heart of the oh-so-hip Lonsdale Street, everything sold here is vegan with most ingredients sourced locally wherever possible.

Their all-day vegan menu is guaranteed to hit any spot you’ve got – perhaps the pancakes with seasonal fruit, organic maple syrup and coconut whipped cream, or the hearty potato grande, with tofu scramble, vegan queso sauce and chipotle kale?

Once your belly is satisfied, take some time to explore the local stores nearby – maybe you’ll pick up some luxurious eco-friendly moisturiser, or treat yourself to a zen clay mask. You’ll absolutely love everything about this centrally located, much-loved shop.

Your food coma location: Canberra City YHA

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Vegie Bar – Melbourne, VIC

Brunswick St in Fitzroy is famous for its quirky boutiques and eclectic, inventive eateries – and the city’s premier vegan restaurant, Vegie Bar, is no exception. Over 30 years old now, this trailblazing, earth-friendly hotspot has been loved by eco-conscious Melbourne locals (including celebrities) for decades.

The biggest crowd pleaser has to be the mee goreng – proof that traditional dishes can be just as delicious and flavoursome without animal products. What makes Vegie Bar stand out from the myriad of vegan eateries in Melbourne?

Not only is the food utter perfection, the alcohol selection consists of classics such as Coronas and also organic, biodynamic wines – so you can enjoy your Friday drinks with a guilt-free, sustainable twist. We recommend getting there as early as humanly possible…sometimes it’s almost impossible to get a seat, but guess what? You can order takeaway! Five-star meals in your most heinous, comfiest pyjamas in the privacy of your home or hostel – doesn’t get much better than that.

Your food coma location: Melbourne Central YHA or Melbourne Metro YHA

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Yong Green Food – Melbourne, VIC

If you’re keen to hop on board the raw food craze but don’t know where to start – make it Yong Green Food, also located in the hipster haven of Fitzroy. Operated by two vegetarian sisters who hail from meat-loving South Korea, the menu highly emphasises the art of “uncooked cooking” while still offering cooked options such as pho, udon and mouth-watering curries, for those of us who refuse to eat anything that isn’t hot.

A must-try, however, is the signature dish “rawsagna” – a delicious combination of layered zucchini, mushroom, avocado, cashew cream and homemade tomato sauce, no cooking in sight. The menu has been raved about even by the most stubborn meat eaters – so get to Fitzroy toot sweet and see for yourself what all the well-deserved hype is about. One visit to Yong Green Food and you’ll realise how much more there is to the raw food movement than celery sticks and sad little salads.

Your food coma location: Melbourne Central YHA or Melbourne Metro YHA

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Grown – Brisbane, QLD     

Grown’s philosophy is inspired by the Hippocrates quote: “Let food be thy medicine.” The totally plant-based, sustainable and eco-friendly eatery is open for brunch and dinner, and everything on the menu can easily be classed as soul food – a healthy collection of the finest, locally grown produce.

The menus are small and change seasonally, but favourites like the scrambled tofu with Asian mushrooms and sesame cheese and the housemade hash brown have earned their permanent places, much-loved by vegans and omnivores alike. With a stacked drinks menu to boot ranging from fresh juice to the fizzy goodness of kombucha, Grown is an excellent spot to escape the Brisbane heat – nothing like some raw food and a refreshing bevvie to cool your bod right down!

Your food coma location: Brisbane City YHA

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The Raw Kitchen – Fremantle, WA

Nestled in the vibrant borough of Fremantle, you simply cannot go past The Raw Kitchen for an absolutely top-notch vegan spread. If it wasn’t obvious by its name, there is a huge emphasis on raw delicacies here, with the raw pad thai (zucchini noodles, almond satay sauce, bok choy, Chinese cabbage and more) being a huge hit with both vegans and meat-eaters.

It’s not just in the food – The Raw Kitchen is completely devoted to a mindful, eco-friendly and a sustainable way of life, so much so that the space includes a zero waste retail store, a yoga studio and a popular events space. They also host raw food workshops – for those of you who loved your experience so much you want to make it part of your life permanently.

Your food coma location: Fremantle Prison YHA

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Two-Bit Villains – Adelaide, SA

When you think of the 1950s-diner eateries , you’re probably thinking, burgers, bacon, cheese – the works. Two Bit Villains in Adelaide is no different – except that the burgers aren’t actually made with meat, and absolutely everything on the menu can be made vegan!

The beauty of Two-Bit Villains is that it doesn’t assume all vegans are aboard the raw food train. In fact, some vegans miss the comforting embrace of a dirty burger and fries, and this spot provides substitutes even better than the real thing.

The superstar of the menu is the sloppy joe – made with housemade soy “mince”, fresh slaw, pickles and mouth-watering maple BBQ sauce. Perfect for those new to veganism, seasoned vegans and omnivores who want to reduce their meat intake – Two Bit Villains will have you coming back to Radelaide again and again…and again.

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Heartfood Vegan Tea House – Hobart, TAS

Even in the very heart of Hobart – it’s almost impossible to find a completely vegetarian place in Tassie that also caters for gluten free needs and vegans, so this modest little eatery will be a breath of fresh air. Heartfood Vegan Tea House will warm you up body and soul – with a brilliant selection of meat-free stir fries, soups, spring rolls and more as well as the enormous range of teas.

It’s pretty chilly in Hobart – so these hearty, piping hot dishes are perfect for keeping in touch with your toes. If you’re time-poor, grab a tasty takeaway from the buffet, but it’s definitely worth sitting down and taking your time with the a la carte menu.

The laksa is unrivalled – with soy and mushrooms giving it some protein and a “meaty” feel that’s even better than the O.G. If you still have room and you’re feeling a bit cheeky, peruse the raw desserts! You deserve it.

Your food coma location: Hobart Central YHA


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When you stay with YHA, you’re helping to support our sustainability initiatives and our goal to keep making our hostels cleaner and greener.

So, if you’ll be travelling to sample these veggie and vegan delicacies (and trust us, it’s worth it), book your stay with us and rest easy knowing you’re doing your bit for the planet!

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