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Best hair toner brand – Hair toner, also known as hair balancing water, is like the “magic” for hair dyed and bleached. These specialized hair conditioner lines neutralize dyes and bleached hair colors. As a result, the hair color will retain its durability and beauty. Because of those uses, it is increasingly popular in Australia, being sought by everyone, especially the sisters. Today, Megahot will present you the top best hair toner products remember.



Best hair toner brandBleaching is the process of completely removing your natural hair color. Using toner will help to even out hair color after bleaching. As a result, the dye will become more natural and perfect. In addition, balanced water is also a “savior” in case the dyed hair does not turn up as desired.

This product is used to adjust the intensity of dye, so that you can own the desired hair color. You should note that toners are not capable of changing the color of the dye. This conditioner is only able to correct and uniform colors.


Besides helping to adjust the color of the hair, the toner also “allows” your hair to become more shiny. Commonly formulated in balancing water such as Ionène G ™ and Incell enhance shine without compromising color. By reflecting off natural light, the product creates a glossy effect like “sparkling stream”. Best hair toner brand

Moreover, the water balance also acts as a protective layer for hair, preventing harmful agents from the environment and heat. When it comes to taking care of your hair at the salon, hairdressers often use toner to condition your hair. This is why after stepping out of the salon, your hair is always full of vitality.


Usually, after dyeing or bleaching your hair at a salon, the hairdresser applies a layer of toner to your hair. This balm will last for 2-6 weeks. However, if you regularly wash your hair and heat styling, the time will shorten. You can return to the hair salon to add a new balancing layer. Besides, you can still condition toner at home. However, you need to carefully choose a conditioner that suits your hair’s needs and carefully read the instructions for use. In the event of severe discoloration, you should seek the help of a professional hairdresser.

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Top 11 best hair toner brand

Best hair toner brandBelow, we will summarize what good hair care products you can choose to try a toner for your dyed hair. So that you can choose the right product remember!

Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour

Schwarzkopf is a famous European brand of hair products. High quality products, strictly moderated, beautiful standard color, hair dye with Diamant-Serum essence helps the hair color to dye a beautiful shine 3 times more than other hair dye products.

The dye will be very durable, not lost with washes. This product line includes many fashion colors. You do not have to spend a lot of time on goods, can dye yourself at home, which can save money. 1 box includes: 1 bottle of solution, 1 tube of colored gel, 1 package of rinse, 1 instruction manual, 1 pair of gloves.

La Riche Direction

Best hair toner brandLa Riche Directions dyes originating in the UK include the following colors: – Midnight Blue – Atlantic Blue – Denim Blue – Neon Blue – Plum – Violet – Lavender – Rubine – Tulip – Flamingo Pink – Carnation Pink – Pillarbox Red – Vermillion Red – Coral Red – Tangerine – Bright Daffodil – Alpine Green – Ebony The Color Thief. Each vial of Directions contains 88ml of dye but the substance is very thick, when dyeing can be applied directly or mixed with conditioner, it will be enough for a short head to touch the back of the neck or ombre hair at the back, if the hair is too thick or long, buy 2 vials up.

How to dye (prepare gloves, medicine bowl and hair dye broom):

  • Just enough wet hair before dyeing helps the dye to spread evenly and less dye when the hair is dry. –
  • Divide hair into sections for easy brushing.
  • Pour the dye into the dye bowl, apply it directly or add conditioner, brush over each part of the hair you want to dye.
  • Wait 45 minutes to 1 hour (as long as possible), then rinse the hair dye with clean water or conditioner.

Olaplex Hair perfector No.3

You are often advised that too much nourishing care products can produce oil, dandruff, and itchy hair. Or worse is brittle hair break if too much protein. So, with over 30 ingredients to help cure, heal and nourish hair. What makes Olaplex Hair perfector No.3 does not encounter the above situation.

Olaplex both works to cure and limit damage, but cannot help hair become “immune” to damage. No.3 is the insurance Olaplex offers, helping you to care for and maintain healthy hair. For women with healthy hair, number 3 will work:

  • maintain and help strengthen hair.
  • For customers with damaged hair, number 3 will help treat and improve signs of damage.

