Top Australia best 55 inch TV

Australia best 55 inch TV – Offering an extremely large screen size for entertainment and excellent picture quality, 55-inch TVs are one of the must-see options for large installation spaces. Let’s take a look at the 55 inch TV products that are the most popular in Australia.

Smart TV Crystal UHD 4K 55 inch TU8000 2020

? Exceptional Image Quality

Australia best 55 inch TV – The Crystal 4K processor automatically adjusts color, optimizes contrast ratio and dynamic color range, delivering superior display quality for an unprecedented viewing experience.

? Not Just TV

Enjoy life picture on screen masterpieces from Samsung. The slender, frameless design with a streamlined style gives you enchanting cinematic viewing experiences.

? Sharp And Vivid Frame

Immerse yourself in every vibrant frame with a wide spectrum of colors. Crystal Display Technology optimizes display colors and delivers an amazingly vivid viewing experience.

? True Quality Photos With Resolution UHD 4K

With 4 times more pixels than conventional FHD TVs, 4K UHD TVs deliver sharp and vivid frames, giving you the most realistic viewing experience.

? Compact Layout Space

Australia best 55 inch TV – Enjoy the TV’s exquisite design with the convenient cordless solution from Samsung. The cable is neatly hidden in the stand, bringing a subtle, harmonious overall look to the home space.

? Accessing Diverse Content From One Control

Enjoy millions of content simply with One Remote Control – the universal remote that allows you to easily search for content from set-top boxes, applications, Handheld game consoles to favorite live broadcasts.

? Perfect in every detail

The enhanced contrast and outstanding color gamut from HDR10 + let you immerse yourself in every scene that comes to life. Delivers deep black and bright white frames with sharpness in every detail.

? Embellish the Space, Raise Hoan My

With Ambient Mode, Crystal UHD 4K TV will subtly blend into your home space with the pictures you love the most. You can stitch multiple photos or create a short movie to look back at the moment in a more unique and interesting way.

? Smooth Each Game Screen

Quickly enter the game with the Game Enhancer feature that optimizes the screen, allowing you to easily control without experiencing lag. Enjoy every game screen smoothly, with less motion blur or shake.

? Easily Control With Google Virtual Assistant

Easily use your voice to change channels, adjust volume, playlists and more with the appearance of Google Assistant on Samsung TV.

? Utility Ecosystem Construction At Home

Crystal UHD 4K TV offers unprecedented connectivity, making it easy to enjoy all the live content endlessly with the built-in AirPlay 2 apps.

? Connecting With AirPlay 2

With built-in AirPlay 2, you can easily connect and seamlessly stream content from your Apple device to the big TV screen. Enjoy the ultimate world of entertainment, enjoy watching movies, listening to music or watching photos from your iPhone, iPad and Mac right on Samsung TV.

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Android Tivi OLED Sony 4K 55 inch KD-55A8F

? Ultra-thin OLED screen design

Australia best 55 inch TV – Android Sony 4K 55-inch OLED TV KD-55A8F with a large bezel-less display makes the TV not only an entertainment device, but also an expensive interior highlight for your home.

Large 55 inch TV screen suitable for you to put in the living room, wall in meeting room, … brings elegant beauty to the room.

? Perfect images with OLED screen technology

OLED is a self-illuminating pixel display that delivers deep blacks, vibrant colors, and wide, pixel-precise color gamut.

? More vibrant colors with TRILUMINOS technology

TRILUMINOS technology on this Sony TV provides images with a rich color range, fresh colors to feel like you are watching in the outside world.

? Realistic images with 4K HDR technology incorporating Dolby Vision

The technology that helps the TV display accurate color and definition in bright and dark areas brings clear yet realistic movies.

In addition, this technology also helps to upgrade the input source images that do not achieve the simulated HDR HDR to provide a better visual experience.

? The powerful 4K HDR X1 Extreme image processor

Australia best 55 inch TV – The X1 Extreme series of chips are Sony’s most advanced chips that help to upgrade image quality including (upscaling resolution, optimizing brightness, color, contrast, …) so that the image is displayed. displayed on this TV is perfect.

? 4K X-Reality PRO technology upscales picture quality

This technology helps low-resolution images to be upscaled closer to 4K quality, making the images displayed on this Sony Android TV extremely sharp and detailed.

? Clear, powerful sound emanates from the screen with Acoustic Surface technology

Acoustic Surface technology is the most advanced audio technology on Sony TVs, equipped with high-end OLED TVs.

