Where to buy mistletoe Australia?

Where to buy mistletoe AustraliaAlthough only a form of tree live on other host plants. But not because of that, but it doesn’t work at all. Mistletoe is a very good plant for healing. Surely you are also in need of buying mistletoe to make medicine, right. Come to today’s article Megahot and learn about knowledge, how to buy mistletoe offline!

What is mistletoe? What are the characteristics of mistletoe?

Where to buy mistletoe AustraliaMistletoe refers to the living plants that parasitize. The use of mistletoe for medicine has been practiced for a long time. The use of mistletoe will depend on the tree it is parasitic on.

Mistletoe shaped like?

The heart tree is called Loranthaceae and the British call it Misteltoem, while the Greek will be Phoradendron. That is, the tree lives on another tree and nourishes its host to grow. It will cling to many plants and based on the type of tree it clings to will have different uses.

These trees are related to the climbing liana, the roots will plug directly into the host plant, then will suck nutrients, brittle branches and very slippery. The leaves have 2 phenotypes: lanceolate and oval.

Where is mistletoe available?

Where to buy mistletoe AustraliaMistletoe is found almost everywhere, such as oval, na, jackfruit, mulberry tree, and so on. . . In recent times we have seen less of them because of the fact that the area planted on the earth has decreased quite a lot.

How many mistletoe are there?

Where to buy mistletoe AustraliaAccording to the statistics of scientists, there are currently about 1200 types of mistletoe in the world. Of the more than 1200 types of mistletoe, only three live on the ground.

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The use of mistletoe on many different plants

  • Mistletoe live on rice is used to treat diseases such as kidney edema, kidney stones, hot liver, weak liver; especially helps increase the likelihood of liver detoxification.
  • Mistletoe on the frequency of the tonic is used to complement the kidneys, enhance vitality, not yet sperm, impotence,. . .
  • Mistletoe live on the chestnut will have the effect of low disease, allergic disease, skin disease
  • Mistletoe living on trees have the effect of intestinal disease, dysentery
  • Mistletoe live on na tree, jackfruit tree to cure malaria,
  • Mistletoe live on lemon trees used to treat wind cough, dry cough, cough for a long time does not go away.
  • Mistletoe live on mulberry trees to eliminate rheumatism, strong veins,. . .

In Europe, there is a very good concept that when young couples get married under mistletoe, they will show love and happiness. In addition, at Christmas they often leave mistletoe in front of the door as a blessing for that family.

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Where to buy mistletoe Australia?

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