Balmain Paris Hair Couture Ash Toner

Best hair toner brandBalmain hair toners come in a spray form, making it convenient for you every time you use it. The toner comes in a liquid and light purple color. Ingredients contain protein and argan essential oil – nutrients “wonderful” hair care soft and strong. The main use of this toner is to gently bleach hair for the most beautiful and durable color.

Wella T14 Pale Ash Blonde Color Charm Toner

Wella is one of the best hair care brands available today, divided into several lines for different hair types. Wella T14 Pale Ash Blonde Color Charm Toner is exclusively for yellow tone dyes. The main function is color balance and standard color retention for the longest time.

Brite Hair Masque for Blondes

Best hair toner brandBrite Hair Masque is made entirely of plants with protein and emollient properties to nourish the hair, leaving it soft and shiny. With a pack of this mask, you can use it several times a week. Let your hair mask and chill as well as your face.

Brite Hair Masque for Blondes is enriched with Soy Protein, Vitamin B5 and super moisturizing oil to restore dry and damaged hair. Regular use maintains shine, repairs damaged hairs, improves hair elasticity, protects against future damage and keeps hair soft and hydrated.


Arctic Fox benign ingredient hair dye for bright dyed hair
Products can be self-dyed at home safely.
Color is extremely durable and tough, fades slowly up to 40 washes.
You read the instructions carefully as in the picture! Short hair for 2 dyes, long hair for 1 dye.
Leave the dye on the hair for as long as possible, the color will seep into the strands, keeping the color longer. Average 7-8 hours (overnight)

L’Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Silver Shampoo

Best hair toner brandThis is the solution to reduce gold for platinum gray hair, helping to keep the color of gray, silver colored hair fast. With a specialized formula, Magnesium supplement. It is also combined with ingredients that help reduce blond, so in addition to the ability to keep hair color, the product also helps to keep hair soft and shiny.

Main functions:

De-yellowing hair. Helps keep hair coloring great, suitable for gray-gray hair, smoky hair …
At the same time, it helps to keep hair healthy and fluffy.

User Manual:

Apply the shampoo evenly to wet hair
Gently massage hair and scalp
Then rinse with clean water
Repeat if necessary.

Color X-change Semi-Permanent Hair Color, TONALITY TONER

Treat your hair to glow with this moisturizing and lustrous boost. Formulated with the highest concentration of color pigments, this next generation of hair colors will leave your hair looking and feeling its best. Amplify and expand your Color X-Change colors with the use of our Anti-Fading Shampoo and Conditioner or our Lock-In Intensive Hair Mask for deeper conditioning. Ready to X-Change it up? Switch between colors without the harmful effects of peroxide and bleach with Color X-change Semi-Permanent Hair Colo

Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Color – 35 Brown Black

Best hair toner brandThis product is one of the best that has happened to the permanent hair color industry. Formulated with ingredients like aloe, vitamin E and coconut oil, this hair color is perfect for a root, nourishing, bouncing, … It helps protect your hair from damage and breakage. The nourishing ingredients in this hair color strengthen your hair from within and give it a long-lasting shine.

Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Color is an ammonia-free formula and is a perfect product for gorgeous and shiny hair. It lasts up to 28 washes without patchy. It comes in a range of different shades to suit every skin tone and procedure in just 10 minutes.

‘N Rage long Live Demi-Permanent Hair Color – Twisted Teal

Luck supports boldness! Like this foxy color can lift your hair game by a few steps. ‘N Rage offers four vibrant colors that can be washed without staining and lasts up to three to six weeks. It suits any hair color as well as texture and is easy to apply. This Demi-Permanent color can add intense depth to your natural hair color, giving it a lustrous appearance.

This formula contains Keratin color enhancement complex for long lasting color and shine. It also contains hydrolyzed quinoa, which is packed with protein and 17 amino acids that help attach the dye to the hair. While coloring, it also reduces hair loss and split ends and makes your hair look soft and silky. Best hair toner brand

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