Top Ultimate Guide To Warner Bros. Movie World Attractions

Fans of blockbuster films Batman, The Joker, Superman and the Looney Tunes are in for a real treat during a visit to Warner Bros Movie World, Gold Coast. The theme park has kept the laughter and joy coming for almost 30 years and with new attractions arriving all the time, no visit to Movie World is ever the same.

All Movie World tickets entitle you to an exciting day of thrill rides, shows and entertainment the whole family can enjoy. Movie World is a magical place where all your favourite superheroes, supervillains and comic characters spring to life so it’s no wonder that it is one of the most popular Gold Coast theme parks.

What can you do at Movie World? Movie World is a theme park that the whole family can enjoy with attractions suitable for all ages. Here, we breakdown for you all the current attractions available to enjoy as well as the most affordable tickets to Movie World on sale now.

Superman Escape Ride Warner Bros. Movie World

Thrill Rides

A huge drawcard for thousands of visitors each year are the heart racing thrill rides at Movie World. In fact, the DC Rivals Hypercoaster at Movie World proudly boasts that it is the “tallest, longest and fastest Hypercoaster in the Southern Hemisphere”. If that is still not enough to get the blood flowing then upgrade and ride the Hypercoaster backwards. Yes, backwards! The last two seats of the DC Rivals Hypercoaster have been switched around so you can enjoy a whole new thrill on the 1.4km track at Movie World.

If you love rollercoasters then Movie World is the best Gold Coast theme park to visit given it now has the highest number of thrill rides. The Green Lantern Coaster can be spotted from the carpark before you enter Movie World. Themed after the movie, the Green Lantern coaster features one of the steepest drops, moveable individual trains for up to 8 riders and a soundtrack that plays through the headrest as you ride.

Another thrill ride you cannot miss at Movie World is the Superman Escape, prominently seen as you enter the archway at the front gates. If you ever wanted to experience the feeling of flight then the Superman Escape can provide you with the next best thing. From start to finish, the Movie World rollercoaster will propel you from 0 to 100km up into the air in two seconds flat before racing around the remainder of the track.

Other notable mentions in the thrill ride category include the Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster Next Generation. This ride is earmarked as a thrill ride but we’ve seen plenty of older children and teenagers on this ride who come back for more each time. Groups of four ride in individual carriages around the indoor roller coaster track, a great initiative that makes Movie World one of the top things to do in the Gold Coast on a rainy day.

The adrenaline rush doesn’t ever have to end with the Doomsday Destroyer, Batman Spaceshot and the Wild West Falls Adventure continuing to offer squeal inducing thrills to visitors.

Two guys chatting with Stunt Driver near car Warner Bros. Movie World

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Hollywood Stunt Driver 2 Show

Have you ever wanted to be an extra in a movie? Well, now you can at the Hollywood Stunt Driver 2 Show at Movie World. Every day, a unique action-packed scene is performed and filmed thanks to the crowd participation and highly skilled precision drivers that speed around the set showing off. The Hollywood Stunt Driver 2 Show is performed twice per day and is a must-see show at Movie World. We recommend you arrive at least 10 minutes before the show begins to secure a seat in the arena. The Hollywood Stunt Driver 2 show lasts approximately 20 minutes in total and your feet will welcome the rest while you are sitting down watching all the action.

Wonder Woman standing on parade float Warner Bros. Movie World

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Streets Star Parade

Comic book characters and Hollywood legends are brought to life and come together during the Streets Star Parade. If you haven’t caught a glimpse of the characters wandering around the park earlier in the day, you certainly will during the Streets Star Parade. Wave to all your favourites and see the incredible Batmobile in action as the floats and superstars make their way down Main Street, Movie World.

Batman & Robin meeting two fans at Warner Bros. Movie World

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JL 52 Batmobile

Speaking of Batmobile, you can find the sleek vehicle parked in Bat Alley throughout the day. Stand and pose with the Batmobile in between thrilling rides and shows. Meet and greet sessions with Batman and Robin are available at Movie World if your kids are a little starstruck.

Yogi & Boo Boo

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4D Cinemas

The much loved Roxy Theatre on Main Street plays short 4D movies at regular intervals throughout the day. Combining 3D films and special effects (which I will keep a secret for the first-timers), a visit to the 4D cinemas in Movie World is another must-do Movie World experience.

Warner Bros. Movie World Shazam Showcase

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WB Showcase

Have you ever wanted to go behind the scenes of a movie set and see how the costumes and props were made up? Movie World now offers you that chance with the largest Warner Bros exhibition in the southern hemisphere. It is one of the newest attraction to arrive at Movie World and while the props and costumes are rotated, past exhibits have showcased The Aquaman, Mad Max, The Suicide Squad, The Great Gatsby and A Star is Born props and costumes.

Road Runner Rollercoaster Warner Bros. Movie World

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Family Thrill Rides

A day out at Movie World is great for young families too. The Gold Coast theme park has made sure the younger ones have an equal amount of mini thrill rides to delight their little hearts. Located in the dedicated Kidz WB Zone, parents may find that a significant portion of their day is spent here watching the kids on the classic Looney Tunes Carousel and Tweety Bird Cages or the Junior Driving School. Adults can even join in on the fun with a spin on the Road Runner Rollercoaster, a family favourite rollercoaster.

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Movie World Tickets

With so many attractions at Movie World, one day is simply not enough. Whether you are visiting from interstate or you live within close proximity to Movie World, we have a variety of Movie World tickets available to suit you and your budget.

Choose from a 3 Day or 7 Day Ticket and receive bonus entry to Sea World and Wet ‘n’ Wild over consecutive days. You can visit each theme park once, or go several times, the choice is yours.

There is also a 14-day ticket which includes entry to four attractions: Movie World, Sea World, Wet ‘n’ Wild and Paradise Country.

You can find all our Movie World tickets available to purchase online here. These Gold Coast theme park tickets are your passport to fun with attractions to suit all ages.

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