This technology will output sound from the screen without using a speaker to deliver up to 50W of power for powerful bass for the best TV experience.

? Popular Android 8.0 operating system, easy to use

The application store of this Sony 4K TV is extremely rich with available applications such as YouTube, Google Play, Netflix, … in addition, you can install other applications such as FPT Play, ClipTV, Music of me, Spotify, … to listen to music, play games, watch movies, entertain after stressful working hours.

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QLED Tivi 4K Samsung 55Q80T 55 inch Smart TV

? Discover Every Detail With Ultimate Contrast

Australia best 55 inch TV – Direct Full Array 48 blocks – Backlight is meticulously tuned for dramatic deep blacks. Enjoy sharp details and stunning contrast on the new Samsung QLED.

? Perfectly Conveying All Content

The powerful Quantum 4K Processor from QLED 4K Samsung 55Q80T TV optimizes the display of images, giving you the highest quality viewing experience.

? Enjoy 4K Standard Favorite Content

Upgraded Standard 4K Pictures With Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Artificial intelligence technology and a powerful Quantum 4K processor automatically analyze source content to reduce image noise, reproduce lost details, defines the edge around the object and content. Enjoy 4K video and audio anytime, regardless of the source content quality.

? Optimal Visibility

Adaptive Picture Technology – New generation Samsung TVs automatically adjust brightness to quickly adapt to the viewing environment. Experience the ultimate, consistent content at any time of the day.

? Experience Surround Sound With Image Motion

Object Tracking Sound (OTS) – With the ability to detect motion by image, the new QLED 4K Samsung delivers a perfect, cinematic surround sound experience. Immerse yourself in vivid, true-to-life 3D sound as you are in every scene thanks to dedicated up-firing speakers (ceiling-firing speakers) and dedicated down-firing speakers (floor-facing speakers).

? Display Correct Billion Colors

Quantum Dot Technology Displays 100% Color Range with realism closest to actual colors, letting you enjoy every beautiful, life-color frame at any brightness level.

? Ready To Conquer And Make A Mark Of Every Game Stage

Real Game Enhancer + Technology – With the ability to enhance motion sharpness, blurring in fast game scenes is minimized, making it easy to spot hidden details in dark frames. Synchronized audio combined with AMD FreeSync technology reduces screen tearing for a smoother, more seamless gaming experience.

? Completely Conveying Every Conversation

Active Voice Amplifier Technology (AVA) – Active Voice Amplifier Technology identifies sources of ambient noise, thereby automatically adjusting volume, enhancing voice clarity and ongoing conversations on Samsung 55Q80T . Enjoy all content fully, limit the miss of important details due to a lot of noise.

? The Perfect Couple TV & Soundbar

Q-Symphony Technology – The sound is perfectly synchronized between two high-range speakers on the QLED TV with front speakers, side speakers and ceiling speakers on SOUNDBAR to create a perfect entertainment space. covers all senses.

? Subtle Meditation Into Living Space

Ambient Mode + – Thanks to Ambient Mode +, QLED 55-inch Samsung 55Q80T 4K TV easily transforms and blends into the surrounding space. Displaying photos, information or entertainment content on the TV standby screen every time you want to bring the living space in your own home, whether the TV is on or off is always a marvel.

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Smart Tivi OLED LG 55 inch 55C9PTA, 4K UHD, HDR

? A more realistic experience with AI

Second generation α9 intelligent processor upgraded with AI deep learning algorithm that optimizes processor speed and graphics to enable next generation technologies for stunning detailed images. Immerse yourself in beautiful reality.

? New intelligence developed by AI.

With LG ThinQ AI you can do a lot with just your voice. Continue conversations with voice recognition and get recommendations for customized content based on your TV viewing habits.

? Create a picture of life

OLED Black, stunning contrast produces more intense colors and adds depth to images.

? Dolby Vision & Atmos Experience the cinema at home

Dolby turns your home into an entertainment venue with cinematic HDR picture and sound.

? 4K Cinema HDR fully conveys the idea of director

LG’s 4K Cinema HDR supports most HDR formats. Get ready to immerse yourself in ultra-sharp cinematic movies in major HDR formats including Advanced HDR by Techncolor and HDR10 Pro.

? Minimalistic design, integrating with any space

The sophisticated and beautiful design of LG OLED TV brings a unique accent to your modern interior style.

? Minimize cable clutter

Cable management keeps all connections neatly organized to keep your living room clean and clutter-free.

? Feel the premium life with Gallery mode

Gallery mode brings world famous tourist spots that are updated seasonally by TripAdvisor.

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